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Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs
Dan Schawbel is the author of Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success (Kaplan, April 09), and owner of the award winning Personal Branding Blog. Looking for a job? Consider creating your own. There are a number of social resources to help you connect with other entrepreneurs and get your business ideas off the ground. Here are the top 10 social networks for entrepreneurs. Each helps entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with the guidance, tools and resources they need to setup their company and gain exposure. Have another social site to add to this list? 1. Entrepreneur Media, the company that produces Entrepreneur Magazine, started a social network over a year ago specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners called Entrepreneur Connect. You can use this network to connect to service providers, suppliers, advisers and colleagues. 2. PartnerUp is a social network for entrepreneurs who are searching for people and resources for business opportunities. 3. 4.

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40 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs,Small Businesses and Start Up Companies « Bardi Toto We all know of the huge social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. They’re great for large scale connections and discussion. But, as entrepreneurs and small business owners sometimes it’s nice to connect with other like minded individuals in a smaller, more focused setting. Help for Startups! – A semi-complete list of startup accelerator programs « Robert Shedd This is a post I’ve had a running draft of for some time. I’m happy to be getting it out of my draft bin and out onto the web! Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital spoke at DreamIt Ventures this summer. During his talk, Josh mentioned how he expects to see an increasing number of DreamIt/TechStars/Y Combinator-style locally-focused “seed stage startup accelerator” programs in the coming years. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Between the research that led to the founding of the Lion Launch Pad at Penn State and my research into startup accelerator programs before joining DreamIt Ventures this summer, I’ve talked with / read about a number of programs.

Magnigraph : Online Vector Graphics Creator Quality vector art is the requirement of many graphics designers for their projects. Thankfully there are numerous online sources that offer professional vector art to graphic designers. One such source is the brilliant website VectorStock. VectorStock is a website that helps you find quality vector art by top graphic designers worldwide. VectorStock offers only true vector art files in EPS archives – no bitmap images or digital photography.

tools-and-blogs-for-entrepreneurs/#startup-tools Startup Tools 1. Startup Tools Click Here 2. Business Idea Center Industry Interest Profession Startup Toolkit Case Studies in Freemium: Pandora, Dropbox, Evernote, Automattic Don’t spend money on marketing, do offer flexibility and data exporting to eliminate buyers’ regret, make sure to capitalize on and value goodwill, and only charge for things that are hard to do. That’s what some startups say is the key to success in the freemium business. But the biggest reason the five presenters this morning at the Freemium Summit in San Francisco — Pandora, Dropbox, Evernote, Automattic (see disclosure at the bottom) and MailChimp — are doing well is because they have great products that people want. They’ve been able to get those products to a broad audience by using the freemium model — that is, offering a free service with the option to upgrade.

Unit Economics So you’ve presented the perfect pitch to a Business Angel or Venture Capitalist who is obviously impressed that you have a stellar team, identified a real customer need, defined your “ just enough ” version and know how to get traction for your product. Then comes that most tricky of questions: “how do you intend to make money?” The knee-jerk reaction is to turn to the page with your financial model with 50 rows of numbers, three growth scenarios and with even the price of the water cooler factored into the financial model. After all, surely your future shareholders want to see you can handle all the detail, right? This approach however doesn’t reveal an appreciation of the highly important and yet dynamic situation faced by startups where far more is at stake depending on the assumptions you make surrounding the three key issues:

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Features on Business Process Improvement and Innovation Denver, July 7, 2005 - Decisioneering, Inc., an innovator of software and services for risk analysis and optimisation, today announced that George Group, the leader in Lean Six Sigma, has joined Decisioneering’s Six Sigma Partner Program. As a Six Sigma Partner, George Group will work with Decisioneering to promote the use of Crystal Ball simulation and optimisation tools throughout its Six Sigma initiatives. George Group is the leader in Lean Six Sigma and has been creating real economic value for Fortune 1000 clients for the past 19 years. George Group has supported more global Lean Six Sigma deployments than any other Six Sigma consultancy.

Every angel investor on Twitter and Facebook There's actually quite a bit of funding available for Irish startups, if you dig behind the gloomy newspaper headlines. Here's a few examples: => our own YC clone run by Jerry Kennelly of Stockbyte, with pitches to top investors in Dublin, London and Silicon Valley. FieldApp: Get Paid To Do Simple Tasks On Your iPhone No matter what critics say, the iPhone has revolutionized a lot of things we do and our ways to do them. Who could think that you would be able to search for small gigs in your area using your phone and get paid for them? FieldAgent is an iPhone app that does exactly that. You can find tons of small gigs to do in your area, like taking pictures of certain things or filling out surveys and get paid between $2 and $8 for each task.