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US Forest Service - Caring for the land and serving people.

US Forest Service - Caring for the land and serving people.
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The Associates Our Associates broaden and strengthen the capacities of the company. These scientists have been selected for their interest and intimate knowledge in specific areas of temperate and tropical forestry. Dr. Mulkh Raj Ahuja, Senior Associate, has done extensive work in forest genetics, biotechnology, botany, somatic cell genetics of woody plants and molecular genetics. Sr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Sr. Dr. Sr. Sr. Dr. Dr. Sr. The World Factbook People from nearly every country share information with CIA, and new individuals contact us daily. If you have information you think might interest CIA due to our foreign intelligence collection mission, there are many ways to reach us. If you know of an imminent threat to a location inside the U.S., immediately contact your local law enforcement or FBI Field Office. For threats outside the U.S., contact CIA or go to a U.S. Embassy or Consulate and ask for the information to be passed to a U.S. official. Please know, CIA does not engage in law enforcement. In addition to the options below, individuals contact CIA in a variety of creative ways. If you feel it is safe, consider providing these details with your submission: Your full name Biographic details, such as a photograph of yourself, and a copy of the biographic page of your passport How you got the information you want to share with CIA How to contact you, including your home address and phone number

Cradle Of Forestry: Home Oficina Regional de la FAO para América Latina y el Caribe Español: El documento solicitado no se encuentra en . El motivo puede ser una reciente revisión de partes del sitio web de la Oficina Regional de la FAO para América Latina y el Caribe. Utilice el menú de navegación de la izquierda para acceder a los contenidos del sitio. English: The web server at cannot find the file you asked for. Please use de navigation menu on the left to access the website contents. Français: Le document que vous cherchez ne se trouve pas à . Utilisez le menu de navigation à gauche pour accéder au contenu du site. Português: O documento que você está procurando não está na . Use o menu de navegação à esquerda para acessar o conteúdo do site.

Zobel Forestry Associates, Inc. The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal for Kids The Weeks Act - USFS History - Forest History Society March 1, 2011, marked the centennial of the Weeks Act — the "organic act" of the eastern national forests. Signed into law by President William Howard Taft, the Weeks Act permitted the federal government to purchase private land in order to protect the headwaters of rivers and watersheds in the eastern United States and called for fire protection efforts through federal, state, and private cooperation. It has been one of the most successful pieces of conservation legislation in U.S. history. To date, nearly 20 million acres of forestland have been protected by the Weeks Act, land that provides habitat for hundreds of plants and animals, recreation space for millions of visitors, and economic opportunities for countless local communities. As one historian has noted, "No single law has been more important in the return of the forests to the eastern United States" than the Weeks Act. >> >> Next Page: The Lands Nobody Wanted

CIFOR: Center for International Forestry Research Working Trees » USDA National Agroforestry Center (NAC) NAC Home > Working Trees <a href="/" class="crumbStyle">Home</a> The Seeds Of Working Trees Trees have a job to do. Put them to "work" on your land and watch them do important tasks like improve water quality, control soil erosion, increase agricultural production, and provide wildlife habitat. The Working Trees concept was a fundamental step towards helping the USDA National Agroforestry Center effectively communicate the role that trees can play in agricultural systems. The Working Trees concept was the brainchild of now-retired Forest Service Lead Agroforester, Jerry (JB) Bratton. As the USDA National Agroforestry Center (NAC) began to take shape in the early 1990's, an informational brochure about agroforestry was needed. One of Jerry's favorite sayings is, "Working Trees really earn their room and board!" Agroforestry is not yet a common word for farmers, ranchers, and foresters. Working Trees Brochures are 6-page publications that serve as a great introduction to agroforestry.

Student Aid on the Web The office of Federal Student Aid provides publications, fact sheets, online tools, and other resources to help you prepare and pay for college or career school. Our resources are grouped by the following topics: Information on College Preparation and the Federal Student Aid ProgramsFree Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSASM) InformationLoan InformationConsumer Protection Hard copies of many of the publications are available for order from the U.S. Department of Education’s Publication Center ( or by calling 1-877-4-ED-PUBS (1-877-433-7827). TTY/TDD callers can use 1-877-576-7734. To view the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files, you must have installed the latest version of the Adobe Reader (free). Information on College Preparation and the Federal Student Aid Programs See tips on getting ready for college. Top Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSASM) Information Get detailed information and help on completing the FAFSASM. Top Loan Information

Home - SFI BCAP Project Area Information BCAP assistance for the establishment and production of biomass crops is available within designated project areas. BCAP project areas are specific geographic areas where producers may enroll land to grow specified biomass crops. Participants may be eligible to receive financial and technical assistance as well as annual payments to establish these crops. Project areas are established based on proposals submitted to FSA by either a group of producers or an entity that converts biomass to heat, power, a biobased product or an advanced biofuel. Those interested in submitting a proposal are encouraged to contact their FSA state office for details. How BCAP Project Area Contracts works Producers within a designated BCAP project area may apply to enroll land into the program and receive assistance to grow eligible biomass crops. Producers will generally be eligible for: Annual payments for the land enrolled; Establishment cost-share payments for perennial biomass crops; What land is eligible?

Open Government Initiative Open Data Policy Guidance to better manage Federal information as an asset to make it more open, accessible, and usable by the public. Executive Order on Making Open and Machine Readable the New Default for Government Information The President’s Executive Order on making Federal Government information more open and accessible to promote economic growth and government efficiency. National Action Plan for the United States of America These Open Government efforts are now entering a new phase, as we collaborate with other countries in the global Open Government Partnership. Informing Consumers through Smart Disclosure Memorandum: The purpose of this Memorandum is to set out guidance for agencies to inform and facilitate the use of disclosure, specifically "smart disclosure." Commitment to Open Government Status Report The President’s Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government Open Innovation Memo The Open Government Directive PRA Primer Social Media and the PRA Data.Gov Concept of Operations