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English for working in a hotel (management/reception), resort, motel, spa, etc. - VESL Exercises

English for working in a hotel (management/reception), resort, motel, spa, etc. - VESL Exercises
If you work (or are looking for work) in a hotel (reception/management), motel, resort, spa, etc., and want to learn the common English terms and expressions that are used in such places, these exercises are for you! They will help you to speak better English, to use proper words, and to communicate better with guests. All of the exercises are free. NEW! VISUAL EXERCISES:Visual English: Hotel industry vocabulary 1Visual English: Hotel industry vocabulary 2Visual English: Hotel industry vocabulary 3Visual English: Hotel industry vocabulary 4Visual English: Hotel industry vocabulary 5 Related:  Anglais tourismeHotel

American Idioms (A) - Popular Phrases in English - A About time: Nearly time, high time. ex. "It's about time you bought a new car!" Absence makes the heart grow fonder: Proverb that means that our feeling for those we love increases when we are apart from them. (To) act high and mighty: To act proudly and arrogantly. ex. Actions speak louder than words: Proverb meaning that's it's better to do something about a problem than to talk about it. (To) act one's age: To behave in a more mature way. (To) add fuel to the fire: To make a bad problem even worse. ex. (To) add insult to injury: To make a bad situation even worse. Against the clock: To attempt to do something "against the clock" is to attempt to do something as fast as possible, usually in order to make a deadline. ex. All out (adj. All set: Ready (to go). ex. All thumbs: Awkward. A little bird told me: When someone says "a little bird told me", it means they don't want you to know who told them. All in a day's work: Typical; normal; par for the course. At this stage: At this point. ex.

The cost of flying on the cheap : Travel Tips I have flown Spirit Airlines at least a dozen times, because it’s unquestionably the cheapest US airline if you manage to avoid its plethora of fees – but my experiences have ranged from generally unpleasant to downright infuriating. The US’s only two-star airline in a five-star ranking system, according to airline ranking site Skytrax, Spirit is the exemplification of no-frills. There is no in-flight entertainment, even for a fee; seats on the new Airbus 320s don’t recline despite having a button for this purpose (a particularly irritating feature); and even a glass of water comes at a cost. With spring break quickly approaching in the US, plenty of university students will likely be attracted to the low initial price tag when booking their holiday – but the cost of flying cheap can be quantified in more than cash. The $114 savings was worth it, but only because I’m a frugal, stubborn traveller. Like Ryanair, Spirit often only makes sense if you are a light packer.

English vocabulary for arriving/checking in at a hotel exercise Read the following two conversations between a customer/guest and a receptionist in a hotel. In the first situation, a customer is arriving/checking in at a hotel to get the key to the room. In the second situation, a customer wants a room at a hotel, but there are none available. From the context, try to guess what the meaning of the words/phrases in bold are. Then do the quiz at the end to check if you are right. Situation 1 Receptionist:'Good morning. Customer:'Good morning. Receptionist:'Let me look on the system. Customer:'That's correct.' Receptionist:'Could I see some ID, please? Customer:'Here you go.' Receptionist:'Perfect. 2 minutes later Receptionist:'That looks fine. Customer:'I have an important meeting tomorrow morning. Receptionist:'Certainly.' Customer:'Does the room have Wi-Fi?' Receptionist:'Yes, all the rooms have Wi-Fi, cable televisions and air conditioning. Customer:'That's ok. Receptionist:'No problem, sir. Customer:'Thank you.' Situation 2 Receptionist:'Good evening.

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Detroit: The killing of a great American city – Flyover Culture A sad decline: My mother’s birthplace and childhood home Detroit holds a special place in my heart. It is where my grandmother, mother and I were born and my dad arrived as a teenager to work 16-hour days on the assembly line and drive a taxi. Once a blue-collar haven of two million people with leafy neighborhoods and a world renowned zoo and arts institute, it earned the nickname “city of homes” because it didn’t have the crowded high-rise tenements of the northeast. Today, however, the bustling metropolis is a crumbling, crime-ridden shell of its former greatness: In 1950, it proudly claimed America’s highest per-capita income; today it grips the lowest. Named Forbes magazine’s 2013 “Most Miserable City in the U.S.” Sixty percent of its children live in poverty; more than three-quarters live in homes without a father present.Detroit has adopted a “living wage” ordinance at two dollars an hour higher than the minimum wage for all public employees and private contractors. Like this:

Hotel Essentials English Vocabulary Exercise Part 1 Read the following conversation between the manager of a hotel and a new employee. The manager is explaining to the the new employee how the hotel works and what they have to do. From the context, try to guess what the meaning of the words/phrases in bold are. Manager:'So, you will be working here in reception near the entrance of the hotel. New Employee:'So, when a new guest arrives and they want their key to their room, they want to check in, I have to take their name and information and then give them their key?' Manager:'Yes, but you need to see first if they have a reservation here. New Employee:'Does the hotel provide meals to the guests who have a room?' Manager:'Yes we do. We also have some guests that have paid for bed and breakfast, where breakfast in the hotel is only included in the price they paid for the room. New Employee:'So 'room only' is a different name for self-catering?' Manager:'It's similar but different. New Employee:'Ok, I understand. New Employee:'Ok.'

Job Readiness: Important Employment Related Vocabulary Words Classes:Introduction > Take the Test > Employability Skills > Important Work Vocabulary Words > Job Search Techniques > Once You Are Hired An easy way to be better prepared for a job is to understand many of the common words people use when discussing jobs. Below are some words that you may come across when searching for a job, interviewing, or on the job and examples of how they may be used. Application A form used to apply for a job Have you answered all the questions on the application form? Attitude A feeling or opinion about something or someone; a mental position with regard to a state (a "negative" or "positive" attitude) What is your attitude toward working in large groups? Benefits Things that employers may offer you in addition to your wages; for example, health insurance, annual or sick leave, holidays, paid vacation, parking space or monthly reimbursement for parking space area, mileage for travel, and tuition reimbursement Career Classified Ads/Classified Section/Classifieds Goal Job

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Hotel essentials English vocabulary exercise part 2 Read the following conversation between the manager of a hotel and a new employee. The manager is explaining to the the new employee how the hotel works and what they have to do. From the context, try to guess what the meaning of the words/phrases in bold are. Then do the quiz at the end to check if you are right. Manager:'So after you've registered the guest and given them the key, you have to tell the guest what number is their room and which floor their room is on. There are only three floors in this hotel, the reception, entrance and lounge are here on the ground floor, but most of the rooms are on the first and second floors above us.' New Employee:'How do they go to the their rooms?' Manager:'Because most of the rooms are on a different floor to here at reception, they can either go up to their rooms using the lift or if they want to walk up, they can use the stairs. New Employee:'Ok. Manager:'No, you don't move from the reception desk.

33 Tips for Selling Success By Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter” Are you a salesperson who is always scanning the sales landscape for ways to improve? Do you tend to your sales motivation with great care, never forgetting that you are indeed responsible for your level of success? My guess is that the below 33 tips will resonate with you! 1. Leaving voice mail messages is not a the best way to develop new customers, but it is a great way to keep in contact with those customers with whom you already have a relationship (but may not deal with on a frequent basis). Your big objective here is to not let the person you’re contacting forget about you. 2. Every time you’re with a customer, make it a point to learn something personal and professional about them. When you’re gathering information about the person, look for items that are of common interest to you both. 3. Recently, I stopped by a computer store to have my PC worked on and the clerk proved to be anything but customer-friendly. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Hotel English Online Course RECENT VIDEOS | Luxury Hotel Videos When a property has been in place for almost 800 years, it is bound to develop a unique character all of it’s own, when you then consider the fact that the average service length of staff at the Castle is a staggering 12 years – it is easy to understand the genesis of this idea. Ashford really is a one-of-a-kind destination, and when we were invited back this year to produce yet another film we were delighted. Over a period of two months we worked very closely with the General Manager and Head of Sales to develop this idea. It took a lot of faith in their staff to commission such a lengthy piece based purely on what they called the ‘Characters’ of the Castle – but it was well placed faith indeed. The result is a series of genuine, heartfelt interviews that really give the viewer a window into this very special place. Details