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Carnets d'histoire naturelle — Page d'accueil

Carnets d'histoire naturelle — Page d'accueil

Catalogue of Life - 2011 Annual Checklist :: Search all names Commons:Featured pictures/Animals Special pages: Echinodermata (Echinoderms)[edit] Reef starfish (Stichaster australis) doing push-upsEucidaris tribuloides (Slate-pencil Urchin)Tripneustes ventricosus (West Indian Sea Egg-top) and Echinometra viridis (Reef Urchin - bottom) Mollusca (Molluscs)[edit] Bivalvia[edit] Giant clam black & white komodoSpondylus varius (Thorny Oyster) Cephalopoda[edit] Sepioteuthis sepioidea (Caribbean Reef Squid)Sepia latimanus (Reef cuttlefish) dark coloration Gastropoda[edit] Nembrotha kubaryana (Nudibranch)Nudibranch (Nembrotha lineolata) laying an egg spiralPhyllidiopsis papilligera (Black-spotted Nudibranch - North Haiti)Thecacera sp. Annelida (Segmented worms)[edit] Spirobranchus giganteus (Christmastree Worm - yellow variation) Cnidaria[edit] Anthozoa (Corals and sea anemones)[edit] Scyphozoa (Jellyfishes)[edit] Porifera (Sponges)[edit] Other animals[edit] Unsorted animals[edit] The FPCBot will place images here, they can manually be sorted into more specific sections.

LHSVirtualZoo - home Electronic Biologia Centrali-Americana About the Project The EBCA project, and the associated INOTAXA project, grew from a desire by the partners to widen greatly the accessibility of the information they hold. Currently data needed to undertake many kinds of research, including taxonomic, are available only as a scattered and widely distributed resources, inaccessible or unknown to the majority of the people who need them. Many of these data are held by the project partners, in their libraries, attached to specimens in their collections, in their card indices or in databases. A major resource for Mesoamerica, and the initial focus of this project, is the Biologia Centrali-Americana. Project Documents PowerPoint presentations Anna L. Other articles, etc.

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