Science Experiments You Can Do At Home or School

Science Experiments You Can Do At Home or School

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6 Fun Science Experiments for Kids | TheMomsJournal My kids love to work on science experiments so I’m always on the look out for simple kids science projects that we can do at home, using items we have around the house. These science experiments I found look like fun. Remember to provide supervision as needed and keep your kids away from harmful chemicals! Crystal Geodes Iterative Algorithmic Plastic Sculpture: Fimo Fractals - Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories One of our favorite shapes is the Sierpinski triangle. In one sense, a mere mathematical abstraction, on the other, a pattern that naturally emerges in real life from several different simple algorithms. On paper, one can play the Chaos Game to generate the shape (or cheat and just use the java applet). You can also generate a Sierpinski triangle in what is perhaps a more obvious way: by exploiting its fractal self-similarity. Beginning with a single triangle, replace that triangle with three half-size copies arranged so that their outer border form a new triangle of the same size as the original.

Make a Dragon Puppet | Chinese New Year Crafts -- Festive Kids' Crafts for Chinese New Yea This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine Total Time 1 to 2 hours Ages school-age What you'll need Cardboard egg carton 15- by 28-inchpiece of red fabric(we used fleece) Acrylic paint(Note: useonly gold paintlabeled "nontoxic") Paintbrush Stapler Rubber band Tacky glue 18-inch-longdowel with a 1/4-inch diameter Card stock Puppet template

3M Science of Everyday Life - Discovery Education Everyone likes to watch a fireworks show. That large bang and colorful flash of light certainly can capture our attention. A cluster of exploding sky rockets can be exciting, if not overwhelming. 11 cheap gifts guaranteed to impress science geeks Science comes up with a lot of awesome stuff, and you don't need a Ph.D, a secret lab, or government funding to get your hands on some of the coolest discoveries. We've got a list of 11 mostly affordable gifts that are guaranteed to blow your mind, whether or not you're a science geek. Click on any image to see it enlarged.

Children's Object Lesson: The Full Armor of God Object Lessons and children's sermons are a great way to teach children through everyday objects that God is real, alive and ready to help them in their lives. We can't expect children to fully understand God's love for them without using objects, concepts or thought processes that are already familiar to them. As you prepare to teach a bible talk for children, pray that God will use you to get out his message to the young hearts and mind that he has set before you.

Master the Power: How to Shock People with Your Fingertips « Fear Of Lightning The circuit schematic is represented in the (incredibly detailed) drawing below: The generator charges you up like a capacitor, then when you come in contact with a grounded object (person), the voltage is discharged through them. I found it was best to put the generator, battery and switch inside an old shoe, like so (the "stripped" wire is ground): Exciting Scout Crafts - Gift Box [Title] [text TOC] [image TOC] [Site Search] [Donation] This little gift box was taught to me by Jean Caster. She uses them for her Wooden Carved Pocket Angel. Its finished size is 1 3/4" square by 7/8" tall. They are ideal for small Christmas or Valentines gifts.

Make a Bouncing Polymer Ball - Experiment with Polymers Introduction Balls have been toys practically forever, but the bouncing ball is a more recent innovation. Bouncing balls were originally made of natural rubber, though now bouncing balls can be made of plastics and other polymers or even treated leather. Match Stick Rocket Match Stick Rocket SUBJECT: Rocketry TOPIC: Propulsion Projects | Lego printer This is the home of the "lego felt tip 110". A fully working lego printer with driver for Mac OSX. Many people have asked for documentation, source code, instructions etc, so here it is.

100 Awesome Engineering Projects for Kids By Kristie Lewis Engineering and fun aren't always two things that kids naturally associate with one another, but there are hundreds of ways to make engineering, physics and design fun and challenging for kids. Here are 100 great experiments that will let kids construct, play, learn and grow, all while they study the fundamentals of engineering. Basics These projects focus on the basics of motion, force and other essentials of physics.

Top 10 Mad Science-Worthy Chemistry Experiments Chemistry is a fascinating science, but it's often taught poorly in today's boring schools. Here's how chemistry should be taught: by mad scientists! Here's Neatorama's list of the Top 10 Mad Science-Worthy Chemistry Experiments: 1.