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The ultimate female innovators in film Věra Chytilová was one of the most vibrantly playful, radically subversive female filmmakers cinema has seen. In tribute to the Czech New Wave director, who died in March, we're screening her '60s masterpiece Daisies – about two girls who embark on a trail of mayhem after deciding the world's gone bad – on Sunday with Hackney Picturehouse and the Czech Centre London (ticket details below). With Chytilová gone, it's far from all bad news. Unsettling, idiosyncratic and darkly witty, Brit director Joanna Hogg's latest film Exhibition is set in a stark modernist house and stars Viv Albertine of punk band The Slits and conceptual artist Liam Gillick as a couple in relationship crisis who are selling their home. A foul-mouthed stand-up comedian (Jenny Slate) who doesn't hesitate to use her intimate life problems as on-stage material finds herself knocked up from a one-night stand in this Sundance hit from director Gillian Robespierre.

Future Shorts - Next Generation Film Festival Věra Chytilová Early life and education[edit] Chytilová was born in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia on 2 February 1929.[5] She had a strict Catholic upbringing, which would later come to influence many of the moral questions presented in her films.[6] While attending college, Chytilová initially studied philosophy and architecture, but abandoned these fields. She then worked as a draftsman, fashion model and as a photo re-toucher before working as a clapper girl for the Barrandov Film Studios in Prague.[7] She then sought a recommendation from Barrandov Film Studios to study film production, but was denied. Career[edit] Upon graduation from FAMU both of Chytilová's short films had a theoretical release throughout Czechoslovakia. In 1976, due to the low cinema attendance Chytilová was approached by the government to begin directing films through one of the state run production companies, Short Film Studios. Legacy[edit] Personal life and death[edit] Selected filmography[edit] Awards and honors[edit] References[edit]

Home of the Twisted Films of PES Creative bricolage promotes famous fashion brands | Creativity D&AD Yellow Pencil winning art director Mat Maitland recently collaborated with creative studio Not To Scale on this eye-catching campaign for fashion and luxury specialist AR New York. The 'Electric Jungle' concept features six evocative films, all of which are composed of numerous elements, brought together with a bricolage technique and stamped with Maitland's signature illustrative style. We chatted with the art director to find out more. How did the brief come about? The concept of the characters going on a journey into a surreal dreamworld, in this case a colourful consumer dream, was tailored around my collage style, which is why I was approached by AR in New York. What elements did the brief include? The brief was to introduce our model in-flight in the real world at the start of each piece, then transport them into the collage world and then back to the real world so this involved a set build and green screen shoot. Talk us through your design approach to the project.

Web oficial de Muchachada Nui. Videos, blog, foros y contenidos exclusivos. Los miércoles en La 2. Una producción de Hill Valley « Muchachada Nui Zapatillas Rusas Plan 9... Lucy McRae Lavazza - Favola A Modo Mio “One day in the White Paper city, early morning people wake up and begin to live their lifes. There’s something new in the main square, something growing…” — Dadomani Studio Here is the making of: Production, Direction, Animation: Dadomani studio Director of photography: Patrizio Saccò Music & Sound design: Andrea Ponzano for Taboo Studio Agency: Armando Testa – Torino Creative Director: Andrea Lantelme via Dadomani Studio

Hellraiser (película) Actualmente hay planes para llevar a cabo una remake del film y quizás un reinicio de la franquicia.[5] De acuerdo al sitio IMDb, originalmente fue titulada Sadomasochists From Beyond the Grave (Sadomasoquistas de Ultratumba o Sadomasoquistas de Más Allá de La Tumba).[6] Un tiempo después, la familia Cotton se muda a la casa donde tuvo lugar aquel evento. La casa pertenece a Larry Cotton (Andrew Robinson), y el hombre que en ella desapareció resulta ser su hermano Frank. Junto con Larry llega su nueva esposa Julia (Clare Higgins) y su hija Kirsty (Ashley Laurence), quien últimamente es acosada muy seguido por un vagabundo en la tienda donde trabaja. Lo que Larry no sabe es que su esposa tuvo un breve pero intenso amorío con Frank poco antes de casarse, por lo que se ha vuelto distante y fría con su legítimo esposo. Durante la mudanza, Larry sufre una herida en la mano, y parte de su sangre cae al piso del cuarto, ahora vacío, donde Frank realizó su extraño ritual.

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