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101 Absolutely Free Tools to Grow Your Online Store

101 Absolutely Free Tools to Grow Your Online Store

Critical Thinking Model 1 To Analyze Thinking We Must Identify and Question its Elemental Structures Standard: Clarityunderstandable, the meaning can be grasped Could you elaborate further? Could you give me an example? Could you illustrate what you mean? Standard: Accuracyfree from errors or distortions, true How could we check on that? Standard: Precisionexact to the necessary level of detail Could you be more specific? Standard: Relevancerelating to the matter at hand How does that relate to the problem? Standard: Depthcontaining complexities and multiple interrelationships What factors make this a difficult problem? Standard: Breadthencompassing multiple viewpoints Do we need to look at this from another perspective? Standard: Logicthe parts make sense together, no contradictions Does all this make sense together? Standard: Significancefocusing on the important, not trivial Is this the most important problem to consider? Standard: FairnessJustifiable, not self-serving or one-sided Think About... State the Question

40 Clever Life Hacks to Simplify your World 40 Clever Life Hacks to Simplify your World October 16, 2013 in Uncategorized Read our BRAND NEW AND IMPROVED Life Hacks post by clicking HERE! Our recent blog 50 Life Hacks to Simplify your World did so well that we thought we’d do another one. After spending a lot of time sifting through reddit, Buzzfeed’s Life Hack posts, we came up with the list below. Want to see more like this? 5. 13. 20. 28. And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE! You might also be interested in:

#5 The Four Most Powerful Types of Creative Thinking Considering I’m a creative coach, some people are surprised to learn I’m a little sceptical about creative thinking techniques. For one thing, there’s a lot more to creativity than thinking. It’s possible to sit around having lots of creative thoughts, but without actually making anything of them. But if you start making something, creative ideas seem to emerge naturally out of the process. And for another thing, a lot of ‘creative thinking techniques’ leave me cold. Having said that, here are four types of creative thinking that I use myself and which I know for a fact are used extensively by high-level creators. The text below introduces the four types of creative thinking, and the worksheet will show you how to apply the techniques to your own work. 1. Image by stuartpilbrow Reframing opens up creative possibilities by changing our interpretation of an event, situation, behaviour, person or object. Think about a time when you changed your opinion of somebody. 2. 3. 4.

15 Secret Hiding Places That Will Fool Even the Smartest Burglar Keeping your stuff safe from potential burglars is important. Whether you have a security system installed in your home or not, there is nothing wrong with a bit of extra protection. Instead of heading out and buying the most expensive safe on the market, you can actually hide your things strategically around the house and burglars will never find them. If you have jewelry, cash or any other valuable that you want to keep extra safe, there are many DIY ways to hide those things from burglars. Incidentally, you can use some of these ideas to hide Christmas gifts from the kids as well. Some of the ideas are products that you can purchase from most hardware stores or Wal-Mart. Stash Cash in the Door? You can actually create a great hiding place for cash in the top of any interior door. Make Your Own Hide-A-Key You can buy those little hollowed out rocks for hiding your spare key but you don’t necessarily have to spend money to keep that key secure. Oversized Art Storage Hidden Jewelry Box

MFBM University - Stratégies Marketing Université assurée par Franck Rocca Stratégiste Facebook Marketing depuis 2009 J'ai décidé de créer l'université pour vous permettre d'avoir un retour sur investissement rapide. Je suis parti d'un simple constat, aujourd’hui, il faut toujours tester pour arriver à optimiser. Quand vous avez déjà fait plein de tests comme nous, vous avez déjà une première notion de ce qui va mieux fonctionner. Et donc ce que je cherche à faire, c'est créer une université dans laquelle on s'échange les best practices sur le Facebook Marketing. Mais je pense que ce qui est fondamental, c'est de s'entourer de praticiens réguliers pour être capable de savoir ce qui fonctionne le mieux. L'un des buts de l'université est de rassembler des praticiens Facebook et de les transformer en experts, pour avoir tous ensemble des tas de cas pratiques desquels nous pouvons, les uns les autres s'inspirer. Des tests comme ça il faut en faire tout le temps, il faut tester les dernières fonctionnalités.

6 Reasons The Working From Home Trend is Going to Revolutionize Business Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Technology and the internet have created a global village. Geographical boundaries are blurred and worldwide communication is seamless. People are increasingly abandoning the traditional office-based job, by either forging their own entrepreneurial paths or negotiating work contracts where working from home is permitted. Despite this trend, some businesses don’t want to embrace remote working. However, the fact remains: working from home is here to stay. 1. Allowing a culture where employees can achieve business goals while working from home broadens your talent pool. For smaller businesses on a budget, outsourcing from countries with a lower cost of living has become a viable alternative. 2. According to the State Of Workplace Productivity Report, 65% of employees think a flexible, working from home schedule will increase their productivity. There’s a clear divide between what employees want and what employers are willing to sacrifice. 3. 4. 5.

120 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power Here are 120 things you can do starting today to help you think faster, improve memory, comprehend information better and unleash your brain’s full potential. Solve puzzles and brainteasers.Cultivate ambidexterity. Use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth, comb your hair or use the mouse. Readers’ Contributions Dance! Contribute your own tip! There are many, many ways to keep our brains sharp. The Tools Early-Stage Startups Actually Need to Understand Their Customers | First Round Review After 18 months of struggling to get traction with two product ideas, Segment started its turnaround. What followed was a two-year stretch of growth from four to 60 people, thousands of new customers and $44 million over several rounds of financing. What was the trigger for such a significant inflection point? In the lead up to the sea change, Co-founder and CEO Peter Reinhardt and the team at Segment started to heavily lean into qualitative feedback tools like live chat widget Olark. It was embedded on each page and everyone from the newest hire to the co-founders were constantly learning from everyone using their product. It’s hard to pin all this momentum on tools, but knowing how to leverage them is at the core of Segment’s business. In this interview, Reinhardt draws from his extensive evaluation of tools to share how and when resource-constrained startups should select them. Where to Start When Selecting Tools First decide to build or to buy. Timing makes good tools great.

The Engagement Effect: Human Performance Improvement What is Human Performance Improvement? The Human Performance Improvement process is very similar to Human Performance Technology. HPI provides you with a systematic process to follow on what can often be a not-so-systematic path. In addition to identifying human performance gaps and their possible solutions, this standardized approach offers the ability to measure the success of your efforts and eliminate the guesswork that follows when a performance gap must be evaluated. HPI is results-based and systematic. Rather than focusing on a ‘wants-based’ or ‘needs-based’ approach, HPI follows a ‘results-based’ approach to improving performance, distinguishing it from many HRD (human resource development) activities. The Human Performance Improvement process is very similar to Human Performance Technology. Top HPI for Your Business The process of analyzing performance begins with a analyzing your business, which allows you to focus on the goals for your business. HPI Begins With Your Goals

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Compliance Understanding your role in compliance and staying ahead of federal regulations is challenging, but it’s infinitely preferable to the fines and other costs associated with non-compliance. Creating a culture of compliance in your organization, even if it’s just you, isn’t something that you can deal with in the future, or assume is the domain of only larger organizations. In the current business climate, every organization, regardless of size, is held accountable for compliance, and regulators are examining compliance plans and policies more closely than ever. As an entrepreneur, what does compliance mean to you? Mitigate your compliance risk with education. Perhaps the most important step toward maintaining compliance is remaining informed and staying abreast of the always changing regulatory environment. Follow industry news via social media and online publications. Related: Make Your Businesses Invulnerable to Corporate Identity Theft Develop a compliance monitoring strategy.

The Six Stages of Mental Strength | Leveraging Adversity Many people think that mentally strong people are simply born that way. That from the moment their feet hit the ground, they are simply endowed with some almost supernatural skill that allows them to face challenges bravely. Others think that mental strength is like a light bulb – it is either turned on or turned off. And if yours happens to be off, you are out of luck. What most people don’t know is that mental strength it is neither a genetic gift, nor a character trait. Here are the six stages of mental strength: Disruption. Uncertainty. Reconsideration. Search for Meaning. Recrafting the Narrative. Building Agency. Becoming mentally strong isn’t about having all the answers, never feeling weak, or never admitting defeat. Claire Dorotik-Nana is the author of LEVERAGE: the Science of Turning Setbacks into Springboards.

How to Target Your Facebook Ads to Business Locations : Social Media Examiner Do you want to get your Facebook posts in front of an audience at a specific physical location? Have you considered targeting people based on where they work? Using workplace targeting makes it easy to get your content in front of the right people at the right company. In this article, you’ll discover how to use workplace targeting to serve Facebook ads to people who work at specific companies. Discover how to target business locations with your Facebook Ads. Why Use Workplace Targeting? Simply put, it works. There are other uses, too: If you own or manage a restaurant, publish posts about your daily specials and promote your posts to people who work at the businesses within walking distance. If you’re promoting an article about the top events in your town, you could target people who work at the local university and other companies to help spread the word. Target people who work at local companies to promote an article about events in your area. #1: Create Your Targeted Campaign Conclusion

How to Write Awesome Facebook Status Updates