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Open Graph protocol - Sviluppatori di Facebook

Open Graph protocol - Sviluppatori di Facebook

Howto: Integrate Facebook Open Graph With Wordpress Facebook Open Graph protocol allows you to share your blog content not only with your readers, but their Facebook friends as well. The best part is – whenever someone liked your content(s), it will be published on their Facebook profile. But that’s not all, Open Graph allows you to explore more interesting ways to interact and engage with your readers. Tutorial If you load the app, you should see the following: Log in, authorize the app to post to your timeline and click the "Create a story..." button. You should see something like this: You'll note that the result is listed below the button. If you click it, it takes you to the activity that was created on Facebook. It should look something like this:

Facebook abandonne Beacon Facebook veut définitivement clore un chapitre difficile de sa jeune existence. Le réseau social en ligne a annoncé qu'il avait trouvé un accord à l'amiable dans le procès intenté contre son logiciel publicitaire Beacon par des utilisateurs mécontents. Ce service permettait à Facebook de publier sur les pages des utilisateurs les achats que ces derniers effectuaient sur des sites de e-commerce.

Facebook allows ‘flexible sentences’ for Open Graph activity Facebook allows ‘flexible sentences’ for Open Graph activity Facebook today announced new “flexible sentences” options for apps that publish to Facebook using custom Open Graph verbs. Developers can now better control the sentence structure for stories that users share from their apps. Open Graph meta tags This module makes it easy to add Open Graph meta tags ( to a node to enable it to be come a "rich" social object. For instance, Facebook uses this information to work out how to preview shared content in a user's Facebook profile ( Features Easily select the image thumbnail used to represent the node (used by Facebook when constructing a preview).

Action Links If your app publishes on behalf of its users and requires an access token with no expiration time for the purpose of publishing, you should use an App Access Token. An App Access Token is signed using your app secret and will not expire; it will be invalidated if you re-key/reset your application secret. App Access Tokens should only be used when the posting functions are originated directly from your servers in order to keep them private to the app.

Facebook Turns Friend Activity into New Ad Format Facebook is rolling out Sponsored Stories, a new ad format that turns your friends' actions into promoted content. Sponsored Stories is "a way for marketers to sponsor activities that happen throughout the News Feed," Facebook Product Marketing Lead Jim Squires told Mashable. Companies can choose to take certain user actions — such as checkins or actions within Facebook apps — and feature them in the column on the right side of the News Feed. For example, if you're Whole Foods and you're looking to increase your exposure on Facebook, you can pay to have a percentage of all checkins to Whole Foods featured in a Sponsored Stories slot in the right-side column. Your content wouldn't be shown directly, but the actions of a user's friends would appear.

Mark Watson's blog: Using Open Graph The Open Graph Protocol is a reasonable new for adding semantic content to web sites. Open Graph got a large boost when Facebook starting using it to encourage easy linking of preferences, etc. to better model users to increase advertising revenues ( documentation ). Freebase also has an Open Graph interface. For example, you can look me up on Freebase using (leave off the "?html=1" to get a JSON response): Graph API - Sviluppatori di Facebook The Graph API is the primary way for apps to read and write to the Facebook social graph. All of our SDKs and products interact with the Graph API in some way, and our other APIs are extensions of the Graph API, so understanding how the Graph API works is crucial. If you are unfamiliar with the Graph API, we recommend that you start with these documents: Once you're familiar with the basics, you can move on to more advanced topics like the ones below: Read our iOS, Android, JavaScript, PHP, or Third-party SDK documentation to learn how our SDKs interact with the Graph API.Browse our Advanced Topics which cover more complex operations like field aliasing, multiple requests, and asynchronous batch requests.Read our Upgrade Guide to learn how to upgrade to the latest version.

Facebook Should Offer Sponsored Stories on an Opt-in Basis [Op-Ed] David Berkowitz is Senior Director of Emerging Media & Innovation for digital marketing agency 360i, where he develops social media and mobile programs for marketers spanning the media & entertainment, retail, travel, and CPG industries. Facebook’s latest advertising offering, Sponsored Stories, is characteristic of the company: bold, clever and lacking empathy. While the move is unlikely to encounter a revolt by users, it may make some queasy.