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7 Simple and Quick Editing Tips That Will Elevate Your Writing - Grammarly Blog Guest post by Matt Banner It doesn’t matter if you’re a New York Times bestselling author or a blogger from Kansas, everyone has to edit their work. The first draft is always a mess of disorganized thoughts and uncertain tangents. Writing begins as chaos and ends with order. It has been this way since the dawn of time. Saving time while also polishing your work is every writer’s goal. Present Your Best Work with These 7 Editing Tips When your first draft is finished and it’s time to edit, use these seven strategies to ensure that you hit all of the right literary notes and end up with a perfect final draft. 1 Eliminate Empty Filler Words Phrases like it takes, here is, and there will be take the focus away from the nouns in your sentence. Look for phrases like these and train yourself to correct them: It’s fun to blog – Blogging is funThere are many people who blog – Many people blogHere are some ideas for you to try: – Some ideas for you to try are: I love to blog. 2 Use Strong Verbs

The Most Read Book Among High School Seniors From Each State, in One Surprising Map Native Americans living in the Northeast, like Game of Thrones fans, knew one thing at this time of year: Winter is coming. As such, now was the time for one last glut of food before a four-month-at-least period of traveling along with migrating prey in order to hunt for fresh food. In that sense, yes, Native American harvest feasts are a clear primogenitor to today's Thanksgiving. But the truth is more complex. As Thanksgiving matured as a holiday in the Americas, many of the inhabitants in the United States — Native Americans, settlers and enslaved Africans — contributed elements of our modern Thanksgiving meal to the table. If Thanksgiving is an American tradition, then its roots are as varied and widespread as America, as well. He added, "And when you know and you understand that it becomes a lot harder to make pronouncements about people or even yourself when you understand how things really came to be." TWithout turkey, Thanksgiving would be a flightless bird.

Teach English Writing: Videos Write Story Summaries Writing Skills: idea, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions, organisation Short videos with interesting plots make great prompts for an ESL writing class. Here are 5 videos which can help students learn English writing skills. What makes a good video prompt? I look for four features when choosing a video for the writing class. 1 Family friendly content Videos with swearing, nudity, graphic violence, bloody gore or sexual over tones just don’t work in the class, even in university. 2 Short and Sweet Videos that are 2 to 3 minutes work well. 3 Minimal Dialogue Videos with no dialogue work best. 4 Stories with a Message To get the best out of my writing students, I like to offer videos that work on several levels. The Writing Framework With a video prompt, I ask students to complete two main tasks that move up Bloom’s pyramid of cognitive domains. 1 Summarizing the Story Describe the main characters, the setting (time and place) and the plot (the basic story). 2 Evaluate

CLIL – how to do it “Chris, we’ve been asked to work with some schools to develop their CLIL courses. Can you look after that?” That was the first time I heard the term CLIL. I said yes, not really knowing what I was letting myself in for, but now, many years down the line I hope some things I learnt can be of use to others having to design and teach CLIL courses. Much has been written on what CLIL is and why to do it, for example the articles on TeachingEnglish, but there is very little practical guidance on how to plan and teach CLIL lessons. Where to startThe first things to think about when planning a CLIL lesson, or indeed a whole course, are the who and the what. Who your students areIn one secondary school in Italy that I taught CLIL in the students had generally quite a high level of English and that meant that I could focus more on the content side (here science and technology), using English as a vehicle for content. Have a look at the CLIL activities on TeachingEnglish for more ideas.

När vikarien ska ta över - Robin Smith Jaha, VAB. Igen. Fan också! Vi är många, vi lärare som upplever stress när vi inte kan vara på plats i skolan och ta hand om våra elever. Ofta går det så långt att vi går till jobbet fast vi är sjuka eller jobbar från hemmet fast vi inte får betalt. I det här inlägget vill jag dela med mig av ett upplägg som har fungerat väl när jag varit frånvarande, och till och med när jag varit närvarande. Steg 1 I Life of Pi finns ett avsnitt där författaren beskriver ett av de många djur som figurerar i berättelsen, hyenan. Jag har delat upp textutdraget från Life of Pi och stoppat in det i en presentation. I am not one to hold a prejudice against any animal, but it is a plain fact that the spotted [creature] is not well served by its appearance. Steg 2 När nu eleverna fått processa ett gott exempel på en beskrivande text måste de så klart få tillfälle att öva själva. Steg 3 Nu är eleverna redo att flyga solo och får välja en scen från den här pdf:en med olika miljöer. Steg 4 Sådärja! Steg 5

21 Actual Analogies Used By High School Students in English Essays. 1. When she tried to sing, it sounded like a walrus giving birth to farm equipment. 2. Her eyes twinkled, like the moustache of a man with a cold. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Young writers are capable of magic when it comes to the written word. How to give feedback on a text On Friday, you will get an essay from someone in another class. You are going to give feedback. To be able to do that, please watch the film. Then take a look at the phrases below the film. Those phrases can help you giving the feedback. 1. Watch the film 2. (LGR 11, Kunskapskrav för A år 9: För att förtydliga och variera sin kommunikation kan eleven bearbeta och göra välgrundade förbättringar av egna framställningar) Two Stars and a Wish STARSVariation and vocabulary Your language is varied. Clarity and coherence Your text has good flow. Adaption Your writing is well adapted to your theme. Grammar and spelling Good sentence structure and descriptions. WISHES Variation and vocabulary You could vary your vocabulary more. Clarity and coherence Your text could have better flow. Grammar and spelling You can improve the grammar in your text. Sara

Quick English Grammar Tip: "To" Versus "For" The English language can be complicated sometimes! Are you tired of making the same tiny (or major) grammar mistakes over and over again? Here is an example of a common grammar mistake that you might be making: Do you get confused about when to use "for" and when to use "to" in everyday English? If so, today's lesson is for you. I will explain when to use both of these and I will give you a bunch of useful examples so that you can stop making those pesky grammar mistakes! 1) When to use "to" Use "to" when there is some kind of transfer happening or something is being moved from one place to another. Here are a few examples: "We went from the restaurant to the party."" 2) When to use "for" 1) Use "for" when something is being done to benefit something or someone else. 2) Use "for" when you are trying to express purpose or the reason that something is happening Examples: "I bought this gift for you."" 3) Now compare both Example 1: "My friend brought lunch to me." versus Example 2: 4) Now take a quiz!

How to Write a Fanfiction: 12 Steps Edit Article Four Parts:Exploring the Source MaterialPlanning Your Own StoryWriting Your MasterpieceGetting Your Work Out ThereQuestions and Answers Fanfiction refers to a type of fiction using the settings or characters of an existing work in tribute to it. If you're a big fan of a certain fictional universe, you may choose to write about some of its characters yourself, either expanding the official story or changing it altogether. Although the readership of fanfiction tends to be quite low and niche, the people reading what you'll write are bound to be as passionate about the source material as you are. Ad Steps Part 1 Exploring the Source Material 1Choose source material to work from. Part 2 Planning Your Own Story 1Determine your scope. Part 3 Writing Your Masterpiece 1Begin your action early on. Part 4 Getting Your Work Out There 1Post your story on a Fanfiction outlet. Reader Questions and Answers Tips Warnings Fanfiction has to stand up to many rubrics of traditional narrative writing.

Stories for children, folktales, fairy tales and fables Standard Grade Bitesize English - Newspaper report : Revision Kabızlığa ne iyi gelir? Kabızlık için… - Sağlık Haberleri Çoğu kişinin ortak sorunu olan kabızlığın birçok da nedeni olabilir. Peki, kabızlık için ne yapılabilir? Kabızlığa ne iyi gelir? İşte, ciddi rahatsızlıklardan biri olan kabızlığa iyi gelen yiyecekler… Bazen haftalar süren, ciddi hasarlara yol açan ve hayatı dar eden kabızlık, hemen herkesin hayatının bir döneminde sıklıkla ya da nadiren mutlaka yaşadığı bir problemdir. Kabızlık neden olur? En sık karşılaşılan sindirim problemlerinden olan kabızlık zayıf bağırsak hareketleri, karın şişliği, ağrı, kusma ve sert, küçük dışkı şeklinde baş gösterir. Kabızlığın nedenleri arasında; *Diyet *Bağırsak kanseri *Aşırı süt ürünü tüketmek *Yüksek oranda rafine şekerli ürünler tüketmek *Yeme bozuklukları *Huzursuz bağırsak sendromu *Parkinson hastalığı, MS vb. nörolojik hastalıklar *Hareketsizlik *Gebelik *Yetersiz su veya lif tüketimi *Aşırı müshil kullanımı *Sindirim sistemindeki sinir ve kas sorunları, *Hemoroid *Stres *Tiroidin az çalışması: hipotiroid *Antideprasan *Demir İlaçları Kabızlığı önlemek için… Prof.

Aha det är så jag ska utveckla min text! Nu förstår jag precis hur jag ska skriva... Aha det är så jag ska utveckla min text! Nu förstår jag precis hur jag ska skriva… Citatet ovan kommer från en elev i årskurs nio. Ni kanske vill veta hur vi arbetade för att eleven skulle utbrista i eufori vad hen kom på. Jag tänkte dela upplägget med er och det är väldigt enkelt. Det utgår nämligen från de gamla nationella proven som återfinns på Skolverkets hemsida. Upplägget i sig är inte revolutionerande men för just denna elev var det det. I /…/ skriftliga framställningar i olika genrer kan eleven formlera sig enkelt, begripligt och relativt sammanhängande. Hur konkretiserar man aspekterna? Jag valde att lägga upp det på ett lite bakvänt sätt för mig då jag brukar börja med att visa på exempeltexter. Gå igenom instruktionen Till att börja med visade jag instruktionen för uppsatsdelen. Eget skrivande Eleverna fick sedan skriva brevet under resten av lektionen och fortsätta under nästa lektion för att hamna på den tid som eleverna får på själva skrivdagen på de nationella proven. PS!