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Semiconductors and Signal Processing ICs

Semiconductors and Signal Processing ICs
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GoerTek GoerTek Inc. was established in June 2001, and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 2008. It currently holds the largest market value among acoustic companies in Chinese stock exchange. As a Chinese industry leading& new hi-tech company, GoerTek’s main focus consists of R&D, production and sales of electro-acoustic components, electric accessories, LED sealing, and related products. GoerTek provides products and services to industry leading companies, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Google, Microsoft, Plantronics, and Cisco and so on. Since its establishment in 2001, GoerTek has maintained its company performance with a consistent and rapid growth. GoerTek is dedicated to improve on independent innovation capabilities as the core ,advance vertical integration by expanding depth of industrial chain, support top tier international customers and maintain high-end talent .

GreenBook: Find Market Research Companies and Focus Group Facilities Blue Wolf Robotics Bosch Sensortec - Omnibus Surveys and Polls - The Omnibus Company Bud Industries (@Budbox) sur Twitter Microphones Knowles engineers and produces customized microphone designs for hearing aid applications and electronic devices. Hearing instrument Complete range of configuration options Wide range of size and performance options Custom crafted designs Surface mount MEMs New MaxRF models eliminate GSM/TDMA burst noise and provide wide-band RF noise suppression UltraMini footprint - less than 11.5mm Slim UltraMini footprint - less than 8.5mm Digital mics eliminate analog noise Boom Standard and waterproof Flexible and rigid styles Boom housing available in plastic and metal Customized lengths and end terminations Magnetic Robust reliability and high performance Does not require a bias voltage Waterproof Highly waterproof and submersible Withstand explosive decompression Excellent environmental performance Corrosion resistant Piezo ceramic Ceramic vibration designs High vibration sensitivity High resistance to mechanical shock

Market Research Company UK Consumer Companies & Business to Business MEMS-Based Sensor Technology Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) are Freescale's enabling technology for acceleration and pressure sensors. MEMSbased sensor products provide an interface that can sense, process and/or control the surrounding environment. Freescale's MEMS-based sensors are a class of devices that builds very small electrical and mechanical components on a single chip. MEMS-based sensors are a crucial component in automotive electronics, medical equipment, hard disk drives, computer peripherals, wireless devices and smart portable electronics such as cell phones and PDAs. Benefits of MEMS: Low Cost Low Power Miniaturization High Performance Integration Freescale's Leadership Position Freescale Semiconductor has been developing MEMS-based sensors for almost 30 years. Applications MEMS-based sensors are a crucial component in automotive electronics, medical equipment, smart portable electronics such as cell phones, PDAs, and hard disk drives, computer peripherals, and wireless devices. HARMEMS Technology

market research companies Our team of analysts are hard at work on preparing the the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Fall/Winter Report for publication. There is an incredible wealth of data to explore, and many of the findings are provocative (if not downright shocking!). We think you’re going to love what we’ve found out and the report should be available soon. The GreenBook Research Industry Trends study was fielded in December of 2010. One of the areas we explored was the topic of innovation in market research. Upon analysis we realized that we didn’t have a list of the “Most Innovative Companies”; rather we have a ranking of which companies do the best job as being perceived as innovative via their marketing efforts. In total, over 170 companies were mentioned, although many of those were only reported once. First, let’s look at the “Top 10″ companies most often mentioned as being considered innovative. Quite the list, huh? Because of questions like that, we decided to go further. Here is what we found:

Develops High-Speed Multichannel Optical Switch Based on MEMS Mirrors Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.Fujitsu Limited Tokyo, September 29, 2003 — Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Fujitsu Limited today announced the development of an 80-channel optical communications switch that adopts MEMS (micro electro-mechanical system) (1)mirrors (see figure 1). The new device achieves a switching speed of one millisecond, the fastest of any multi-channel optical switch to date. The new switch is expected to enable the development of the optical cross-connect systems essential for next-generation optical transmission networks. Details of the technology used in this switch were presented at ECOC-IOOC 2003 (European Conference on Optical Communication/International Conference on Integrated Optics and Optical Fibre Communication), held in Rimini, Italy starting September 21. Background About the Technology Fujitsu's development depends on MEMS mirrors to bounce light beams. 1. 2. Glossary Devices that integrate electrical circuitry and mechanical structures. About Fujitsu

Company: Welcome eGENTIC a été fondé en 2001 en Allemagne et est à l’heure actuelle actif dans plus de 20 pays européens ainsi qu’en Amérique du nord et du sud et que sur la région Asie Pacifique. Aujourd’hui l’entreprise est leader de la création de fichier B2C. eGENTIC est également l’un des plus gros acheteurs dans le monde du Marketing en ligne. En France, nous achetons de l’espace et générons des fichiers depuis 2005. Nous parlons la langue de nos clients et connaissons leurs marchés. C’est pourquoi chaque région est prise en charge par une équipe pays dédiée dirigée par un country manager et les relations partenaires se font dans la langue du pays concerné. Volumes importants et constants de leads internationauxRespects des standards internationauxRéussite réelle au niveau local et global+ Plus de 40 millions d’utilisateurs enregistrés Plus de 2.5 millions de leads par moisPlus de 1000 entreprises clientes Contactez-nous ! Notre actualité eGENTIC est membre des associations suivantes :

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