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33 Free and Online Tools for Drawing,Painting and Sketching

33 Free and Online Tools for Drawing,Painting and Sketching
There are many professional and of course paid programs for graphic designers or digital illustrators.But in recent years many online tools are also released for drawing,painting or sketching.Today,we’ve collected free,online drawing and painting tools.Ok,these tools are not professional and maybe just for spending a little time when you are bored but when you see some examples in the below sites you may be surprised. If you would like more professional style tools check out a company like Procore, but it might not be free. Some of these free tools are for kids and students and some are for more talented people.You can also share your creations with your friends directly. deviantART muro An interesting yet professional looking drawing and sketcing tool of Deviantart. Slimber Slimber is an online drawing application. Sumo Paint One of the best and professional online drawing and painting tool.It has a lot of features and it can be upgraded to pro version as well. Myoats Drawing Fat Painting Related:  How-ToAssotment 1

Tutorial Tuesday: Drawing the Female Figure Tutorial Tuesday is here, and this week we’re going to tackle the Female Figure in comics. The basic tutorials and tips I’m going to discuss here applies to drawing females in your typical American mainstream action-hero style. You’ll notice that females vary greatly from genre to genre – you wouldn’t necessarily use some of the tips in this tutorial to draw females in manga, or if you were doing an Indie style comic where the females are normal in appearance. The women in mainstream comics tend to be hyper-sexualized, over proportioned and exaggerated idealistic forms, much like their beefcake counterparts on the male side. For this lesson, I’ve used illustrations from Christopher Hart as a visual aid to explain my points. Okay – let’s begin. The Major Muscles and Forms The above diagram shows the major muscle groups found in the human body. In order to draw females, there’s a certain amount of exaggeration that goes into the curves of the breasts, hips, legs and glutes. The Upper Body

Učitelský spomocník: – online kreslení Publikováno : 24.06.2010 Autor : Daniel Poslušný V průběhu své pedagogické praxe jsem měl možnost díky svým žákům objevit zajímavou internetovou aplikaci. Jmenuje Doodletoo a je doopravdy moc užitečná. Lze pomocí ní kreslit v mnoha uživatelích na online virtuální tabuli. Dá se použít i jako komunikační nástroj a ve volných chvílích také jako nástroj pro tvorbu vlastních obrázků. Každý se jistě setkal při tvorbě na počítači s nějakým grafickým editorem. Popis aplikace Některé možnosti může využít pouze registrovaný uživatel. Plnohodnotný uživatel má v horní části okna k dispozici menu se 4 záložkami - Drawning (kreslení), Rooms (místnosti), Users (uživatelé) a My Doodletoo (mé Doodletoo). Druhá záložka s označením Rooms slouží k ovládání a správě místností. Třetí možnost výběru, tj. Poslední položkou hlavního menu je My Doodletoo. Výukové využití Doodletoo lze využít ve výuce různými způsoby. Předpokládejme, že učitel i žáci jsou registrovaní uživatelé. Závěr

6 Online Tools That Will Help The Writing Process Writing can be a difficult task for many students. Some have trouble getting started, others have trouble staying on task, and many struggle with both. Staying focused when you’re sitting at your computer and somewhat uninspired can be a disaster waiting to happen – there’s a lot of stuff to waste time with on The Interwebs! The Internet can be a huge distraction, but it can also be the tool that helps to make you a more efficient and better writer. Citelighter Citelighter is a great way to build your bibliography simply – so you don’t spend all of your time worrying about correctly formatting a bibliography in APA, MLA, or Chicago formatting. Write Monkey Write Monkey helps to make the writing process cleaner by providing the user with a distraction free writing environment, and by streamlining keyboard and mouse use . Focus Writer Focus Writer is a great way to keep yourself free of distractions on your screen. Omm Writer This tool is only for Mac users. WriteRoom

Notebook Artworks Moleskine notebooks are a favorite among many artists, designers and writers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and with many different kinds of paper. The elastic closure and pocket in the back of each one adds to their utility. The popularity of Moleskines among the art community ensures that there are thousands of great examples of Moleskine art out there. Flickr alone has a huge pool of Moleskine artists. Below are 75 fantastic Moleskine artworks, all collected from Flickr. Fine Art and Illustration A lot of traditional artists opt for Moleskines, due to their variety of paper types and their durability. Moleskine 2 by Andy Gosling: A heart and the letter “A”, created from interwoven arteries. Moleskine book 5, page 72 by Steve Loya. Moleskine Sketches by Jimbradshaw. Moleskine book 1, pages 61 and 62 by Steve Loya. Moleskine “A cat in my head” by Framboisine Berry. Moleskine Sketches by Jimbradshaw. Moleskine book 6, page 55 by Steve Loya. Art Journal Yoga by Macchick1.

FLASH MALOVÁNÍ Vítejte v našem flash malování, aplikaci umožňující kreslit a malovat obrázky, uložit je na internetu, sdílet je s kamarády a navíc s možností přehrání toho, jak byl obrázek vytvořen. To vše zcela zdarna a bez jakýchkoliv znalostí grafických programů. Ovládání je zcela jednoduché a intuitivní. Vybírat lze z nástrojů linka, obdélník, ovál, nebo štětec. Pokud vytvoříte kresbu, či malbu a jste spokojený, můžete jí uložit tak, že kliknete na tlačítko "uložit" ve spodní části levého menu. 1. Namaluj obrázek v našem flash malování. 2. Tlačítkem "uložit" přejdi k uložení obrázku. 3. Odkaz na stránku, která se po uložení zobrazí, můžeš poslat emailem komukoliv.

Storyboard That: The World's Best FREE Online Storyboard Creator The Quickstart Guide to a Decluttered Home By Leo Babauta One of my favorite habits that I’ve created since I changed my life 9 years ago is having a decluttered home. I now realize that I always disliked the clutter, but I put off thinking about it because it was unpleasant. The thought of having to deal with all that clutter was overwhelming, and I had too much to do, or I was too tired, so I procrastinated. Clutter, it turns out, is procrastination. But I learned to deal with that procrastination one small chunk at a time, and I cleared it out. Amazing because I didn’t really believe I could do it until I did it. Decluttering my home has meant a more peaceful, minimal life. For anyone looking to begin decluttering, I’d like to offer a short guide on getting started. Start small. These steps won’t get your home decluttered in a weekend.

Quick Picture Tools - uprava foto Pain Online Draw a Box: An exercise based approach to learning the fundamentals of drawing kreslení a hraní Disability is a Cause and Consequence of Poverty Disability is both a cause and consequence of poverty. It is a cause because it can lead to job loss and reduced earnings, barriers to education and skills development, significant additional expenses, and many other challenges that can lead to economic hardship. It is also a consequence because poverty can limit access to health care and preventive services, and increase the likelihood that a person lives and works in an environment that may adversely affect health. The result? In addition to income poverty, individuals with disabilities are also nearly twice as likely to lack even modest precautionary savings in case of an unexpected expense or other financial shock. Yet the intersection of disability and poverty is too rarely discussed. Yesterday the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, chaired by Senator Tom Harkin, took up this issue in a hearing and a report based on 400 interviews with people with disabilities who are struggling on the brink.