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Shift in Power: the Blogger and Vlogger Influence on the World of Fashion

Shift in Power: the Blogger and Vlogger Influence on the World of Fashion
Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter, Inthefrow, That Pommie Girl; these are all names that are currently having an impact on the world of fashion, and with hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of adoring fans it’s no wonder PR companies and brands have switched on to promoting their products through them. However, because of this, there has been a real shift in power when it comes to bloggers and vloggers and they are now celebrities in their own right with real influence over what people buy. Zoella (Zoe Sugg) is the strongest example of this. With 3.77m followers on Twitter, 2,404,527 likes on Facebook and a subscription list consisting of 9,172,815 viewers on YouTube at the time of writing, she has a lot of credibility with a lot of people. This shift in power, from the usual advertising platforms to those talking into a camera lens, is a trend dominating the fashion industry currently. There are a lot of hoops to jump through now when it comes to bloggers and advertising. Related:  FBC - Fast fashion influencersTechnology Fashioninfluencer articles

Who Are the Fast Fashion Leaders And Why Does It Matter? Recently Sourcing Journal quoted John Thornbeck, chairman of Chainge Capital, that Fast Fashion is the rapid translation of design trends into multi-channel volume. Fast Fashion may be the most important disrupter in the retail industry today. He also said that disruptive innovations, or product or services, that transform an existing market by introducing simplicity, convenience, accessibility and affordability, have the most positive impact on a company. Zara, Inditex’s leading brand, has been a groundbreaker in bringing new fashions, new designs, and new ideas quickly to its stores. Zara has managed to make clothes that are not only affordable, but also on top of the latest trends. The idea of moving merchandise quickly from the designer’s table to the retail sales floor has influenced the entire global retail industry and attracted competition. The benefits are huge. New entries in Fast Fashion will challenge the industry again.

The Branding Power of Fashion Bloggers What do fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni, Nicole Warne, Aimee Song, Leandra Medine, Garance Dore and Emily Weiss have in common? All are known names in the fashion sphere and all wield enough branding power to influence many millions of consumers. Just recently, SocialBro found that the most influential fashion bloggers had more sway on consumer purchasing decisions than some celebrities and internationally recognised fashion brands such as Vogue. With millions of followers on Twitter and visual rich social media platforms such as Instagram, fashion bloggers do influence the way women and men shop. In an era where peer to peer recommendations and social media engagement matters, fashions blogs reach wider audiences than some advertisements can. Fashion bloggers with millions of followers have the power to drive traffic and conversions when fashion brand links are placed on their blogging sites.

Amazon to open fashion photography studio in east London by summer 2015 | Technology Amazon is to open another base in London with a 46,000 sq ft fashion photography studio in Shoreditch next year. The internet retailer said the studio would be one of the largest of its kind in Europe and would provide images for its fashion business across the continent. Amazon is renting the premises in railway arches by Hoxton station from Transport for London, with which it recently launched a click-and-collect service at tube stations. More than 1m fashion items were sold in a week on in the runup to Christmas last year. The site started selling clothing in 2008 but this year has ramped up its interest in the sector. Sergio Bucher, vice-president of Amazon Fashion EU, said: “Fashion is one of the fastest growing businesses for Amazon across Europe and the creation of this new studio illustrates both our ambitions in this area and our dedication to providing a first-class customer experience.”

The 20 Most Influential Personal Style Bloggers: 2016 Edition It's been nearly a decade since the fashion blogging phenomenon first kicked off, and after a great deal of blood, sweat, tears and ripped seams, fashion bloggers are now an accepted part of the fashion establishment, seen in the front rows of major fashion shows, landing prominent ad campaigns and starring on magazine covers. Some have even launched multimillion-dollar businesses and become household names. In keeping with our annual-ish tradition, we're publishing our 2016 ranking of the most influential personal style bloggers across the globe. The list is substantially different than the one we published in 2013, and even in 2015. For one, we no longer include founders whose sites have become far more than personal style blogs, which is why you won't see Garance Doré, Into The Gloss's Emily Weiss or The Man Repeller's Leandra Medine on this list. Here's what we took into consideration: After crunching the numbers — yes, we used Excel and everything — here are the final results. 1. 2.

Fashion Bloggers, the Perfect Example of Influencer Marketing Potential - Thismoment Content Marketing Blog One lazy Sunday afternoon, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and realized that the majority of the content I “follow” is fashion-related. And, the producers of that content aren’t my friends or people I know, but rather famous fashion bloggers. I found myself caught in a trap of never-ending engaging fashion content, beauty tips and information on the latest trends. I started thinking about fashion bloggers, have they appeared in recent years or have they been here for a while? Some may say their popularity is a new fad that will diminish, is that true? And more importantly, should brands think seriously about finding ways to work fashion bloggers into their content marketing and influencer strategies? I’m sure all marketers know the terms “opinion leaders,” “influencers” and know about “turning customers into brand advocates.” How influential are fashion bloggers? They create powerful content and brands are noticing. How and why your customers engage with bloggers? Follow:

How social media has changed the fashion industry - BBC Newsbeat Luxury Daily Since fashion bloggers arrived on the scene about a decade ago, they have gained influence and grown to be leaders in the industry, says a new report by Fashionbi. As these bloggers gained an audience, brands began to partner with them for advertising campaigns, events and other marketing efforts. While it may seem that fashion bloggers are losing their luster, they still have large followings that can rival magazines, creating an opportunity for luxury brands to reach a large, fashion-focused audience. "The craze for fashion bloggers has only increased and how," said Ambika Zutshi, CEO of Fashionbi, Milan. "Now, bloggers have really gained 'celebrity status' for themselves," she said. "The trend is only growing; just that bloggers are now the brand ambassadors and celebrities and vice-versa; just the terminology and categorization is changing." Fashionbi’s “The Influence of Fashion Bloggers” report breaks down the top online influencers by country. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue effort

6 Technology Trends That Will Impact Fashion Industry You're reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. Fashion Industry has transitioned to becoming digital-centric. Most retailers finally sailed through the first stage in ecommerce retailing by setting up visually appealing online versions of stores, integrating payment gateways and offering efficient delivery logistics. Over the next two years, there are several areas where technology will help ease online discovery and conversions. Technology will provide answers for questions like: Can I get real-time guidance on creating outfits from individual items? Work at the intersection of fashion, science and technology is leading to some very interesting possibilities. Here is what you need to look out for- 1. Computer vision as a technology is not new in fashion industry, but it is finally going mainstream with heavy weights like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Target and others, using visual search in their apps and websites. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Meet fashion's super-influencers: the women with the power to charge £58,000 for one Instagram post Social Goods | H&M's Diverse Ad, Modelling Gender Pay Gap, Women in Top Jobs | Social Goods | BoF "H&M’s Diverse Advert Mirrors the Real World. Shame the Ad Industry Doesn’t" (The Guardian) "All types of women feature in the TV ad, but are campaigns such as this having any effect on the industry that creates them?" "Top Modelling Agent Says Male Models 'Suffer Big Pay Gap' Compared to Women" (BBC News) "Male models are being paid up to 75% less than women, according to a top modelling agent." "Retailer George Davies: 'Promote More Women to Top Fashion Jobs'" (BBC News) "Mr Davies, founder of clothing retailer Next and behind the George at Asda label, says more needs to be done to promote them to director level." "Pressure Mounts to Reform Our Throwaway Clothing Culture" (Yale Environment 360) "In the U.S. and around the world, a growing number of environmentalists and clothing industry executives say it’s time to end the wasteful clothing culture and begin making new apparel out of old items on a large scale."