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The Future Internet: Service Web 3.0

Facts About the Internet: will be of interest to anyone marketing a Web site on the Internet. You'll find these "Quick Facts" to be both helpful and insightful for marketing your product or service. A Jupiter Communications, report sees ad revenue from Web campaigns rising from 3.5 billion in 1999. Marketers plan to raise Internet ad spending more than any other medium. About 73% of those surveyed said they will raise spending in the next 12 months. The Road to Web 3.0" Out of all the Internet buzzwords and jargon that have made the transition to the public consciousness, "Web 2.0" might be the best known. Even though a lot of people have heard about it, not many have any idea what Web 2.0 means. Some people claim that the term itself is nothing more than a marketing ploy designed to convince venture capitalists to invest millions of dollars into Web sites. It's true that when Dale Dougherty of O'Reilly Media came up with the term, there was no clear definition. There wasn't even any agreement about if there was a Web 1.0.

Facebook Fans Valued at $3.60 Each [STATS] According to a new study released by social media management company Vitrue, Facebook Fans are valued at $3.60 a piece in earned media for big brands. When scaled to Fan Pages with one million Fans, that equates to $3.6 million annually — and Vitrue says that this is just the tip of the iceberg.As more brands and companies start to make real investments in social media, having a handle on what kind of value various platforms can offer becomes extremely important. After all, why invest in something if you aren't going to get anything back? Vitrue manages more than 45 million Fans for a variety of different companies, including entertainment, media, retail and restaurant companies. Its team sampled data from their clients' Pages to come up with their valuation.

How Web 3.0 Will Work" You've decided to go see a movie and grab a bite to eat afterward. You're in the mood for a comedy and some incredibly spicy Mexican food. Booting up your PC, you open a Web browser and head to Google to search for theater, movie and restaurant information. You need to know which movies are playing in the theaters near you, so you spend some time reading short descriptions of each film before making your choice. Also, you want to see which Mexican restaurants are close to each of these theaters. And, you may want to check for customer reviews for the restaurants. More Absurd Social Media Analysis - The Value Of A Fan I wrote the other week that the idea of time normalization in social media is a fallacy. But it goes further than just time being a fallacy. The marketing industry is obsessed with looking for normalizations everywhere. And other than providing a feel good number for presentations – it’s an exercise in futility. Well, other than the fact that it generates PR for those who come up with the numbers.

Report: Top 100 Beverage Manufacturers Analysis - Global (PMS01793) from The Global Beverage Manufacturers Industry Report Plimsoll Publishing Ltd. This report is an in-depth financial evaluation of the Top 100 largest Beverage companies around the World. Using the unique Plimsoll method of analysis, each of the top 100 Global Beverage organisations is individually assessed and ranked against each other and compared to industry averages. Using the most up-to-date financial information available, the two-page analysis provides detailed financial analysis for each organisation, including details of; Sales growthTrading stabilityProfitability Employee performanceLevel of debtGearing ratio'sCreditor ExposurePerformance ratio'sOverall financial rating EdTech Cheat Sheet Understanding New Trends in Educational Technology Trying to keep up with all of the new buzzwords in the booming Educational Technology sector can leave you feeling like a kindergartner in a calculus class. Don't tell your teach, but we put together a little cheat sheet to keep you informed on what's happening inside and outside of today's most innovative schools. Think we're missing any major terms or trends? Let us know on Twitter.

Profiles of 50 major appliance manufacturers worldwide - Market Research Kitchen, Bathroom, Appliances Report by CSIL Publication date: September 2012, IV Ed. Pages: 249 Price: EUR 1600.00 / US$ 2219.52 Language: English Report Code: AP.17 Publisher: CSIL Copyright: CSIL Milano Status: available for online purchase and immediate download Summary: Highlights of this Report This report ranks 50 appliance manufacturers selected according to their volume of sales. Guerrilla Connectivism: 10 Tips for Taking Control of your Education I recently had the misfortune of taking a week-long training course on project management. The instructor was a friendly, experienced, and knowledgable project manager, but her teaching style consisted of reading through a company-prepared deck of over 500 powerpoint slides. For five days. Seven hours a day.

Teens and Their Mobile Phones This post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager. Here at Demandforce, we love seeing and celebrating your ideas! And more than that, we love to hear from YOU. Using Google to Tell Real Science from Fads Most hot ideas and discoveries fade with time. But some scientific papers are genuine breakthroughs, whose importance only increases as the decades pass. This one, published in Science last week, which describes a database of words from millions of books digitized by Google—4 percent of all books ever printed—could be one of the big ones. It's a fabulous source of ideas and evidence for theories about society, and it's fabulously democratic.

Mary Meeker's Internet Trends: The Future is Mobile - ReadWriteS Internet analyst Mary Meeker from Morgan Stanley presented a report on Internet trends at Events@Google yesterday. Echoing those trends identified in her 2009 presentation, the report focuses on the rapid and continued growth of the mobile internet and social networking. Claiming that the world has entered the fifth major technology cycle, Meeker predicts that this cycle will be marked by the adoption of mobile Internet technologies, as the trends of "3G + Social Networking + Video + VoIP + Impressive Mobile Devices" converge.

Vitamins or Pain Killer? What exactly are you solving? So what are you building? A vitamin tablet or a pain killer? i.e. a ‘nice to have’ product or ‘need to have’ one? While it’s just normal for every startup to believe that they are building a pain killer, most of them (unfortunately) fall under vitamin category. The other way to look at this statement is – what and how much do you pay for when it comes to vitamin vis-a-vis pain killer? Even the poorest strata of the society pays for pain killers and keeps the vitamin tablets aside (for the days when they have enough ca$h to throw).

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