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Why Mindfulness Is a Superpower: An Animation

Why Mindfulness Is a Superpower: An Animation

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How To Live Your Truth: Identifying Your Values & Mastering Mindful Living - Mrs. Mindfulness Do you know what the most common regret people express on their deathbed is? It’s “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” This blog post is about how not to have that regret on your deathbed. So, what stops people from living a life that’s true to them? Two things. The first thing that stops people from living a life that’s true to them is the fact that they never defined or got clear on what’s true to them. Easy To Crochet Cat Toy Easy to crochet cat toy. Easy To Crochet Cat Toy – Bare with me a moment while I channel my inner crazy cat lady. A couple of weeks ago we had the great fortune to be able to give Noelle a kitten for an (early) birthday gift. She’s been asking for a cat for the past few years but since my husband has a mild allergy to cats he’s always told her no (notice I said that “he” said no). After being subjected to drawing after drawing of our family with our old dead cat still drawn in it, Michael had had enough and gave in to his daughter’s dream to have a cat.

Holiday Edition – Vertellis UK In our hectic, technology-driven world, it is essential that we take time to reconnect face-to-face with those around us. The Vertellis Holiday Edition gives friends, family, and colleagues the chance to deepen their relationships while also self-reflecting on their own lives. By exploring and sharing memorable moments of the past while looking ahead to plans and dreams for the future, players not only become more appreciative of one another but also learn more about themselves. By asking insightful questions, giving genuine attention to each other, and encouraging deeper conversation (oh, tell us more!), heart-warming stories can be shared and valuable memories can be made. Heads up!

Mindfulness exercises If you've heard of or read about mindfulness meditation — also known as mindfulness — you might be curious about how to practice it. Find out how to do mindfulness exercises and how they might benefit you. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you're sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress. Spending too much time planning, problem-solving, daydreaming, or thinking negative or random thoughts can be draining.

Granny Tissue Box Tutorial Granny Tissue Box Cover Tutorial 8ply yarn. 3.5mm crochet hook. Wool needle. Scissors. Tissue Box 12cmD x 21.5cmL x 8.5 cmH What's in the box - What Would You Do What Would You Do? comes with everything you need to get started. The protective travel case contains the game board, scenario cards, the facilitator’s guide and the player tokens you need to play.

5 Mindful Games – Mindfulness for Kids and Teens - Blissful Kids The cool thing about mindfulness is that you can practice during ordinary activities and even make familiar games a mindfulness practice. Any routine activity can be made into a mindfulness practice when you bring your full attention to it, but these games are perfect for nurturing mindfulness. You can introduce the concept of mindfulness to kids with games like Jenga and Simon Says. Free Patterns: The Moogly Crochet Alphabet The Moogly Crochet Alphabet has been a labor of love! So many letters, some easy, some a challenge, but all fun! These applique letters are great for the Perfect Party Pennant Garland, but they have unlimited uses. Monogram a blanket, make toy blocks, make puffy letters for beginning readers, decorate a child’s bedroom – you name it! And there are crochet number patterns available now too! Click below for the coordinating free applique patterns:

Walter the Worry Bug - Sophia Says Mindfulness for Kids The retreat: Pre-awareness I was 41 years old when it finally settled into my consciousness. I had made the solitary trek from Pennsylvania to Central Massachusetts to attend my first silent meditation retreat. I left behind my husband and then four year old son, Lucas. Retreat rules prohibited us from communicating for five days; a long time for a new mom prone to worry and anxiety. The first few days were less than pleasant.

15 Mindfulness Activities for Kids (Parenting Tools) Part of living a full life is to truly experience the world around us and within us. For many who practice yoga, the concept of mindfulness is familiar and well-practiced. But if we keep our mindful techniques to ourselves, we aren’t sharing an important tool of living a full and happy life.

crochet ric-rac Hey there! What are you up to this fine Monday morning? Since my post last week, I've had so many emails and comments asking about the recipe for homemade, hooked ric-rac, that I thought I'd do a little how to. Before we start there are a few things to keep in mind. I am using US crochet terminology.I usually use a size 2 hook but its fun to experiment. My Group Guide- Learn More About Our Therapy Resources Experiencing burnout? Let us help. Mental health professionals are often consumed by paperwork, individual & group sessions, client crises, phone calls… and more paperwork! My Group Guide is a great tool for those who do not have the time to find worksheets/handouts for their clients, group activities, and other resources. With the material available on My Group Guide, you’ll feel more confident & prepared at work!

25 Simple Mindfulness Activities Kids Will Actually Want to do Inside: Teaching mindfulness to kids in an appealing way can be tricky, here are 25 fun mindfulness activities for kids that they’ll jump right on board with. The more I learn about mindfulness the more I am in complete and total awe of its vast power for transformation. The research-backed benefit’s of mindfulness read like a parent wishlist. Positive effects on a child’s physical and mental health. Power to promote kindness, patience, and compassion for others.