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Find the Postal Address of any Location on Google Maps With Google Maps Lookup, you can quickly determine the approximate postal address of any location on the world map. To get started, drag the red marker anywhere on the Google Map and the address details (including the latitude and longitude) of that place will display in the pop-up window. Reverse Geocoding with Google Maps Internally, the tool uses the Geocoding features of Google Maps to find the address of a particular point. When you drag the marker, the geographic coordinates of that place are passed to the Geocoding API of Google Maps which then translates the location coordinates into a human-readable physical address. EVO Training / FrontPage Syllabus for Moderator Training for the Electronic Village 2013-2014 Training Session: Oct 21 - Nov 17, 2013 Mission of the Electronic Village Online The EVO is a creation of TESOL's CALL Interest Section. In this age of electronic communication it seems a natural way to bring the issues of our profession to the international stage.

ActiveWorlds: Home of the 3D Internet since 1995 Technical Support Welcome to ActiveWorlds, a sandbox platform for creating anything you can think of, inside a universe with hundreds of worlds, millions of objects, and a dedicated and friendly community. Start Dreaming Big The sharing economy and moving house - DZone I was speaking to my better half this afternoon and she was telling me about a conversation she’d had with an auntie the previous day. To cut a long story short, she mentioned that a relative was traveling back and forth between Czech and London each month, so if she wanted anything delivered either way, they’d be happy to take it with them. This sort of behaviour has become commonplace in recent years, with an increasing number of industries hit by the collaborative/sharing/peer to peer economy. From cars to accommodation, all manner of things have become available on a rental basis, with service delivered by kindly amateurs looking to make a bit of extra pocket money.

Create Audio for your site with a Free mp3 player Create an Audio Message for your Website in 3 Easy Steps. No audio software or player downloads needed! You're 3 easy steps away from adding audio to your website. AudioPal makes it simple to create your message and embed your free audio player in any personal website or blog. Choose one of the following to create your message: Phone: Record your message over the phone. How to Write an Add-on for Google Docs and Sheets - Video Tutorial Google Add-ons add new capabilities to Google Docs and Sheets. This video tutorial explains how you can create your own Google add-ons using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You have seen examples of some really useful add-ons for Google Docs but wouldn’t it be great if you could write your own add-on, one that adds new features to your Google Docs, one that makes you a rock star among the millions of Google Docs users.

Use It or Lose It: Neuromyths in Education It seems that there are many myths in Neuroscience. Many times these “neuromyths” are accepted by teachers as truths and guide their teaching practice claiming that these statements will enhance the teaching and learning process in their classrooms. Far from meaning any harm, teachers are keen to find “recipes” and things that “work”. These neuromyths are perceived as black and white answers to their queries, with which teachers, by their very nature, plunge into their teaching enthusiastically and with good intentions thinking that all their questions have been answered. Others have been taught to believe them and are deeply ingrained in their belief systems.

History of Halloween Halloween falls on October 31st each year in North America and other parts of the world. What do you know about Halloween? Do you celebrate it in your country? Millennials Flee Traditional TV 08/24/2015 TV networks lost significant viewership over the past year -- especially that of younger adult viewers. Looking at live program plus seven days of time-shifted viewing from July 2014 to June 2015, viewership at 11 TV networks groups witnessed young 18-34 viewers taking the biggest hit -- down 14% -- 1.2 million fewer viewers, according to MoffettNathanson Research. For the entire year, TV networks groups sank 7% in overall total average viewership -- a decline of 3.4 million. After 18-34 viewers, teens 12-17 declined the most -- off 16% (437,000), followed by kids 2-11, which were down 10% (502,000). In terms of the absolute number of viewers, 35-49 viewers declined by the second-highest amount -- 736,000 or 7%.

Best Free Podcasts Welcome to PodOmatic! Please carefully read our Terms of Use before using this Site or downloading any of our products, so that you are aware. These Terms and Conditions of Use (the "Terms of Use") apply to the PodOmatic web site located at, and all associated sites and software linked to by PodOmatic The site is the property of PodOmatic, Inc. Physical Reference Data Elemental Data Index Provides access to the holdings of NIST Physical Measurement Laboratory online data organized by element. Periodic Table: Atomic Properties of the Elements Contains NIST critically-evaluated data on atomic properties of the elements. Suitable for high-resolution color printing for desk or wall-chart display.

Art lessons for life: How I became a longlife Learner MY friend Cida who sat still for hours for me to practise basic skills back in 2007 One of the most important lessons I learned in my life during my art days was that it is essencial to master the basics before you move to more advanced endeavors. Nevertheless having someone to guide you through saves a lot of time and energy. Having someone to show you how to do things, to watch you do it and then give you constructive feedback. But above all who is willing to do it for as long as you need to.

Kakao Talk Mobile Messenger Has Over 100 Million Users Chatting Worldwide Welcome to the world of kakaoTalk Keep in touch with anyone, anywhere, anytime. 카카오톡 기능소개 True chatting freedom Chat one-on-one, or with an unlimited number of friendsworldwide: it’s all free Voicetalk & Facetalk Contact: Press Release Central Press Releases To our users and readers Press Release Central has moved to a new server. What does this mean for you? Releases posted prior to March 1, 2012 have gone away, as has your old account registration info.

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