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Video: The revolution will not be firewalled: Gabriella Coleman on the ‘hacktivist’ underground | Need to Know Computer hackers have been very busy this year. On Monday, as Rupert Murdoch prepared to testify before parliament, computer wizards mocked him by planting a fake news story which claimed the media magnate had died. More seriously, earlier this month some hackers released a bunch of military data including thousands of email passwords. In recent months, the websites of the CIA, Sony, Visa, PBS and many others have all been tampered with by outsiders. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, to hack is: a) to write computer programs for enjoyment or b) to gain access to a computer illegally. The most well-known hacker group is Anonymous, a group with roots in the anti-Scientology movement. Other prominent hackers include LulzSec, which was behind the hackings at and The Sun, and Anti-Sec, short for anti-security, and it’s aimed at exposing security holes in the databases of large corporations.

5 Stages of the Awakening “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” -Henry Ford One of the greatest challenges to becoming Totally Free is to be able to think independently from everyone else. You know instinctively that no one cares about you, as much as you care about yourself. Yet we constantly listen to others about what is best for us, instead of thinking about what is best for us. “In our dreams, people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. There is a lot of money and power derived off of having a “sucker born everyday.” “Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road”- Voltaire Your thoughts are not your own. “Competition is a sin.” The Elite give us the illusion of freedom but control all of the choices. Every aspect of your life is monitored, regulated, taxed and controlled, not for your betterment, but for betterment of others. 1. 2. ut. 3.

New Japanese Facial Recognition Software Is Powerful, Scary Big brother alert!!! For those of you who don’t like the idea of CCTV monitoring your every move, the details a recent software breakthrough by Hitachi Kokusai Electric will probably make you soil your undergarments, or at least never leave the house without a mask. How does the idea of facial recognition software that can scan 36 million faces in one second sound? How about not only can the software scan that many different faces in such little time, but being able to actively index them as well? Scared yet? As pointed out by, the applications for such software are naturally aimed at surveillance programs, ones that monitor a large number of people at a given time. Scanned faces can then be searched for in other footage, allowing the watchers to monitor the selected person’s activity, provided there’s additional footage of them available. This sounds like something the British Government would wholly embrace. New Japanese Facial Recognition Software Is Powerful, Scary

Norway suspect laid out detailed plans for violence against "traitors," Muslims Anders Behring Breivik saw himself as a holy warrior and crusader engaged in a war against a “Marxist-Islamist alliance” that he feared would take over Europe if not stopped. He hoped by his actions to inspire “thousands” to follow in his path. He described himself as a “martyr” and “resistance fighter.” He described members of Norway’s Labour Party as “traitors” because of their alleged support of “multiculturalism and Islamisation.” This is according to a 1,500 page manuscript Breivik himself wrote. The manuscript consists of hundreds of pages of political analysis and ideology, plus a lengthy diary-like section setting out Breivik’s meticulous planning for yesterday’s attacks. Breivik signed the manuscript in terms which suggested he viewed himself as a crusader: Andrew Berwick Justiciar Knight Commander Knights Templar Europe Knights Templar Norway Here are however a few excerpts that may shed light on Breivik’s views and motivations: “Martyr” and “resistance fighter” Testing his bomb

Freedom - A Gallery Philip Jones (RIP) – As an amateur researcher and writer, with perhaps too much time on his hands, I am fortunate to be able to devote many hours a day reading books and online articles relating to what I will call in this essay the Luciferian Conspiracy. I make no pretensions that what follows is in any way original or even innovative. If only four years ago, someone had made a similar assertion to me as that above, I would have raised an eyebrow or two, and politely or not, dismissed the idea. During my investigations into the Illuminati Brotherhood and their diabolical machinations to cull and enslave mankind, I had until quite recently been oblivious to an aspect of the Global Conspiracy which in it’s breadth, depth and scope is like no other. The Far Pavillions. That woman was Helena P. Blavatsky damned Yahweh as a “capricious and unjust.” She claimed to have had experience with astral projection and the ability to communicate with the spirit world. As G. John D.

Who Needs NASA? Life as an Independent Astronaut - Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg - Technology "The great thing that I found when I began to live my life as an astronaut was that the world seemed so different. It was as if I was viewing my environment with a fresh pair of eyes." - John Barlow, Independent Astronaut How many kids dream of blasting off into space in puffy white spacesuits and gleaming bubble helmets? Watching NASA's astronauts pilot Atlantis on its last mission, we got to live out that fantasy one more time, making the end of this era of space travel that much more of a bummer because we all had to return to Earth today. There is an eerie and amazing kind of vertigo that arises from watching an astronaut float out into space on an extra vehicular activity. What they do is extraordinary (in its original meaning) compared to our ho-hum everyday experiences. David Wilson's short film, Life as an Independent Astronaut, introduces us to a young man who has figured out a way to experience the wonder of space travel here on Earth. Of course. What's next for John Barlow?

If You Hate Taxes . . . Found at the excellent blog What Would Jack Do?: If you’re a conservative who hates taxes, please do the following. The fact is, we pay for the lifestyle we expect. Without taxes, our lifestyles would be totally different and much harder. “I like to pay taxes. Link to original post Clinton to Syria: Implement Reforms Now U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is running out of time. Clinton, in a speech Monday, called on the Syrian president to implement genuine reforms after the reformers registered their biggest day of protests since the Syrian uprising began about four months ago. Clinton warned Assad that he would have more, organized resistance unless he allowed a genuine transition to democracy, reported Tuesday. On Monday, Syrian authorities permitted an unprecedented opposition conference to take palce in Damascus, even as political analysts and regional officials continued to debate whether this marked a substantive move toward reform, or more mere superficial gestures by one of the most authoritarian, and human rights-violating, regimes in the world. Look, I mean, from our perspective, he [Assad] has lost legitimacy, Clinton said, ABCNews Radio reported. Earlier Tuesday, France condemned Syria and said the U.N.