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Advance Your Career Empower Your Resume

Advance Your Career Empower Your Resume

Job Interview Tip To Land That Dream Job EmailShare 0EmailShare When you’re a student just starting your career, it can be tempting to accept almost any half-way decent position that comes your way. Even though you’re eager to begin earning a paycheck and begin paying back those student loans, I believe it’s critical for new graduates to know what they want in a company and a career. Twitter Quietly Launches Self-Serve Ads - Peter Kafka File under “knew it was coming but still worth noting”: Twitter has finally launched a self-serve option for its ad platform. It’s still just in test mode, and only open to a handful of advertisers. But those who can use it can now buy ads directly via Twitter, using a credit card and a Web browser, without ever having to talk to a human being. Right now buyers can only purchase some of Twitter’s ad products — specifically “promoted accounts” and “promoted tweets” — but Twitter says that will expand over time, as it rolls out self-serve to more buyers. This is a step that Twitter has been talking about for a long time — so long that it has had to argue with reporters who swear they saw one nearly a year ago — so it’s not earth-shaking stuff.

Bump a Lock From Wired How-To Wiki Feel safe behind your locked door? Sorry to spoil your sense of security, but there's an old lockpicker's secret anyone could learn to make a skeleton key and open almost any locked door. "Bumping" is a method for picking a lock using a filed-down key of the appropriate type and tapping on the cylinder. This causes the pins to drop into place as if the correct key was being used. Blog Post Length: Does Size Really Matter? When it comes to blog post length, many bloggers wonder whether size really matters. They ask how long should my blog posts be in hopes of getting an immutable rule that’ll never fail. The more accurate response is that what works for a specific post on a given blog depends on the audience, the post topic, and the blog category. Actually the best answer is Joe Pulizzi’s twenty-three word post, A blog post is like a miniskirt. Unfortunately, most bloggers are looking for more precise guidance.

How to write a good professional objective Resume objective examples , Learn how to write resume objectives : The professional objective is one of the most important parts on your curriculum vitae; however, it is optional information. The most of the people do not write the professional objective on the curriculum, because it is not a easy task to describe and define our professional expectations. However, including our professional objectives on our curriculum vitae gives you extra points at the time when the person in charge to pick up the people takes a look on it, because it allows him to know if we are competitive and our professional goals are right, and if those goals are according with the job.

How Social Media Helped Kate Spade Become a Global Brand If our play-by-play coverage is any testament, Kate Spade New York ranks among the strongest brands in the online marketing space. From Twitter and Tumblr to Instagram and online video, we've been consistently impressed with the quality and strength of voice the fashion and lifestyle label has brought to each new platform. We're not alone: Luxury research and advisory firm L2 ranked Kate Spade second in its third annual Digital IQ Index in the fashion category, just behind Burberry.

YouTube Video Not Available in Your Country? Watch Blocked Videos You could be staying in countries US, UK or India but still may not be able to watch all YouTube videos. This is because YouTube gives content owners an option to restrict videos to certain geographic regions. Learn how to watch blocked YouTube videos that are not available in your country. No, this is not about Internet censorship in countries like China or Pakistan where ISPs frequently block access to sites like YouTube following Government orders. You could be staying in a country like US, UK or India but may not be able to watch every video on YouTube – that’s because the content owners have allowed access to that video only from certain countries or geographic regions.

Bad Twitiquette: 10 Ways To Lose Your Twitter Followers, Fast! Every now and then I like to tidy up whom I follow on Twitter. The process of deciding on those accounts that I no longer want to follow always raises some interesting questions: why do we decide to unfollow people on Twitter? And what behaviours encourage people to decide not to follow you anymore? Here are my ten ways to lose your Twitter followers, fast: 1. # Spamming people Interview Questions: Job Interview Questions and Answers By Alison Doyle The best way to get ready for a job interview is to take the time to review the most common interview questions you will most likely be asked. Knowing what you're going to say can eliminate a lot of interview stress. You don't need to memorize an answer, but do take the time to consider how you'll respond.

Didn't Get That New Job? You Need a Better Facebook Score Reppify and friends seek to objectify the hiring process — using social network data What if your Klout score — that controversial measure of your “influence” on social networks — determined whether you got a job? What if hiring managers combed through online data metrics trying to determine your work ethic? What if you needed a certain score on the job market equivalent of your SATs to even be considered for a new position?

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