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The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New

The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New
Forget overpriced schools, long days in a crowded classroom, and pitifully poor results. These websites and apps cover myriads of science, art, and technology topics. They will teach you practically anything, from making hummus to building apps in node.js, most of them for free. There is absolutely no excuse for you not to master a new skill, expand your knowledge, or eventually boost your career. You can learn interactively at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. It’s hard to imagine how much easier it can possibly be. edX — Take online courses from the world’s best universities. Coursera — Take the world’s best courses, online, for free. Coursmos — Take a micro-course anytime you want, on any device. Highbrow — Get bite-sized daily courses to your inbox. Skillshare — Online classes and projects that unlock your creativity. Curious — Grow your skills with online video lessons. — Learn technology, creative and business skills. Udemy — Learn real world skills online.

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Young Digital Planet learn about the recent trends in education,better understand them thanks to the case studies presented in the report,find out about benefits and threats they may present,gain knowledge on how to be effective in both teaching and learning. The report includes information on 51 trends in education, presented in 7 chapters, each covering one of the following topics: Modern education is: I. personal II. fun III. collaborative IV. relevant V. multimodal VI. technical VII. open-minded Each chapter ends with the Tips and Tricks section. It provides readers with a collection of inspirational hints on the topics covered in the chapter. Top Tips for Managing Photos on iPad & iPhones At first glance, the Photos app on iOS does not look to have changed that much in recent software updates. However, if you dig a little deeper you will soon find a lot of useful shortcuts for managing photos on your iOS device. For this post I am going to give a shout out to Fraser Speirs (@fraserspeirs) and Federico Viticci (@viticci) because of their recent episode on this very topic over on the Canvas podcast.

12 jobs where you play all day As much as we may dream about it, no job is 100 percent fun and games. There are, however, a number of well-paying, respectable careers out there that have a particular knack for “play” -- literally and figuratively. While many of the jobs we’ve classified as playful are still demanding and certainly involve elements that are less than entertaining, hands-on fun is an essential part of their job description. We picked jobs across a variety of fields, each with its own unique aspect of play, and all of which provide a decent salary with opportunities for career growth.

5 more secrets to language learning success As you've just seen, you don't need to be in a classroom to keep improving your English language skills - there are lots of other ways. Here are some easy techniques that you can use just about anywhere and anytime. And if you use them regularly you will be be well on the way to being a great communicator in English. Using Old Tech (Not Edtech) to Teach Thinking Skills I've been trying to use Google Docs to good effect in my ninth grade history classroom. It's a critical tool in that it lets me see the students puzzle out answers to their questions (especially with a heavy reliance of the "see revisions" function). I've viewed classroom technology as the means to sharing knowledge, in addition to acquiring or manipulating it. Yet I find that not only has the computer itself become something of a distraction, but the students aren't making enough use of the tech’s "share-ability" -- that is, they struggle to work effectively together on it, and to have their ideas cohere in an intelligible way.

3 Powerful Online Dictionaries to Enhance Students Reading Comprehension March 4, 2016 Most web browsers now come with integrated dictionaries which allow you to simply highlight a given term and right click on it to view its definition. However, when it comes to language learning and reading comprehension, students might need to have access to third party dictionaries that provide more details in terms of contextualization, antonomy, synonymy and more. To this end, we curated this collection of what we think are some of the best online dictionaries to help students with their learning.

10 Excellent Free Social Studies Resources for Teachers and Students 1- National Council for The Social Studies This is a great website for teachers and students. It provides free resources relating to everything about social studies. 12 Most Profitable Places to Sell Your Photos Online Advertisement If you have a number of quality photos that you believe people may want to pay for, there are a selection of renowned websites that can help you turn those shots into hard cash. For professional photographers, having a variety of websites on which to sell your top shots can be a great way to diversify your income. For newbies with a bit of skill, it can be an interesting way to start earning some cash on the side. 4 Hard Truths About Professional Photography (And Solutions) 4 Hard Truths About Professional Photography (And Solutions) Do you want to start making money with your photography skills? Here are a handful of important considerations to make before taking that leap. Truth is, photography ain't easy.