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Poodwaddle POODWADDLE WORLD CLOCKThe World Stats Counter (V 7.0) This minute 250 babies will be born, 100 people will die, 20 violent crimes will be reported, and the US debt will climb $1 million. The World Clock tells more than time. It shows a live picture of our changing world. The World Clock is too large for a single page. It had to be divided into multiple categories. You can rotate the map by dragging left or right or by clicking the left and right buttons on the menu. The menu provides several filter options. We show two types of stats:1.

OpenSubtitles A collection of documents from If you use the OpenSubtitle corpus, please, add a link to to your website and to your reports and publications produced with the data! I got the data under this condition! 30 languages, 361 bitextstotal number of files: 20,400total number of tokens: 149.44Mtotal number of sentence fragments: 22.27M Please cite the following article if you use any part of the corpus in your own work: Jörg Tiedemann, 2009, News from OPUS - A Collection of Multilingual Parallel Corpora with Tools and Interfaces. In N. Nicolov and K. Download Statistics and TMX/Moses Downloads Number of files, tokens, and sentences per language (including non-parallel ones if they exist)Number of sentence alignment units per language pair Upper-right triangle: download translation memory files (TMX)Bottom-left triangle: download plain text files (MOSES/GIZA++)

- Open Data Senegal Découpage administratif du Sénégal Le Sénégal comprend 14 régions administratives, qui comprennent des départements et des arrondissements, des communes et des communautés rurales. Situation de l'Education Il s’agit d’un tableau de bord qui à partir d’une batterie d’indicateurs, effectue des mesures d’ensemble pour déterminer le niveau de développement du systéme éducatif. L’Agence Nationale de la Statistique et de la Démographie (ANSD) publie depuis janvier 2010, la note mensuelle de l’Indice National des Prix à la Consommation (INPC). Cet indice base 100 en 2008,mesure l’évolution des prix au plan national. Marchés publics du Sénégal Marchés publics passés par les différents ministères, collectivités locales, sociétés nationales, sociétés à participation publique majoritaire... Qualité et fiabilité Nous recherchons et normalisons des jeux de données tout en vérifiant leur qualité. Format Standard & Accès en masse Versionné et empaqueté

Linked Data | Linked Data - Connect Distributed Data across the Web Deutsches Textarchiv Data | West Africa Gateway | Portail de l'Afrique de l'Ouest Skip to main content Gruff Learning Center Introduction Gruff is a freely downloadable graphical triple-store browser that attempts to make data retrieval more pleasant and powerful with a variety of tools for laying out cyclical graphs, displaying tables of properties, managing queries, and building queries as visual diagrams. The following is the result of a webinar we hosted to cover getting started with and using Gruff. For additional information, and to download Gruff, please visit the Gruff product description page here. Introductory Tutorial Presentation Slides Download the presentation slides here Training Videos Introduction Length: 04:17 Section One: Downloading the correct version Length: 01:30 Section Two: Managing Triple-stores Length: 07:12 Section Three: The Graph View Length: 18:53 Section Four: The Table View Length: 04:19 Section Five: The Outline View Length: 02:06 Section Six: The Query View Length: 06:56 Sections Seven and Eight: Visual Query Builder and Visual Discovery Length: 06:06 Additional Gruff Videos Support

The Slipnet - a dynamic semantic network The Slipnet - a dynamic semantic network The Slipnet could be envisaged as our long-term memory. It is a network of concepts (nodes) connected by conceptual relations (links). However, these nodes carry an ever changing activation, like a electrical tension reflecting the esteem the program currently has toward the relevance of the concept. When the program deems the concept is relevant (when there is an instance of this concept in the given problem), it supplies its node with a jolt of activation. Correspondingly, links have an ever changing conceptual distance, reflecting the program's current esteem of the closeness of the two concepts connected by it. In the beginning, there only is an activation-free Slipnet. Like most semantic networks, Copycat's Slipnet has different 'classes' of links, which are sometimes used to focus on a certain relationship.

Introduction SemMF - A Semantic Matching Framework Radoslaw Oldakowski November 2006 SemMF is a flexible framework for calculating semantic similarity between objects that are represented as arbitrary RDF graphs. Framework Architecture The Matching Engine takes as input a query object and a collection of resource objects to be matched against the query object. SemMF Engine is implemented in Java utilizing Jena2 Semantic Web Framework for accessing and querying of resource and query graphs as well as the underlying taxonomies. Matching Description In most cases not every object property is relevant for the similarity computation. In a matching description the importance of each object property can be specified by assigning it a certain weight . Matching Process Inside each thematic cluster the Engine calculates the similarity between each query property and the corresponding resource property. Matching Result The output of the Matching Engine is a ranking of objects by their similarity values.

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