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Open Graph protocol

Open Graph protocol

HOW TO: Back Your Social Media Marketing Plan With Numbers Like any other marketing strategy, a social media marketing plan must make financial sense before implementation. And as always, measuring success is tough. So, often, marketers would just take the convenient way out by eliminating projections and ROI measurement in a proposal. The end conclusion is often a “NO” as management couldn’t see how it would improve revenue growth. This could be avoided if we knew how to use numbers to support our plan.

App Center Guidelines The App Center is a central place on Facebook for people to find great social apps. It’s designed to show off high quality apps and great user experiences. It provides an effective channel to grow apps on Facebook, including mobile apps and websites that use Facebook Login. Implementing We shared an update last week about the products launched at f8 and that over 50,000 websites have already implemented the new social plugins to become more personalized. We created the Open Graph protocol in support of social plugins as part of our efforts to help realize the vision of the Open Graph. Any website can implement the Open Graph protocol. It allows any web page to become a rich object in any social graph, making it easy to find what people are liking across the Web -- from a movie to a blog.

Howto: Integrate Facebook Open Graph With Wordpress Facebook Open Graph protocol allows you to share your blog content not only with your readers, but their Facebook friends as well. The best part is – whenever someone liked your content(s), it will be published on their Facebook profile. But that’s not all, Open Graph allows you to explore more interesting ways to interact and engage with your readers. Businesses See Social Networking as Moderately Important Email Trumps SocNets in Current Importance Asked to rate various technology tools on a scale of 1 to 7 (7 meaning extremely important and 1 not important at all), the average respondent rated social networking tools at slightly more than 4. Social networking only ranked ahead of four other tools, all of which have a social media aspect: wikis, social tagging/bookmarking, web feeds and blogs. Email was clearly ranked as most important, with an average score near 7.

Feed Gaming Think about an appropriate place in your game to publish on behalf of a player, for example after completion of a level. Feed Dialog example The recommended way to publish is using the Feed dialog, which requires no extended permissions. Specify the url of your open graph object in the link property. See the Feed dialog reference documentation for a complete example. Do they really want a Semantic Web? Two weeks ago, Facebook has announced a major new initiative called Facebook Open Graph. This is an attempt to not only re-imagine Facebook, but in a lot of ways, an attempt to re-define how the Web works. We wrote in details about the implications of this move for all interested parties. Support Open Graph Protocol meta tags Open Graph Protocol is described here: It is a Facebook initiative and used by at least Facebook (but not limited to them). The following is an excerpt from that page:

Most Companies Have Social Media Strategies Companies Have or Will Have Strategies As mentioned above, about three-quarters (72%) of companies currently have a social media marketing strategy. Of the 27% without a social media marketing strategy (1% were undecided), 80% plan to have one within the next 12 months. Furthermore, only 11% of companies without a strategy definitely do not plan to implement one in the next 12 months, with 9% undecided. Investments Will Grow Another three-quarters of companies (75%) plan to increase their social media investment in the next 12 months.

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