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GuitarBob - Les leçons de gratte du Bob logiciel de solfège (intervalles, rythme, théorie) The development of GNU Solfege has moved to Savannah because (main author) is stepping down as the only maintainer of the program. Please contact if you want to take over the job. Download page on with all previous versions. GNU also mirrors stable and unstable releases. Some of you will eventually have some problems. Stable release: Solfege 3.22.2 This is the recommended release for end users. Development release: Solfege 3.23.0 Release notes for the devel branch. GNU Solfege can make use of some external programs for special features. These programs are usually included on your GNU/Linux distribution. sudo apt-get install timidity mma csound lilypond to install all these programs. Installing timidity on MS Windows Download and unpack it to C:\. Create the C:\TiMidity++\soundfonts\ folder. Create the file C:\TiMidity++\timidity.cfg with the following content: Installing MMA on MS Windows User comments

logiciel pour apprendre le solfège FR Phonascus is a totally free program for studying music theory that allows you to focus on specific skills and exercises, on both theory and aural training. The different activities can be customized to meet your needs. Phonascus allows you to work at your own pace, providing interactive feedback until mastery of each concept is achieved. See features for an extensive overview, take a look at the screenshots, or download it right away. Phonascus aims to create, as a community, the best free program for music students, to help them in their studies. Phonascus aims to support any language and to run on the major computer platfortms. I started LenMus when I was studying music theory, as a help to practice sight reading and aural training to recognize intervals.

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