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How to Draw Hair, Part 1

How to Draw Hair, Part 1
Looking back at my tutorials on drawing the head, I realized that I covered individual features, but completely left out hair. This tutorial will is split into 3 parts: The Basics, Types of Hair, and a Step by Step drawing. I’ll start this first part of the series with common mistakes that I see all the time. Common Mistakes when Drawing Hair Forgetting about the volumes This is the most common mistake I see from newer students. Too Much Texture This one is similar to the first, but this can still happen even if one pays attention to the volumes. Impatience – Bad Design There are so many random little shapes in hair, that good design is a necessity. Sharp Outlines I’m referring the the outer edge between the hair and background and also the connection between hair and skin. Consider the Form Underneath the Hair Spherical Skull Most hair styles you will draw will be affected by the skull underneath. The groups of hair wrap around the form underneath and inherit the same light patterns. Shadow

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Human Figure Drawing Proportions START WITH A (3 x 4) OVAL. Divide this head like this:The top of the skull.The pupils are in the middle of the head, top to bottom.The bottom of the nose is about 1.5 eye widths from the eye line.1 eye width below the nose is between the lips.1/3 below between the lips and the chin is the chin crease.I started with an oval that fit on my skull's front view. My horizontal center line of the skull dividing the top to bottom is between the pupils. How to Become a Famous Artist in 3 Easy Steps Let’s face it, you’ve probably been working way too hard. Forget about all of those years toiling away in obscurity Forget about putting in your 10,000 hours of practice to master your craft. In fact, forget about creating any creative work at all, now it’s all about becoming famous for the sake of being famous.

Skull Anatomy for Artists 1 Comment | December 5, 2011 Here’s a quick follow-up to the post I did a few years ago on how to draw skulls. There are some great online resources available to study skull anatomy. Drawing the eyes - drawing lesson. portrait tutorial Portrait art tutorial - how to draw eyes, step-by-step drawing lesson. | << First Page | << Previous | Page 4 >> | Page 5 >> | Page 6 >> | Yes, these illustrations are more than a bit unusual. But they are so easy to make with Photoshop! The blue circle above shows how the iris is round. A common newbie mistake is to not make the iris really round enough.

How to Draw Eyes For a video version of this tutorial visit This tutorial is a continuation of How to Draw the Head from Any Angle. I will go over the structure of the eye and detailed information on drawing the brow ridge, eyeball, eyelids, eyelashes, iris, cornea, and pupil. The Basic Forms Eyes and Freckles The color pencil drawings of Amy Robins. Artwork © Amy Robins Link via Life is a Danceable Tragedy How to Sell Your Art Locally in Your Community - Skinny Artist by: Steff Metal As artists, we’re told again and again how vital it is for us to market online, to reach an international audience, to establish a profitable niche. And this is very true, but in extending our reach we often neglect a lucrative market that’s right in front of us – our local art community.

How to Draw Human Faces: 9 steps (with pictures) Edit Article Edited by Russ, Dan McGillen, Dave Crosby, Ffidratma and 95 others Since the earliest times, humans have spent a great deal of time trying to capture the essence of the human face. » Pure White Portrait Retouch Skill Level: Intermediate Learn how to whiten skin and hair in this quick Photoshop tutorial. The original photo is a little bit warm, so first we’ll add a Photo Filter adjustment layer set to Cooling filter (80) with a Density of 60%. Next we”ll bring the saturation way down. Add a Hue/Saturation layer and bring the saturation down to -90%.

How to Draw the Head From Any Angle The Basic Forms To draw the head from any angle you must first understand its basic structure. Look past all the distracting details and visualize the underlying forms. This ability to simplify can be applied to the features of the face, but when starting the drawing you could look even further.