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Snack Girl: eat healthy snacks

Snack Girl: eat healthy snacks
April 17, 2014 Over the last couple of years, I have had many readers join me who are Weight Watchers members. Snack Girl and Weight Watchers go together because we both emphasize fruits and vegetables. I try to come up with TWO new recipes per week - so be sure to subscribe here with your e-mail address to get the latest! Continue reading Weight Watchers Friendly Recipes A Real-Life Guide to Losing Weight and Getting Healthy with 100 Recipes Under 400 Calories

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Healthy Snack Idea: Parmesan Roasted Chickpeas While there is nothing I can do to make this snack look pretty, please believe me when I say that looks are very, very deceiving. I’m always looking for new snacking ideas. I really love snacks. Quick confession time: I eat at night. Everything I read tells me I shouldn’t snack in the evening. Apparently it can cause you to gain weight and can disrupt your sleep.

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Snacks: Apples More than 70 APPLE SNACKS AND COOKING IDEAS! Cooking with kids is one of the greatest thing you can do with them! Cooking is Science, Literacy, Math and Fun all rolled into one! Do it often...On this page you can choose from Apple recipes of Dips, Spreads, Snacks, Crock-Pot, Novelty, Microwave, On a Stick, and more! Thanks for taking the October Unprocessed pledge! In the weeks leading up to October, I’ll be sharing posts about how to “go unprocessed,” and in October we’ll have guest posts every day, all about eating unprocessed (including lots of recipes!). In the meantime, here are your next steps: Next Step #1: Subscribe! Important! Taking the pledge does not automatically sign you up to the Eating Rules email list – so if you’re not already subscribed, please sign up here to be sure you get all the updates: Please follow on Social Media, too!

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Cucumber & Celery Snacks Crisped Prosciutto Green Bean Bundles You Can Make in 20 Minutes These green beans are bundled together and held there by a thin strip of prosciutto. This salty cured lunch meat can be found at the deli counter and crisps easily, making it the perfect string. A bit of lemon and … Continue reading → Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Beer Bread Of all the special release beers that craft beer lovers wait for, debate, lust after, argue about and seek out, pumpkin beers are at the top of the list.

The Organic Dish - October menu of healthy vegetarian and non-vegetarian organic meals « Go to last month’s menu Go to next month’s menu » Going Local In order to offer the freshest, best tasting and most humanely raised meat, we buy our beef and pork from small, local, hormone and antibiotic free (but not certified organic) producers. Read more about where our food comes from … 40 Quick Healthy Snack Ideas 1. Low-fat yogurt topped with granola. 2. 5 Ways to Prepare a Week of Healthy Meals Here’s the deal. When my hunger hits, I have a very small window of time to get something to eat before reaching for the first available crunchy, salty snack. I also have a family to feed. When school is back in session and other activities begin, there is little time each evening to get dinner on the table. One thing I am consistently preaching to my clients is that the two most important actions for healthy eating are PLANNING and PREP. I’ve found that preparation of certain staple foods on the same day that I’ve grocery shopped is key to success.

10 Healthy Snack Choices For Kids On The Go For years, convenience foods were often the least healthy choices for kids on the go, which is really any kid you can think of, right? Chips, candy bars, canned meats and other unhealthy food choices dominated lunch bags across America for generations. Today, the convenient meal choices available to parents are more diverse, but, as they say, old habits die hard. Childhood obesity is still a widespread problem in our culture and much of the blame is placed on unhealthy snacks and convenience foods our kids still crave. You don’t have to ban sugar and fat from your children’s diets, but these 10 healthy convenience foods will go a long way to improving kids’ fitness: 1.

DIY Classics: Homemade Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ulysses Press/Judi Swinks PhotographyWe don't make a habit of looking at the ingredients lists of some of our favorite snack foods. We're well aware there's unpronounceable, death and disaster-causing gook in there, but look, we really, really love Cheez-Its. "Classic Snacks Made From Scratch" takes all our beloved greasy-fingered treats (Fritos, Pop-Tarts, and Hostess Cupcakes, we're looking at you) and makes them from perfectly normal, find-it-in-the-grocery-store, easy to pronounce ingredients. Make no mistake: author and culinary whiz Casey Barber isn't out to make these treats low-cal. She's an enthusiastic cook and self-described "DIY fanatic" who loves the mad scientist deconstruction of factory-produced treats. "It's supremely gratifying to nail a recipe and find those flavors that have such strong emotional connections," she writes,"but without preservatives or weird chemical aftertaste."