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Heartland Paper: Handmade Chandelier's on Studio 5

Swarming Butterfly Chandelier Ingredients you will need: Butterfly punch, die-cut or Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter for cutting images (We used the Silhouette to cut a 2 ½” butterfly.)- this is also a QuicKutz die that can be used in your Revolution or Cuttlebug. Paper in desired colors- you will need enough paper to cut 136 images (we used white cardstock and clear vellum for our butterflies) 14” metal ring- you can use a metal wreath base or even a large embroidery hoop 15-20 yards of coordinating ribbon for tying around base Fishing Line Sturdy wire for cross hairs of chandelier Glue Dots Scissors Tulle for hanging the chandelier from ceiling Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. *Notes: This chandelier can be made with a variety of different shapes and papers to create a look that will match your room perfectly. *Look for a special Halloween Chandelier Kit coming soon on the Heartland Paper Blog Related:  yet another random pearl

Little Lamb Pillows - Knitting Crochet Sewing Crafts Patterns and Ideas! Several years ago I drove through Europe in the Springtime and I will never forget seeing all the adorable lambs frolicking in the fields. They were unbelievably, utterly cute. I wanted to get out of the car and pet each one we came across. This project turned out to be even quicker and cuter than I imagined so I sewed my first little lamb a friend to play with. Materials To make a set of two pillows: One 18-inch square piece of Wool Felt in TanOne 18-inch square piece of Wool Felt in EcruOne piece of Wool Felt in ChocolateSweet Dreams Cotton Stuffing100% cotton thread to match each wool color.One Little Lamb Pillow Template (available to download for free here) printed and cut out Cutting Choose either the tan or the ecru felt as the body color of your first sheep. Two wool melton lamb bodiesFour felt legsTwo felt facesTwo felt ears Sewing Pin the two face pieces together and edge stitch them to one another using matching thread. Pin the two sheep body pieces together.

You Asked 4 It: A Handy List Of Our Tutorials On Sewing Basics About a month ago, we ran a survey to find out what you'd like to see on Sew4Home. We were curious what you would like to make. Which projects are the ones that not only inspire you to turn on your machine, but also make you want to share that project with your friends and family? Are there techniques you've always wondered about? Is there a tool or notion you wish you knew how to use? Our You Asked 4 It survey article is still live on the site and we still check for new comments. The articles below are (believe it or not) just a of the how-to type of tutorials, buying guides and reviews we've done here at Sew4Home. As another part of our "You Asked 4 It" follow-up, we are in the process of putting together a brand new Site Index that will re-categorize our articles into a helpful cross-referenced listing. Hand Sewing: Thread the Needle & Tie the Knot Hand Sewing: The Basics How to Sew on a Button Mistakes Happen: How to Rip Out a Seam Decorative Stitches - Sewing Outside The Lines

Clever Nesting » Candle Lantern Tutorial I’ve been making these candle lanterns for probably 5 years now. I remember looking at the stores for ideas on how to wrap the wire around the glass, and I came up with this method, using just one piece of wire. I currently have two lanterns hanging on my back deck, and Devona asked me for six, so I’d better get busy! Here are the instructions: Supplies: an 18-24″ piece of 18 gauge wire, a recycled glass jar, candle, wire cutters, & round-nosed pliers. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Tips: For a pretty alternative, consider adding beads to the jar with more wire. Editor’s note: Welcome readers from StumbleUpon!

Ruffled® | Rustic DIY Green and Wood California Wedding by Brady Puryeardy Purveyor Opting for a quick two month engagement, Sara and Daniel called on their inner crafting egos to pull together a charming California wedding in the bride’s sister’s yard. Their budget-friendly winter wedding brought together all kinds of skilled hands: the groom’s sister-in-law made all of those delicious desserts and styled the table, the groom himself made all of the boys’ boutonnieres and the wood details for the tables and a family friend created that awesome branding iron with the couple’s initials. Photographer Brady Puryear took full advantage of those amazingly moody winter skies to get some dramatic portraits of the bride and groom. Thanks for sending it over, Brady! From the bride, Sara: We wanted to create the feel of being outdoors in the winter, with naked trees all around us. We wanted to keep the tables simple and clean with white tablecloths and woodsy centerpieces. We looked around at a few different venues in Riverside, CA. View all wedding photos

DIY Chalkboard Serving Platter December 21st, 2011 Just one more chalkboard porcelain paint project, and then I’ll give it a rest. I promise. How about… a chalkboard serving platter? you’ll need: a porcelain platter (mine is from CB2)painter’s tape (optional) Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Chalkboard Paint (available at Dick Blick or Amazon)(Don’t use regular chalkboard paint. how to: 1.

Polymer Clay Tutorials: Candle Holder Crafts One of our most beautiful polymer clay tutorials is this lily of the valley flower which we molded onto a votive glass candle holder. This votive glass candle holder would make a lovely homemade gift for Mother’s Day. Overall, this is a pretty quick and easy craft project to do. So if you have been looking for some unique candle craft ideas, then try this easy lily of the valley candle holder. Polymer Clay Tutorials: Candle Holder Crafts Materials for Polymer Clay Tutorials: Candle Holder Crafts What You Will Need: Green polymer clayVotive glass candle holderFloral wire (32 gauge) Wire cuttersStraight pin or needle20 Pearl beads (1/4" wide)Acrylic sealerHot glue gunOptional:Green Pearl ExPaintbrush Instructions for Polymer Clay Tutorials: Candle Holder Crafts Begin by rolling a ball of clay that is about 1/3 as wide as the base of your candle holder. Next, roll out another ball of clay. The next step is to make the pearl flowers. Now make three more of these "flower sprigs". Peg Says: EP Says:

Origami Lucky Star Folding Instructions - How to Make an Origami Star The origami lucky star is fairly simple to make. It's a popular tradition to fill up glass jars with these lucky stars. Made this origami? Start with a strip of paper, about 11 inches long by half-an-inch wide. Now make a knot near one end of the strip, as shown in the next three (3) photos: Flatten the knot as shown, but don't crease it as tightly as you would for standard origami folds. Now flip the knot over, and tuck the loose end into the back of the knot as shown: Now we'll start wrapping the long end around the star. Now the second: Third and fourth: Fifth and sixth wrap: Seventh and eighth (final) wrap shown below. Now we've flipped the lucky star over, and we're tucking the loose end into the back side. Here's what it looks like when the wrapping is complete: Now the fun part, inflating the star! And here is your completed origami lucky star! From Bethany in Anchorage " I have made lucky stars before, but those directions were different at the end. From Hazumin in Cali:

Anthro-Inspired Mirror You all know we love a good Anthropologie knockoff around here – so a couple of days ago when I was browsing online I came across this mirror. Oh I definitely need that. Hold the presses – did that say $498??? So after scouring the thrift shops, cutting myself on mirror glass, and overcoming an unreasonable fear of Mod Podge, here is my version! (Bear with me here – taking a picture of a mirror is a bit tricky. Ready for the tutorial? You’ll need: A MirrorEasy Off Oven CleanerFabric (enough to cover the frame and the back of the mirror)Mod PodgeA Staple Gun or other framing tool I went searching for a method to removing silvering and came across a great tutorial at Mitzi’s Collectibles. I started with a frame that I found at the thrift store. Obviously not clean. We actually had to ask on this one – because it just said 1951. $19.51 seemed way to high – and it was. Start by taking your mirror out of the frame. Lay your mirror down on a protected surface. Now walk away. Keep scrubbing.

diy - summer succulent garden: Succulents are always in style. Here's a mini succulent garden, with bunting! This is a fun inexpensive summer afternoon project, and would make a cute gift for a friend. Here's what you need: - Cupcake liners- Scissors- Small Metal Loaf pan (Found mine at a thrift store for .75 cents!) We'll start with the garland first. Poke a hole through - be careful not to hurt yourself on this step! String twine through the cupcake liner. Continue until your garland is long enough for your pan. Now tie onto the Skewer sticks and your cupcake garland is all done! Next, place potting soil into your loaf pan. Remove succulents and place them in loaf pan. Fill the remaining part with more soil. Place cupcake garland in pan and you're done! Print out a summer graphic, I used sticker paper so it would stick together when wrapped around. and you have a cute little flag for your garden!

Custom Color Chalkboard Paint - Martha Stewart Organizing Crafts Thanks to paint that dries into a chalkboard finish, your board can be whatever size you desire and placed wherever you like. Store-bought formulas come in traditional green and black. But you can also follow our recipe to mix your own batch in any shade. Tip: Start with flat-finish latex paint in any shade. Wall Calendar A home office is the ideal spot for a family planner. Mudroom Mural The bottom half of a mudroom wall is just the right height for pint-size Picassos -- when coated with store-bought green chalkboard paint. Message Center Write-on paint needn't be applied only to walls. Pantry Reminder Covered with chalkboard paint, a pantry door serves as the perfect place to keep a running shopping list.

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