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Noise Latest Freelance & Commissions Find creative one-off jobs and commissions to build your own personal à la carte, portfolio career. Image ‘Battery View’ by Chris Dent View all CIDA We are legion We have 12,000 creative and cultural organisations, artists and creative entrepreneurs on our books. Small organisation – pretty large bite! Cr8net Cr8net is our market leading creative industries conference which is in its third year. Creating Braid in Blender Nazar Noschenko, a Character designer based in Ukraine recently created a Beautiful Character “Puma” Creating Braid in Blender Tutorial Related Post:Blender Hair Tutorial AIR « a-n The Artists Information Company Established by a-n as an integral part of a-n’s Artist membership for practising visual and applied artists, AIR identifies and explores issues that impact on artists’ practice. AIR Council are an advisory group who help identify and explore issues that impact on artists’ practice. AIR announces campaign to improve payment of artists. AIR Council’s Joseph Young continues research into artists’ pensions. Following AIR Council fact-finding and sifting of artists’ opinions over recent months, consultants DHA Communications have been commissioned to develop a body of evidence and advocacy tools for a campaign highlighting the need to pay artists for their vital contributions to arts and culture.

10 most hated logos (and what they teach us) One of the defining features of branding over the last decade is the freedom that social media gives for anyone to launch an immediate personal critique. Or more accurately, often, a tirade of mouth-frothing abuse. In fact, many of the most controversial rebrands of recent years had to batten down the hatches and weather the storm of hatred well before they were actually rolled out – and in some cases, were never rolled out at all as a result. Other times, when the furore dies down and people see in the full branding scheme in context rather than just the logo in stark isolation, hate turns to love. Sometimes, those initially hated rebrands turn out to become the world's best logos. So what can these widely-reported PR disasters teach us about branding?

Hear the sound of dead technology in the online museum Conserve the So We–writers, curators, designers, users–give huge amounts of attention to the look and feel of objects, articulated through industrial and interface design and preserved in museums, books, and other lasting media. Sound, on the other hand, seems too conspicuous to even get a shout-out. “Visuals dominate in our life. Sound seems to play a secondary role. YouTube Bumper Ads: How to Use Your 6 Seconds to Maximize Reach Released in 2016, YouTube’s bumper ads have given advertisers a creative way to increase brand awareness and reach. However, these non-skippable ads can only run for a few seconds, so creating compelling ads in this format can be challenging. In this guide, you’ll learn the basics of bumper ads including what they are, how much they cost, and how effective they can be. Additionally, this guide will outline best practices, take a look at some examples, and show you how to set up your bumper ad campaigns. What are YouTube bumper ads?

How To Prepare Your Art Files for Printing on Society6 Products - Society6 Blog So you’re ready to start making money selling your artwork! Let’s get you off to the races with proper, hi-res file prep–for your sake and your fans’. In this article, we’ll help you get your art files ready for easy upload while ensuring the highest quality product for your customers. 1 | Always Capture (and Edit) Your Artwork in the Highest Resolution Possible