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Related:  sdseoservicesTravel Guidesparotraveler1 Free Travel Tips, Advice & Hints: Best 14 Heidelberg Tours | Online Tours in Heidelberg: Triphobo About Heidelberg Tours Heidelberg is a city situated on the river Neckar and is considered to be Germany’s intellectual capital. Due to its romantic and picturesque cityscape, narrow, enchanting streets, baroque style Old Town, valleys carpeted with vineyards, dark forests and shimmering lakes, it is considered to be one of the most romantic and most sought after travel destinations in the world. Heidelberg is also famous for its sweets and pastries, sculptures, museum and the world’s largest Wine Vat. Some of the best tours in Heidelberg include a tour to the Old Town on the southern banks of the river Neckar which is dominated by the ruins of the Heidelberg Castle and are one of the most important Renaissance structures north of the Alps. One could go for a stroll down Philosopher’s Walk, a pathway with scenic views of the old town and castle.

Travel Guides These travel guides aim to give you the best and most up to date information on the major travel destinations around the world. Here you will find budget tips, money saving advice, tips on places to stay, things to see and do, and where to eat. It doesn’t matter what type of vacation you are going on – cruise, backpacking trip, island getaway, 2 week holiday, round the world trip, or a family vacation. These destination guides will give you all the information you need for your trip so you can travel better, longer, cheaper. Scroll down for: Countries & Regions • General Tips • City Guides Click on the country in the map below: Find by region (alphabetically): Find by country (alphabetically): General Travel Tips and Resources Travel is more than just getting up and going. My Budget City Guides ThailandComingSpring 2016 Book Your Trip Now!

Cracking the Caribbean on a budget by Ryan Ver Berkmoes · When travelling in the Caribbean, your choices are as diverse as the islands. But you don't need to fall for the cliché of pricey beach resorts or isolated boutique getaways costing hundreds of dollars a night. You can enjoy the same beautiful beaches and lusciously warm, blue waters as the big spenders and you can do so on a budget without settling for the over-hyped all-inclusive mega-hotels with their hundreds of tiny rooms and buffet lines piled high with fast food fare. Cool and interesting budget places can be found on islands scattered across these achingly alluring waters. Here's our favourite five islands for having a sunny frolic that won't leave you with a fiscal hangover. Barbados Yes, the west coast of this beautiful island is renowned for snooty old clubs and resorts where tea is still served to people dressed in linen at 3pm. Bequia Bonaire Divers like bargains and for them reef-ringed Bonaire is paradise. Cuba Saba Where?

SEE PICS: Lisa Ray's Lebanese vacation will give you major travel goals : Traveller's Diary, News Hi, Don't like ads? Neither do we, but they help us bring all this content to you, absolutely free. Please whitelist us to continue reading and watching news from India's most trusted news source. - Using AdBlocks Plus STEP 1 - Click on the AdBlock Plus icon on the top right of your browserSTEP 2 - A drop-down menu will appear with a check mark followed by Enabled on this siteSTEP 3 - Click the button to until the text reads Disabled on this siteSTEP 4 - Refresh the page or go to home Page, to access - Using Chrome adblock extension STEP 1 - Click on the hand icon for adblock extension, on the top right corner of your browserSTEP 2 - A drop-down menu will appearSTEP 3 - Click the Don't run on pages on this domain option on the drop down STEP 4 - Once clicked a settings popup will appearSTEP 5 - Click Exclude STEP 6 - Refresh the page or go to home Page, to access Firefox "Private Window" runs its own version of adblock.

Content Marketing Editorial Calendar for WordPress - CoSchedule Caribbean climbs: the best islands for hiking Gros Piton, St Lucia The steep-sided twin peaks of the Pitons rocketing above St Lucia’s west coast are a World Heritage Site and striking icons of this intensely green island. Rising to 2,614ft, Gros Piton is its second-highest point, a mighty sugar loaf that cries out to be conquered. British Airways ( flies from Gatwick to St Lucia, from £635 return. Mt Liamuiga, St Kitts Until 1983, when St Kitts gained independence, the 3,972ft volcanic peak of Mt Liamuiga was called Mt Misery. British Airways ( flies from Gatwick to St Kitts, from £608 return. More than 1,000 steps lead the way up Mt Scenery on Saba (Alamy) Mt Scenery, Saba Ringed with near-impregnable cliffs and home to the shortest commercial airport runway in the world, the Dutch island of Saba offers excellent hiking and diving. KLM ( flies from 15 UK airports to St Maarten via Amsterdam, from £1,051 return. Morne Diablotin, Dominica Dominica is a wet and welcoming playground for walkers. Nevis Peak, Nevis

Best 300 Reykjavik Tours | Online Tours in Reykjavik: Triphobo About Reykjavik Tours Reykjavik is the capital and largest city of Iceland. It is the world’s northernmost capital and one of the most significant tourist destinations. The city is considered to be the first permanent settlement in Iceland with the history of its establishment dating back to the AD 874. One of the major tourist activities gives you an opportunity to get up close and personal with nature while taking a whale watching or a bird watching tour. How to Post on Social Media to Gain Popularity Social media is a mysterious and multifaceted beast. Much like the Internet, the social media landscape evolves at a dizzying pace, making it very difficult indeed to keep up with the numerous changes and new platforms that crop up left, right and center. Especially if you aren’t a social media strategist by trade, and you’re simply trying to navigate the murky waters of digital marketing to, say, promote your personal blog posts or make sure your Facebook status gets seen by as many eyeballs as possible. It isn’t easy, of course. Because of the human factor in the equation, getting your social media strategy right can seem like a hideously complex, Herculean task. Sifting through all this information can seem pretty daunting, but never fear, we’re here and we’ve done it all for you! Facebook – How to choose the best times for your updates Buddy Media – The best days to post on Facebook But what about the best times to post? Your safest bet? Did you know? Dan Zarrella – Best days to tweet

Caribbean travel guide Read more: What's new in the Caribbean? The islands Click on the links below to read about individual islands. We have detailed expert guides on Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, Nevis, St Kitts and St Lucia, and for the other islands and island groups, we have summarised their appeal, indicated what they are best for, and given pointers on when to consider visiting. Bear in mind that the advice on when to go, above, applies across the Caribbean. Anguilla Antigua Bahamas Barbados British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Cuba Dominica Dominican Republic Dutch Caribbean French Caribbean Grenada Jamaica Montserrat Nevis Puerto Rico St Kitts St Lucia St Vincent and the Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago Turks and Caicos US Virgin Islands Booking advice Flights The two main airlines flying from the UK to the Caribbean islands are British Airways ( and Virgin ( To reach some lesser islands, and for multi-centre trips, you need to take an inter-island flight. Acommodation

Travel - The Kung Fu nuns of Nepal It was barely 5am, but at Druk Gawa Khilwa nunnery in Kathmandu, Nepal, the nuns were already practicing Kung Fu. With one leg folded forward and the other one stretched out backward, they lunged in the air repeatedly, striving for perfection in a series of impeccable kicks. Cries of energy punctuated each movement, a shrill accompaniment to the booming drums. Dressed in traditional maroon robes modified in the style of karate uniforms, the women’s smiling faces concealed an incredible energy and strength. These are the Kung-Fu nuns: Nepal’s only female order to practice the deadly martial art made famous by Bruce Lee. After a visit to Vietnam where he saw nuns receiving combat training, he decided to bring the idea back to Nepal by encouraging his nuns to learn self-defence. His simple motive: to promote gender equality and empower the young women, who mostly come from poor backgrounds in India and Tibet. Foremost on the nuns’ agenda, however, is the promotion of female empowerment.

T-shirt Memory Quilts A square is the front or back of a t-shirt. We can also use a combination of smaller logos, photos, ties, hats or almost any fabric item you can think of for an extra charge. Some of the most common sizes are listed below. If you choose a quilt with sashing, it will increase the size by 1.5" per seam. 12 t-shirt squares (3x4 squares) 45 " wide x 60" long 16 t-shirt squares (4x4 squares) 60" wide x 60" long 20 t-shirt squares (4x5 squares) 60" wide x 75" long Twin - 24 t-shirt squares (4x6 squares) 60" wide x 90" long 25 t-shirt squares (5x5 squares) 75" wide x 75 " long Full - 30 t-shirt squares (5x6 squares) 75" wide x 90" long Queen - 42 t-shirt squares (7x6 squares) 105" wide x 90" long King - 49 t-shirt squares (7x7 squares) 105" wide x 105" long Each square is usually 15" but you can specify a different size to make the quilt fit your specifications. We pride ourselves on quick, professional service.

20 Beautiful Waterfalls Hidden in North Carolina With North Carolina being home to over 250 waterfalls, its a little hard to pick just twenty, thirty, or even fifty, to explore. Despite the dreary weather currently overtaking my section of the state, making this list has me dreaming of the lush greenery of the North Carolina mountains. There is nothing quite like dipping your toes in that cool mountain water after a long summer hike on the Blue Ridge. I know there is warm weather on the horizon, so I’m making a must see starter list for springtime adventures. 20. Elk Falls, Elk Park, NC Daredevils will take a jump off the cliffs into the water below. 19. Somewhat hidden, Schoolhouse Falls is a great little gem to explore on a hike. 18. With no clear signs, this one is easy to miss! 17. Hidden past the popular Looking Glass Falls, Moore Cove Falls is a secluded, and beautiful waterfall. 16. Located on private property, the owner is nice enough to share this little gem with others. 15. 14. 13. 12. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.