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A Select List of Japanese Language Study Sites

A Select List of Japanese Language Study Sites
These also help read a web page. You just have to copy and paste the text into the form. These are not aimed at JSL students, but if you understand Japanese fairly well, they are good. For - Daily Perhaps a bit too much time-wasting laughing and joking around and non-study related chatting between presenters, but still very good. (See hints) If you can't easily locate the podcast feed on their website, just grab it here.

Jim's Japanese Grammar Summary Introduction This summary of some basic Japanese grammar has been derived from the Japanese grammar text books that were used at Swinburne University when I was studying Japanese there in the 1980s. I copied these points into a small notebook to use as revision while travelling, etc.. I have decided to key them in and make them available as a WWW page which can supplement Keith Smillie's introduction to Japanese grammar. The summary starts with the assumption that the reader knows the basic sentence structure, etc. Note that the nomenclature of the Swinburne course is retained, so you need to be aware that "adjectival nouns" are 形容動詞, i.e. what some people call "quasi-adjectives", "na-adjectives" or "prenominal adjectives". There is an appendix of the main verb inflections. Jim Breen, February 2001. A differs from B A は/が B と違う (ちがう) example: 東京はメルボルンと違います。 Location で verb example: 駅で田中さんを見ました。 で also example: 毎日車で会社に行きます。 Note: You can add は or も to で in both of the above.) Verb in ましょう form

Links for Studying Japanese Online There are so many resources on the Internet for studying Japanese! These are the best ones I've found so far, and I hope you find something helpful in this list. Some quick notes first: Everything listed here is free to use unless otherwise noted. Links in bold are are highly recommended. Real-Time Online Lessons JOI (Japanese Online Institution) - An online school offering affordable real-time online lessons focusing on speaking, listening, reading, and grammar. Software JWPce - Japanese word processor for Windows. Web-based Language Tools rikaichan - A Firefox add-on that gives you mouseover popups for Japanese words. Textbooks Genki - A good textbook for introductory students. Reference Books A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar (.jp) - A great book for grammar. Study Books Note: These books are in Japanese only, and only available on order from Japan (as far as I know). 完全マスター2級 日本語能力試験文法問題対策 - JLPT level 2 grammar study book affectionately known to me as 完全マスター. Grammar Vocabulary Kana