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Network Workbench

Network Workbench
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Cytoscape: An Open Source Platform for Complex Network Analysis and Visualization NodeXL The simplest, easiest way to get insights into networks, try the free and open NodeXL! Network Overview Discovery and Exploration for Excel 2007/2010/2013 NodeXL provides support for social network analysis in the context of a spreadsheet. See: NodeXL is a project from the Social Media Research Foundation and is a collaboration among: NodeXL is the free and open add-in for Excel that supports network overview, discovery and exploration. NodeXL requires Office 2007, 2010 or 2013. A video tutorial for NodeXL can be found at: A book Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a connected world is available from Morgan-Kaufmann: Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a Connected World Supporting documentation can be found at Data sets and other teaching materials are available at Social Media Research Related Publications

GUESS: The Graph Exploration System Interactive Dynamics for Visual Analysis Graphics Jeffrey Heer, Stanford University Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland, College Park The increasing scale and availability of digital data provides an extraordinary resource for informing public policy, scientific discovery, business strategy, and even our personal lives. To get the most out of such data, however, users must be able to make sense of it: to pursue questions, uncover patterns of interest, and identify (and potentially correct) errors. In concert with data-management systems and statistical algorithms, analysis requires contextualized human judgments regarding the domain-specific significance of the clusters, trends, and outliers discovered in data. Visualization provides a powerful means of making sense of data. The goal of this article is to assist designers, researchers, professional analysts, procurement officers, educators, and students in evaluating and creating visual analysis tools. Some visualization system designers have explored alternative approaches.

NodeXL: Network Overview, Discovery and Exploration for Excel - Home Gephi, an open source graph visualization and manipulation software Data Visualization Software | Tulip Navicrawler | WebAtlas UPDATE: There now a portable version of Firefox with Navicrawler included: More information on these: These folders are zipped. Unzip and run “Firefox Portable”. You might have some obvious messages, and after that you have a fully functionnal Firefox 3.6 with Navicrawler installed.These are portable apps, it means that they do not interfere with other versions of Firefox that you might have. They do not install, you have to run them from their folder.Two other extensions are also installed: Flem and Greasemonkey. Regular versions: You can download the Navicrawler 1.7 or the Navicrawler 1.8b (now hosted directly on The Navicrawler is no longer supported. In this “next generation Navicrawler” you will be able to dynamically change the boundaries of every website, to have graphs with pages and websites at the same time, and to declare aliases (the same website with different domain names). Documentation (in French):

Fast Thinking and Slow Thinking Visualisation Last week I attended the Association of American Geographers Annual Conference and heard a talk by Robert Groves, Director of the US Census Bureau. Aside the impressiveness of the bureau’s work I was struck by how Groves conceived of visualisations as requiring either fast thinking or slow thinking. Fast thinking data visualisations offer a clear message without the need for the viewer to spend more than a few seconds exploring them. These tend to be much simpler in appearance, such as my map of the distance that London Underground trains travel during rush hour. The explicit message of this map is that surprisingly large distances are covered across the network and that the Central Line rolling stock travels furthest. It is up to the reader to work out why this may be the case. or the seemingly impenetrable (from a distance at least), but wonderfully intricate hand drawn work of Steven Walter (click image for interactive version).

Quelques outils pour visualiser les réseaux sociaux L’analyse des réseaux sociaux permet de mieux comprendre le comportement des acteurs et des communautés : quelle est la place de l’acteur au sein de l’ensemble ? Est-il central ? périphérique ? Cette analyse permet de comprendre en profondeur le fonctionnement des communautés en ligne. L’analyse des réseaux sociaux se fait en trois temps distincts : la récupération des données, leur analyse et leur visualisation. Sur de petits graphes, il est possible de faire la récupération des données a la main. Les données qui sont récupérées concernent le lien : qui est lié à qui ou à quoi, mais on pourra également s’intéresser au volume d’information produits, à sa fréquence et faire quelques corrélations. Navicrawler est une extension Firefox qui explore le contenu et la structure des pages web. Navicrawler n’assurant que la récolte des données, leur traitement doit se faire avec un autre programme : Pajek, Guess, Network Workbench Tool, ou NodeXL. Le tutorial de Guess WordPress: J'aime chargement…

LyX | LyX – The Document Processor Make sense of graph data with Linkurious, a web-based application for searching and visualizing graph databases. - Linkurious. See Graph Databases Easily Visualize and explore graphs Neo4j user or looking for a way to visualize large scale graph data? Linkurious is the easiest way to explore and visualize networks. Install it on your machine and within minutes, you can start navigating inside your graph database. Contact us if you wish to work with another database management system. Search inside your data Have you ever wondered what a Google Search™ for graphs* would be? * is not affiliated not endorsed by Google, Inc. Edit information easily You can simply modify, add and remove nodes or relationships. Stay focused on results Working with a complex dataset and feeling lost? Your data remains safe None of your data leaves the company, because the web application runs in your browser and connects directly to the Linkurious server installed within your company’s network. The best thing about Linkurious is that’s is very easy to use. Buy now » Or test our live demo.

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