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Mr. Trivedi’s Biofield Treatment

Mr. Trivedi’s Biofield Treatment
Citation: Trivedi MK, Branton A, Trivedi D, Nayak G, Charan S, et al. (2015) Phenotyping and 16S rDNA Analysis after Bioeld Treatment on Citrobacter braakii: A Urinary Pathogen. J Clin Med Genom 3: 129. doi: 10.4172/jcmg.1000129 Page 7 of 8 Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 1000129 J Clin Med Genom ISSN: IJGM, an open access journal protein interactions may alter that could lead to show dierent phenotypic characteristics [38]. in lyophilized strain of C. braakii and alter antimicrobials susceptibility pattern, MIC values, biochemical reactions, which ultimately change the biotype number of microorganism. was intermediate/resistant to a particular antimicrobial in control sample now converted into susceptible in treated cells of C. braakii predominately aer bioeld treatment. objective was to see the impact of Mr. opportunistic hospital acquired pathogen of C. braakii in in vitro. on above ndings the antimicrobials those are resistance/inducible aer bioeld treatment. microorganism i.e. Conclusion 1. 2. 3.

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Study of Biochemical Reaction on Citrobacter braakii Description Citrobacter braakii (C. braakii) is widespread in nature, mainly found in human urinary tract. The current study was attempted to investigate the effect of Mr. Atomic Properties of Carbon Allotrope Powders Description Scientists are searching for eluding link between spirituality and science. Some believe fundamental essences of universe to be energy and information. As per current understanding energy and matter always co- existed and is considered one and the same. Energy is consideredas ‘matter-inperpetual-motion’and matter as ‘stationary-energy’.Inter conversion between matter and energy has been defined by Einstein’s famous energy-mass equation (E=mc2) which has been provedby nuclear physicists using complex nuclear reactions involving high energy particles. However, many spiritual masters have claimed to realize this energy-matter inter conversion using their spiritual powers/energy but scientifically unknown and unverified.

Spiritual Energy Impact on Pseudomonas Fluorescens Characteristics Antimicrobial Sensitivity Pattern of Pseudomonas fluorescens after Biofield Treatment Trivedi MK1, Patil S1, Shettigar H1, Gangwar M2 and Jana S2* Hepatitis B Viral Load Test of Human Energy Treated HBV Conclusions To summarize, the study results showed a significant alteration of HBV DNA from infected plasma samples after biofield treatment. Experimental data also showed significant (67%) reduction of HCV RNA viral load from infected plasma samples in the biofield treated group. Properties of Ceramic Oxide Nano Powders Abstract Transition metal oxides (TMOs) have been known for their extraordinary electrical and magnetic properties. In the present study, some transition metal oxides (Zinc oxide, iron oxide and copper oxide) which are widely used in the fabrication of electronic devices were selected and subjected to biofield treatment. The atomic and crystal structures of TMOs were carefully studied by Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction (XRD) studies.

Impact of Unique Energy Treatment on C. braakii Research Article Open Access Trivedi et al., J Clin Med Genom 2015, 3:1 Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 1000129 J Clin Med Genom Pseudomonas Fluorescens Antibiotic Susceptibility Alterations Acknowledgement Authors gratefully acknowledged the whole team of PD Hinduja National Hospital and MRC, Mumbai, Microbiology Lab for their support.

Research on Pseudomonas Fluorescens Antibiotic Susceptibility Description Global emergence of Pseudomonas fluorescens (P. fluorescens) displays a mechanism of resistance to all existing antimicrobials. Due to its strong ability to acquire resistance, there is a need of some alternative treatment strategy. Objective of this study was to investigate the effect of biofield treatment on antimicrobial sensitivity pattern of P. fluorescens. P. fluorescens cells were procured from MicroBioLogics in sealed packs bearing the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC 49838) number. Yersinia Enterocolitica Biochemical Test/Study – Impact of External Energy Description Background: While spiritual and mental energies are known to man, their impact has never been scientifically measurable in the material world and they remain outside the domain of science. The present experiments on Yersinia enterocolitica [ATCC –23715], report the effects of such energy transmitted through a person, Mahendra Trivedi, which has produced an impact measurable in scientifically rigorous manner. Methods: Yersinia enterocolitica strains in revived and lyophilized state were subjected to spiritual energy transmitted through thought intervention and/or physical touch of Mahendra Trivedito the sealed tubes containing strain and were analyzed within 10 days after incubation. Results: The results indicated that Mahendra Trivedi‘s energy has changed 20 of 33 biochemical characteristics of Yersinia enterocolitica along with significant changes in susceptibility pattern in 15 of 32 antibiotics. Citation Information

The Trivedi Effect® Impact on Antimony Sulfide – Study more Abstract Antimony sulfide (Sb2S3) has gained extensive attention in solar cells due to their potential as a low-cost and earth abundant absorber material. In solar cell absorber, the optoelectrical properties such as energy band gap and absorption coefficient of Sb2S3play an important role, which have strong relationships with their crystal structure, lattice parameter and crystallite size. Energy Healing Treatment: C. braakii Title: Phenotyping and 16S rDNA Analysis after Biofield Treatment on Citrobacter braakii: A Urinary Pathogen Publication: Journal of Clinical & Medical Genomics

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