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Top 10 TED Talks That Could Change Your Life

Top 10 TED Talks That Could Change Your Life
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Be a Change Agent Here are some ideas and links that might help you on your journey. Share your story with the world and start a blog. Forward thinkers often spend a lot of time looking back as well. Reflection is crucial. Try new things with the focus of “what is best for this learner”. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Challenge ideas and ask questions…lots of questions. See yourself as an innovator. Think Different. Notice it ends with a child? You don’t have to do everything that I have listed above.

Accueil - David Bowie's must-read books revealed As a new version of the exhibition David Bowie Is opens this week at the Art Gallery of Ontario, curators have revealed a list of his top 100 must-read books, giving a fascinating insight into the mind of the influential musician and style icon. The show, which offered unprecedented access to Bowie's own archive, became the most popular ever mounted by London's V&A when it ran there earlier this year. As the Guardian's Alexis Petridis pointed out at the time, the Bowie story is so well-known that "unless it's content to retell a very hackneyed story indeed, David Bowie Is has to find a way of casting new light on some of the most over-analysed and discussed music in rock history." The reading list, with books presented in chronological order rather than order of preference, provides Ontario with a new angle. Political history features, in titles such as Christopher Hitchens' The Trial of Henry Kissinger, and Orlando Figes' A People's Tragedy, as well as collections of interviews.

6 Education Stories To Watch In 2016 : NPR Ed Claudio Sanchez is the senior member of the NPR Ed team, with more than 25 years on the education beat. We asked him for his list of the top stories he'll be watching in 2016. Elissa Nadworny YouTube 1. The long, grueling fight to overhaul the 14-year-old No Child Left Behind law is over, but that'll turn out to be the easy part. There will be some relief for students burdened by excessive testing. 2. The controversy over the much-maligned Common Core State Standards will diminish. 3. The charter school movement will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2016. We'll see more scandals involving fraud, corruption and mismanagement, despite efforts to weed out "bad actors" who've exploited weak charter laws in several states. Charters will also be one of the very few education issues to get any attention in the presidential campaign. 4. There will be an even stronger backlash against the push for greater access to college for undocumented students. 5. Watch for the U.S. 6.

A Beginner's Guide to Drinking Better Oolong Tea [Photographs: Vicky Wasik, unless otherwise noted] Imagine if you went to a bar and the only beers on the menu were the lightest, most crisp pilsners and darkest, most molassesy porters. No nutty brown ales, bitter-citrusy IPAs, or twangy sours. For a round or two, you'd probably make do. For tea people in the U.S., this is pretty much everywhere. But tell someone you'd like an oolong and they'll likely just stare. Oolongs are the wide, wide category of tea in between green and black, and through skilled, labor-intensive processing, a tea-maker can coax anything from buttery florals to deep chocolate to roasted nuts to tropical fruit out of a single batch of leaves. What We Talk About When We Talk About Oolongs [Photograph: Max Falkowitz] In a way, oolongs are the most cheffy teas out there. So what does it mean to get an oolong right? As soon as you pluck a tea leaf, it starts to oxidize. Oolong tea leaves partially through their long withering process. An Oolong Tour Recommended Vendors

Implementing Mobile Devices With a Focus on Learning The following post is a modified excerpt from Uncommon Learning.“Mobile learning provides enhanced collaboration among learners, access to information, and a deeper contextualization of learning. Hypothetically, effective mobile learning can empower learners by enabling them to better assess and select relevant information, redefine their goals, and reconsider their understanding of concepts within a shifting and growing frame of reference (the information context).” — Marguerite L. Koole (2009) No one will deny the impact that mobile is having on the world. All one has to do is take a look at how mobile devices are changing everyone’s perception of computing as it is more accessible and personal than ever. Image credit: Have you considered the following in your mobile learning ecosystem?

33 Websites That Will Make You a Genius The web is increasingly becoming a powerful resource that can easily help you learn something new everyday. These awesome sites are just what you need. “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein There is a good chance you’ll be able to put at least one of these learning tools to good use and come out as a better person than you were last year. BBC — Future — Making you smarter, every day. 2. 99U (YouTube) — Actionable insights on productivity, organization, and leadership to help creative people push ideas forward. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. iTunes U — Learning on the go, from some of the world’s top universities. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Brain Pickings — Insightful long form posts on life, art, science, design, history, philosophy, and more. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. edX — Take online courses from the world’s best universities. 31. 32. 33. “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” ― Albert Einstein

Récréomath Site de mathématiques récréatives WIRED's security special: do not click here Hours after January's murderous assault on Charlie Hebdo's office -- and on free speech itself -- Andrew Parker, director general of MI5, warned that intelligence agencies risked losing their ability to monitor "the dark places from where those who wish us harm can plot and plan". David Cameron pledged "legislation that makes sure we do not allow terrorists safe space to communicate". Encrypted communications, complained the US National Security Agency, the FBI and the Metropolitan Police, favour the bad guys. Only government-accessible back doors in every phone, app or laptop can prevent jihadists from undermining our society. WIRED respectfully disagrees. Access to secure encryption is a fundamental principle of the open internet. That's why we've put together this accessible guide to encryption tools already on the market. We show you how: How encryption protects our intellectual privacy (and why you should care) What encryption can (and can't) do for you Encrypt your life How to use Tor

1er cycle - Résolution de problèmes Moi aussi je sais faire l’épicerie ! Les élèves doivent faire l’épicerie en respectant un budget de 20$ et en choisissant des aliments qui appartiennent aux 4 groupes alimentaires. Ils doivent également choisir autant que possible des aliments non transformés (cette notion doit avoir été vue au préalable). Les élèves doivent ensuite payer leurs achats en choisissant les pièces de monnaie ou les billets nécessaires pour payer. Le deuxième fichier est une circulaire Métro d’où les élèves choisissent leurs aliments. Par Ariane Valiquette Documents joints Ceci est une activité en lien avec l’alimentation et qui permet de comprendre comment et pourquoi il est utile de construire des graphiques. par Caroline Lacoursière Lebouc À ta santé ! Planification permettant aux enfants d’approfondir les notions d’orientation spatiale et le dénombrement. Par Marie-Lou Lefebvre Grégorio le pirate Six résolutions de problème que les élèves doivent résoudre selon une méthode proposée. Par Marie-Hélène Massé

7 Cool Books That Bill Gates Loves A few hours ago, Bill Gates blogged his suggestions for summer reading. His previous year's suggestions were somewhat weighty tomes, but this year, he's suggesting books that he characterizes as "beach reading." Here are his picks: Hyperbole and a Half, by Allie Brosh Gates comments: "Based on Brosh's wildly popular website, [the book] consists of brief vignettes and comic drawings about her young life. Of the seven Gates picked, two are among my favorite books. Based on Gates's comments, I can tell that the other five are right up my alley, too. As I think about the list, what strikes me as important isn't so much the books themselves but that Gates chooses to share his reading habits with the world. Consider: Gates is the richest man in the world with a net worth exceeding $80 billion. Some do become philanthropists, but often their giving goes towards charities like art museums or their alma maters, charities that keep the money benefiting their own personal circle of privilege.

100 Amazing Mini Habits That Will Make 2016 Awesome 12 Books Steve Jobs Wanted You to Read | Toward the end of his life, Steve Jobs was open to the idea of an afterlife. Not long after his untimely death, a Buddhist sect claimed that Jobs had been reincarnated as a "celestial warrior-philosopher living in a mystical glass palace hovering above his old office." If that's true, perhaps in the moments that's he's not screaming "No! What strikes me most about Jobs's list is that, unlike Bill Gates's list, almost all the books are about a single individual overcoming enormous odds and obstacles in order to transform either the world, himself, or both. 1. 1984, by George Orwell What it's about: One man's desperate struggle against an all-pervasive state that is committed to controlling people's thoughts as well as their behaviors. Fun factoid: The book inspired the famous Apple "1984" Super Bowl commercial that preannounced the Macintosh. Best quote: "Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them." 2. 3. 4. 5.