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Grow Your Business
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How to Get 2000 Organic, Targeted, & Engaged Twitter Followers in Just 2 Months  — Best of BeTweet Saturday marked 2 months since BeTweet soft-launched. In two months, BeTweet built an engaged following, which is also 100% organic and targeted. I have to admit, I am slightly unimpressed. I could have done better if I didn’t procrastinate so damn much. The fact is, though, a lot of startups struggle with twitter, and this is why I created the Twitter for Growth report, which I have given for FREE to every subscriber of BeTweet. If you want to grow on twitter, you know what to do. First of all, let’s see what BeTweet did since it soft-launched: I created the twitter account on Day 1.The Landing Page was up and running on Day 3.I started publishing content on Medium on Day 4.The first newsletter was sent out on Day 7.I created HackCrab on Day 41. I did some other things, but they flopped. Social media spreads your message, but email and content marketing help you establish a connection with your customers. Because I am pressed by time and length, today I’ll focus on the twitter part.

Optimize Your Business Blog So you've started a business blog, providing authoritative insights about the latest news and most pressing issues in your industry. With such great content, your blog should be raising your company's profile and generating more customers. That is, of course, if anyone is actually reading it. The trouble with blogging is that having great content isn't always enough. Here are five tips to help you optimize your business blog for search: 1. What makes a good keyword? Related: 10 Ways to Turn Your Blog into a Lead-Generation Machine To determine whether a keyword has too much competition, first install a free browser toolbar -- such as SEOBook's SEO for Firefox plugin -- that displays information about each site in the Google results pages whenever you search for your target keyword. 2. To improve your rank in search engine results, consider making guest posts on relevant sites and participating in industry forums. 3. Related: A Six-Step Survival Guide for Search Engine Updates 4. 5.

Isis threatens Twitter employees over blocked accounts | Technology no right clicks Click on the View button, then choose Source. What appears seems to be blank [varies depending on your browser - so it's not a very good 'protection' method] actually it isn't blank, it's a normal html file with lots of white space added at the top. But, it still isn't the source code for this page. That's because this page of the demonstration uses frames .. and view source displays the frameset html not the page html. So, remember frames as one method for 'protecting' your source code. You can stop right clicks with a script (copy and paste it from this page if you want to) in the HEAD section of your page. var msg="mouse right click disabled. function click(e) { if (document.all) { if (event.button == 2) { alert(msg); return false; } } if (document.layers) { if (e.which == 3) { alert(msg); return false; } } } if (document.layers) { document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN); } document.onmousedown=click; Well, if you don't understand frames this is as far as it's worth going.

Twitter changes: 20 hits and misses from the social network's history | Technology Grump’s Internet Law dictates that whenever a large social network like Facebook or Twitter changes its design or adds a major new feature, people kick up a stink online claiming it’s going to ruin the service. Sometimes, they’re right, and the company executes a quick u-turn. Sometimes, the new feature flops and is retired at a later point. But quite often, the new feature beds in nicely, and becomes an important part of the social network. Later today, Twitter will be making its latest announcements at its Flight conference, reportedly including a new app development platform called Fabric. The implications for Twitter users are sure to spark debate among its always-vocal community. It’s a good point to look back at some of Twitter’s past changes and the impact they had on the social network and the people that use it. Here are 20 of the changes that helped make Twitter what it is today, usually for the better, although occasionally – if only in the short term – for the worse.

17 Ways to Grow Your blog Do you want to grow your blog? Are you looking for new ways to attract and retain more readers? We asked the finalists of our Top 10 Social Media Blogs contest for their best tips on how to grow your list of blog subscribers. Here are their best tips. #1: Be Active in Other Communities First Here’s what Mitch Joel, author of Six Pixels of Separation and the blog at Twist Image, recommends: “You’ll have no semblance of community unless you’re an active community member in other spaces. Top 10 Social Media Blog Nomination: Laurel Mackenzie likes Mitch Joel's Six Pixels of Separation blog because "not only is his written content intelligent and thought-provoking, but his podcasts feature discussions on relevant topics with true industry thought leaders." #2: Write About What You Love Here’s how Michael Brandvold grows subscribers on his blog: #3: Write Insanely Great Content Mark Schaefer, author of The Tao of Twitter and the popular marketing blog {grow}, recommends: #5: Offer Real Value

Twitter Has A 136-Page Handbook For Politicians And It's Hilarious : It's All Politics The cover of Twitter's manual for governments and elections. Twitter hide caption itoggle caption Twitter Twitter seems simple — just type in 140 characters and hit enter, right? Well, elected officials, fear not! The manual has been "wildly popular," said Bridget Coyne, a manager on Twitter's Government and Elections Partnership Team who helped put the manual together (see below for more of our interview with her). Here's a look inside: Page 9: "The best way to earn a voter's support is no different today than it was a century ago: a simple handshake and a look in the eye. Page 25: Page 24 and 25 of the manual. This page contains questions like these: — What Is Twitter? — Where Do Tweets Appear? — Why 140 Characters? And killer quotes like this one: "Brevity keeps Twitter fast-paced and relevant by encouraging people to Tweet in the moment and to focus on the essential ideas they want to communicate." Page 27: This amazing chart: Twitter, in one chart Twitter hide caption Twitter Page 30:

How our leaders can avoid Twitter blushes Prime Minister Joseph Muscat tweets regularly. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli As crucial a platform as social media has become for politicians and other public figures, it’s safe to say not all of them get it right every time. Perhaps acknowledging the scale of the problem, Twitter’s government and elections team recently released a bumper 136-page handbook for politicians to help them navigate the service. The guidebook covers everything from developing “new and innovative strategies to grow your Twitter presence” all the way down to how to actually write a tweet. Although the guide is mainly aimed at politicians in the US, Malta has not been spared its share of social media gaffes. From tourism envoy Joe Grima lashing out at the President for condemning racism to MP Luciano Busuttil telling frustrated commuters to stop “whining” about traffic, the online world has proven itself to be a potential minefield for politicians. “Don’t expect total agreement. Facebook posts • Spellcheck.

The Internet of Tweets — The Message While the Internet has never shied away from offering unsolicited advice to Twitter’s leadership, it has perhaps never faced such impassioned arguments about how the company can get its mojo back from some of its closest supporters. While many businesses would envy the fact that Twitter has pretty huge revenues and a user base that is enormous in comparison to almost anything except Facebook, it’s become conventional wisdom that the company needs to work to find its bearings again. And oddly, getting Twitter back on track may mean taking another look at one small bit of news that got overshadowed by a Black Eyed Pea on that day five years ago. Let’s Get It Started In the spring of 2010, Twitter was just graduating from being the hottest startup in tech to being a genuine cultural phenomenon. Twitter’s spate of announcements at Chirp included big news like Dick Costolo announcing the company’s first real foray into offering advertising. Where is the love? I Gotta Feeling Scream & Shout

Twitter's first TV ad confuses World Series viewers Image copyright Twitter The first television advertisement campaign by Twitter has left some American viewers confused. A selection of baseball-related tweets were featured in the ad, which was shown during the live coverage of baseball's season-ending World Series. However, text appeared so quickly in the lively sequence that some took to the web to express bewilderment. The ad was made to promote "Moments", which highlights trending stories on the social media platform.