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Play CellCraft Check your security settings Connection issues are typically caused by security settings on your network or computer. Check that your firewall or router has port 5222 open and allowing traffic. If you are on a school or office network, you may need to contact your network administrator to make the necessary changes. Is your version of Flash current? Some old versions of Flash don't work well with our new chat application. Ad blockers and browser plug ins Ad blocker programs like AdBlock Plus, proxy software and a variety of other browser add-ons can prevent users from connecting to chat. Try again in a few minutes Sometimes the internet is just not happy. Did you lose an achievement? loading

New Media Ltd presents LandFill Bill Throw the correct item in the correct bin! Recycle Michael has gone on holiday and Landfill Bill has been given the task of cleaning up. He must throw the recycle-able items in to the correct bins before the land gets covered in rubbish. The longer you play the quicker the items will come. The more items you put in the bin without dropping, the higher your multiplier will be, and the quicker your score will go up. Keep an eye out for the swinging bins and the rubber ducks for extra points! Developed for ASDA Download This Game Add this game to Myspace: Matmi and ASDA presents LandFill Bill... Add this game to your own website: Matmi and ASDA presents LandFill Bill...

5 Tiny Wording Tricks That Can Totally Change Someone's Mind #2. The Length of Your Name Determines Your Success Knowing what we just told you above, it should come as no surprise that so many manly action heroes are named "Jack" (hell, in the last two years alone, Tom Cruise has played two guys named Jack and another named Jaxx). photos.comJohn always gets the best birthday presents. So What's Going on Here? When career website TheLadders took a closer look at the names of their over 5 million members, they found some interesting patterns: Firstly, they discovered that people with popular names (taken from a list of the site's top 25 names) were earning, on average, nearly $7,000 more than the rest of us."Let's name him something masculine, like 'U.'" Unfortunately, it's not just how short your name is that affects your job prospects. #1. Food renaming is probably as old as food itself. photos.comThose small batch, organic vita-cakes might not be as guilt-free as advertised. Today, that is. Follow C.

ElectroCity 5 Annoying Trends That Make Every Movie Look the Same Hollywood: the dream factory, the place where joy is made and everybody craps rainbows and cocaine. But underneath the glitz is a bunch of working stiffs who are either just trying to get the job done, or hacks who get their original ideas by ripping off other hacks. That's why these days... #5. Have You Ever Noticed: There's some unwritten rule that horror movies should be blue: The Ring Saw The Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. Meanwhile, apocalyptic movies are gray and washed out: Then there are more subtle ones, for instance movies set in the desert tend to be yellow. Smokin' Aces (Las Vegas) The Hills Have Eyes (rural Nevada) Movies where reality is off-kilter will be green: Fight Club The Matrix films, aka The Greenest Movies Ever Made Honestly, half the time you can guess the genre of the film based on one still from the trailer. What's Going On? It's called digital color correction. Now? And while we're on color... #4. Or against dimly-lit rooms with the bluish tint: This is a color wheel: #3.

internationale - Section canadienne francophone - Beijing 2008 Aller au contenu principal Suivez-nous via : Rechercheavancée Formulaire de recherche Vous êtes ici : Campagnes 1/01/2008 | Campagnes Chine Les droits humains sont en jeu(X) VOLET ADULTE Les droits humains sont en jeu(X) VOLET ADULTE Téléchargement Téléchargez le matériel de campagne Campagne terminée Dates de la campagne Du 1/01/2008 au 30/06/2008 Thématique(s) Toutes les campagnes Imprimer Réseaux sociaux More Sharing Services Partager Malgré les engagements des autorités chinoises lors de l’attribution des Jeux olympiques à la ville de Beijing, de graves atteintes aux droits humains continuent d’être commises en Chine. Encore plus, « l’approche des Jeux olympiques a accru et non réduit la répression contre les militants », a déclaré Irène Khan, secrétaire générale d’Amnistie internationale. La Chine et le mouvement olympique ont une responsabilité commune. En 2008, c’est dans l’enceinte de stades flambant neufs que la Chine donne rendez-vous au monde entier. Mis à jour le mardi, 23 avril 2013 J'agis Syrie

Color Theory and Subliminal Advertising | People talk a lot about color grading, but not very much about the color theory behind it. I recently saw this commercial for Bud Light, and I was struck by the conscious use of color theory in it. At the beginning of the spot, the hero of the commercial is buying beer at sunset, and the imagery has a warm, “golden-hour” hue. Almost everything in the frame is a warm color. Look at the traditional color wheel. Now, the hero is at a party. The first time we see beer in this world, it still looks blue, just as it did in the parking lot. Then, the hero is transported to a concert scene. Everything in nature strives for balance. Finally, the viewer is given a little hint of something orange. Surprise! Money shot! A high-end commercial like this is constructed to operate on multiple levels. On a slightly deeper level, the commercial is training the viewer to associate the Bud Light with the pleasant feelings associated with the company of beautiful women and enjoyable music.

Global Conflicts Portal To the portal for educational games, where we offer you games for grade school and above. The learning occurs interactively, involving both the student and the teacher using material which is both dynamic and engaging. The School Portal is now up and running, so come try our games, all you have to do sign up for a free trial under TRY THE GAMES! Primary school Has following subjects: English, Math, History and Religion/Christianity. Trunky: Fun math, spelling and painting learning games. Each bundle covers each subject with several games.All of the educational games contain: educational material, and a digital overview over student progression.