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Does My Electric Bicycle Imply that I am Lazy?

Related:  garden - Ποδηλασία και Ποδήλατο EcoGeek - Brains for the Earth Think Aboutit - Helping people THINK is our passion-An Alternative Collection of Articles and Stories relating to: Aliens, Alien Abductions, reptilians, UFO's, Underground Bases, NWO, Paranormal, Lost Lands, Hidden Agenda's, healing and the many forms of Move lemon grass to warm quarters for winter Vern Nelson/Special to The Oregonian Many readers tell me they love lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus) for its intense lemon flavor and light fragrance. Now they're worried about how to overwinter these frost-tender plants. The good news: Overwintering lemon grass is easy. The bad: You'll want to continue harvesting, and there won't be much to harvest unless you have a greenhouse or a warm, brightly lit room with full-spectrum grow lights. I started one of my lemon grass plants this spring from unrooted pieces I bought at an Asian market. Vern Nelson/Special to The OregonianTrim leaves to about 6 inches tall. • Round up some black plastic pots and fill them half full of fresh potting soil to save time later. • Lemon grass needs more watering than most plants in winter. • Whether your plants are in the ground or pots, they'll need a haircut: Trim the leaves to about 6 inches tall. Vern Nelson/Special to The OregonianSlice the crown into clumps for replanting.

Electric Bike Kit | Hill Topper | Conversion Kit Battery & Wheel included. Choose your battery and wheel size pair from the drop-down menu to the left. Includes (everything you need to ride the day your kit arrives): Complete Wheel 24", 26", 700c (28" and 29") Sizes available. (tube, tire, rim) with 250-watt, 24-volt or 350-watt, 36-volt brushless planetary hub motor (motor is sealed, rain and mud-proof). self-reliance | homesteading | backwoods | home | magazine - Overwintering Stevia Plants It’s getting cold here in the —time to bring in the stevia plants before our first hard freeze. As far north as USDA plant hardiness zone 8, stevia plants can usually survive winter in the field. The tops might die back, but the roots can survive as long as the ground does not freeze. Mulch can help prevent frozen ground. I harvested my stevia plants more than a month ago, in September, leaving stubs of 4 to 5 inches in length. The plants have sprouted back somewhat, and we’ve had some frosts at night. The plants might survive in a sunny window. It’s also possible to overwinter stevia roots by packing them in moist soil or peat moss and placing them in a basement or root cellar where it stays cool, but not below freezing.

Fast Electric Bikes - How to Build a 50MPH Electric Bike From: Greg Davey Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Dear Electric Vehicle Enthusiast, Have you had enough of increasing gas prices and auto insurance rates? You can build the exact same bike at home using this easy to follow step by step manual, even if you have no previous experience. Now lets take a look at the wealth of information your are about to discover. Introduction (pages 5-7) Find out how it's possible to cut your commuting time by more than 50% riding an electric bike instead of driving. Choosing a Bike (pages 8-18) Discover why you MUST use this type of bicycle frame when building a high performance electric bike so the bike is safe to ride at high speed. Choosing Electrical Components (pages 20-43) Learn about the different types of motors available for electric bikes and see which one is the BEST for high performance so your bike can keep up with and even pass cars going up hill. Building the Bike (pages 44-105) What is an incredible resource like this worth ? Bon Bonu P.S. P.S.S.

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