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How to Turn Your Computer Into the Ultimate Remote Access Media Server - Lifehacker

How to Turn Your Computer Into the Ultimate Remote Access Media Server - Lifehacker
Golf clap for this article. "clap, clap." Nicely done. Key points to be emphasized: a) Running a server on many "home" ISP connections may be against the Terms of Service in your ISP contract. Minor use probably won't be noticed. b) Using plain FTP (port 21) is crazy even with a password, unless you are publishing all the content for the world to have. c) VNC (any form) is not encrypted. d) If you are using HTTP, you probably plan to allow the world access to your files. e) Only ssh/sftp (port 22) out of all the choices in the article above, should be used externally. f) If you do open any external ports, make your life easier and on the outside, use a non-standard port and let your router forward to the internal "standard port" for your.

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Top 10 Ways to Power Up Your Home Theater PC - Lifehacker This article makes it sound really easy. Don't be fooled. Until recently, I wasn't happy with my home media setup. My Movies - Windows Media Center Experience Your Movie CollectionMy Movies for Windows Media Center is a movie and TV series collection program for Windows Media Center in Windows 7 and 8. With My Movies for Windows Media Center, you can experience your entire movie and TV series collection, and browse through and play your titles, browse cast, play trailers and much more by using a remote control within your living room or home theatre. My Movies for Windows Media Center also includes the My Movies Collection Management product, which allows you to conveniently maintain and manage your movie and TV series collection outside Windows Media Center, and through our high quality front-end access your collection inside Windows Media Center. Windows Media Center is a built-in feature in the Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate packages, and can be bought as an add-on for Windows 8 Pro. Libraries My Movies contains different libraries to access your titles, persons and trailers.

Why - Convert a PC into a network-attached storage device - Digital Home - To bring you the most comprehensive smart home product coverage, would you believe we bought a house? We'll turn this house into a smart home, and use it to test products in a fully connected residential environment. Come take a tour. 15 advanced Windows Media Center tips Windows Media Center is a cracking piece of software. It works elegantly if you're sitting at your desk, and equally well if you're reclining on your sofa, waving a remote control and watching a movie. However, despite its many advantages and undeniable prettiness, Media Center does have its foibles and limitations. He we'll identify and remove its biggest drawbacks. 1. Play MKV video files in Windows Media Center

[GUIDE] Install CM7.1 + Clockworkmod to EMMC - ALL NOOKS! (Updated:10/11/11) [GUIDE] Install CM7 or CM10 + Recovery to EMMC - ALL NOOK COLORS! (Updated:11/19/12) ***Nook Colors manufactured after May 2011 shipped with a different partition scheme, see post 2 for information about it, or just go ahead with the guide since it doesn't affect much! You can identify these nooks as they have a blue dot sticker on the box*** A gentle reminder, this thread should only be for discussion related to the guide itself.

Webmin The current Webmin distribution is available in various package formats for download from: Unix tar/gzip 15.1 MB RPM suitable for Redhat, Fedora, CentOS, SuSE or Mandrake 16.3 MB Debian package suitable for Debian, Ubuntu or other derived 14.8 MB Source RPM suitable for Redhat, Fedora, CentOS, SuSE or Mandrake 15.1 MB Router IP Address - Find Router IP Address Find Router IP If you are trying to find default router IP address details, then first try to use the linksys router address. Default router IP address for linksys router is If it does not works, then try router IP address that is used by Netgear router and D-Link routers.

The Pros and Cons of Running Honeycomb on Nook Color Since Android is open source, it finds its way onto many types of devices. One device that the modding community was particularly tickled to get their hands on is the Nook Color. This e-reader device can, with some hacking around, double as a passable Android tablet. It is not exactly a snap to do, but you can get the latest and greatest software running on your device. Now is as good a time as any considering Barnes and Noble is running a promotion on eBay where you can get a Nook Color for just $200.

Maraschino Maraschino was started and is maintained by mrkipling and many people have got involved and contributed. Big thanks to everybody that has contributed - Maraschino would not be the project that it is today without you! Maraschino is a WebApp that runs on a local server and can be accessed from anywhere on your LAN to administer programs like Sickbeard, CouchPotato & SabNZBd+. Further support for other programs are currently a WIP. While you can access Maraschino remotely, doing so is at your own risk. If you are willing to document the entire process for doing this, it would be appreciated and will be added to this Wiki Entry.

Clean Up Factory Bloatware Information Today's consumer PC's are loaded with pre-installed sponsors' bloatware programs and useless factory utilities which interfere with better versions built into Win7. Bloatware can compromise the OS in many ways. Even uninstalling it can damage System files. These tips are based on helping countless users here to safely clean up OEM factory bloatware. How To Root Your Nook Color Here's how to root your Barnes & Noble tablet for full control and new features. You might already know about rooting an Android device or how to jailbreak an iPhone. Rooting gives you full control over your devices and frees them from IT's grip. But did you know you can root your Nook Color, too? Here's how.

Windows 7 shuts off my network adapter when i the computer goes into Hey guys, I just wanted to chime in, I'm having what appears to be the same problem. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are seeing, but my computer doesn't need to go to sleep, there just needs to be no network activity. If I leave for awhile (long enough for my monitor to turn off [not sleep]), when I come back, my NIC looks like it has been turned off and takes awhile to restore connectivity because the port I connect to has to run through spanning tree, I shortened this a bit by setting that port on portfast mode, but nonetheless it still turns off while inactive. What seems to keep my NIC online, is if I keep a command prompt window open with a continuous ping to a server I know will reply to those pings. With that running, if I leave my computer even for hours and come back, I'm still online and have not dropped a ping.

Top 10 Awesome Android Features that the iPhone Doesn't Have The first spot on this list should be the notification bar! Notifications really set Android and iOS apart. 1. New Computer? Decrapify it! (A How To) « Tech – for Everyone If you are one of those lucky people and you now have a shiny new Laptop or Desktop computer, congratulations! There are several things one needs to do with a brand-new computer: the first will be to visit Windows Update, and get the machine ‘patched’ with the latest security Updates. (Click the Start button, click All Programs, and then click Windows Update.) Then of course, you will spend some time “personalizing” the system — say, giving it your favorite “wallpaper” (or Theme), and installing your favorite programs.