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Anatomy Softwares and Anatomical Models for Artists: Anatomy Softwares and Anatomical Models for Artists

Strange statues around the world This is one of our most successful post ever. In fact, with this post, is known to the world through several big world medias, incl. Yahoo! 7 TV, Deutsche Welle, MSN, Daily Mails… Through the years, we transformed this post to our own pictures server, but now we will just reuse the blogzine to re-post the photos as a series, like several series we already have here @ statues around the world series. @ Пост поразительных скульптур Произведения искусства, которые заставляют задуматься: камень превратился в человека или человек в камень. Совершенство может быть создано человеческой рукой. Это доказывают мастера во всем мире, гениальные скульптуры которых словно оживают из мрамора, глины и бронзы. Глядя на эти произведения искусства, даже не верится, что холодный камень может создавать полное ощущение живого тела. Для вас выбрал самые восхительные примеры скульптур разных авторов, которыми можно восторгаться бесконечно. Скульптура «Похищение Прозерпины». Статуя «Целомудрие» Антонио Коррадини. Скульптура «Амур и Психея» Антонио Кановы. «Я прекрасна». Мраморное надгробие на Монументальном кладбище-музее Стальено в Генуе. Авторы большинства скульптур на кладбище Стальено — наиболее знаменитые итальянские скульпторы конца XIX века — Санто Варни, Джулио Монтеверде и другие. «Мраморная вуаль». Скульптура «Оплакивание Христа» (Пьета) Микеланджело. «Отрицание» — работа современного скульптора Филиппа Фаро. «Отчаяние».

NIMAJNEB SCULPTURE The golden ratio and aesthetics November 2002 Mario Livio is a scientist and self-proclaimed "art fanatic" who owns many hundreds of art books. Recently, he combined his passions for science and art in two popular books, The Accelerating Universe, which appeared in 2000, and The Golden Ratio, reviewed in this issue of Plus. The origins of the divine proportion In the Elements, the most influential mathematics textbook ever written, Euclid of Alexandria (ca. 300 BC) defines a proportion derived from a division of a line into what he calls its "extreme and mean ratio." A straight line is said to have been cut in extreme and mean ratio when, as the whole line is to the greater segment, so is the greater to the lesser. In other words, in the diagram below, point C divides the line in such a way that the ratio of AC to CB is equal to the ratio of AB to AC. C divides the line segment AB according to the Golden Ratio Sunflower seeds The golden ratio in the arts Sacrament of the Last Supper, by Salvador Dali About the author Dr.

Meet the new model set to make manga artists’ lives a whole lot easier When it comes to replicating human poses and natural movement, artists often look to anatomical models. Traditional figures do have their limitations, though, with the lack of details making it difficult to recreate the lines of a raised shoulder or a clasped fist. But things are set to change, with a new figure on the market called the S.F.B.T-3, (Special Full-action Body Type v.3). Ten years in the making, this girl has 80 moveable parts in her body, allowing for an unprecedented number of poses and anatomical designs. We take a look at the doll’s amazing details and see how it performs in some popular anime poses for the illustrator’s eye. Manufactured in Japan by Dolk Station, the S.F.B.T-3 is made from ABS resin, which is stronger than the colour range used in the first version. ▼ The lines and shadows in the hands give you incredible detail when it comes to gun-holding scenes. ▼ The eyes can even be manipulated to face left, right, up or down. Like this: Like Loading...

Damien Thevenin Forums - View Single Post - The Uses of Underpaintings (as explained by Ilaekae and Jason Manley) Here's a little demonstration of the reasons underpainting is used. I used acrylics, and the glazes aren't as carefully done as they could have been, but it gets the point across. Oils would be a lot smoother overall, but would take a lot longer to work with. Hope this helps a bit. Making of Out Of the Ordinary Short film Making of Out Of the Ordinary Short film Out Of The Ordinary is an animated short film, which was made as a student film at The Animation Workshop in Denmark, Viborg. The genre is comedy, and the style is semi realistic environments with cartoony and loveable characters. The film is character based, and the comedy is in the strange and funny characteristics. A middle-aged man lives a life of routines, clinging to a long desired promotion, until the day his computer and coffee machine decide that there is need for a change.” Tommy Kinnerup: Director Nikki Starostka: Art Director Dennis Jensen: Technical Director Sigrid Tangen: Modeling, Character Design Sandra N. Out Of The Ordinary Shortfilm 3d, Making of Out Of the Ordinary, Out Of the Ordinary, cg, animation, Shortfilm, 3D Animation short films, Short film, Animated Short film, Out Of the Ordinary Short film, Making of,