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Framer - Design tool for creating interactive designs, interfaces and animations

Framer - Design tool for creating interactive designs, interfaces and animations

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Make interactive games with Fungus & Unity3D - no coding! Paul McGrath is an Animator from Dublin, Ireland. He studied animation in the renowned Ballyfermot College in Dublin, but has yet to be nominated for an Oscar like some of his peers. After graduating, he went to work for Shepard Films in Dublin for a few months and then moved to LA to work as SFX designer for Hyperion Films. Back in Ireland, he continued specialising in SFX design for Shepard Films, after which he co-founded Kavaleer Productions. He wore several hats in the company –from making tea to producing and everything in between from 1999 to 2003, when he went to Australia for a change of scenery and a break from the rain. There he worked for Liquid Animation, moving swiftly up the ranks –he got to make tea in Australia too.

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Email Marketing The holiday season is one of the busiest and most lucrative times of the year for many businesses. Last year, holiday retail sales climbed 3%, which led to $626.1 billion in sales, according to the National Retail Federation. With more people buying online, holiday shopping starts earlier and earlier. Start planning your holiday email marketing now to take advantage of this trend. If you want your holiday sales season to be merry and bright, you’ll need a solid email marketing plan. Fortunately, Campaign Monitor has you covered with this Ultimate Guide to Holiday Email Marketing. End-to-End Experience Design When I started as an application designer in 2001, I worked really hard for my clients, whipping their applications into shape. I would conduct usability reviews and hands-on design sessions to overhaul the app, I’d agonize over each screen layout, review, test, revise, then buckle down with development until we pushed out the release. It was hard work and I was proud that I was a good designer. But I had tunnel vision. Now I can see that the product interface is only one part of the customer’s end-to-end experience.

The Earth Moves TERRA TRACTUS: The Earth Moves continues the Projects2k tradition of tremendous and multifaceted performance making. This year we look at the geological history of the Earth, and the Stony Creek Quarry itself, as they evolve through ancient history to our projected future through elemental, tectonic, and man-made forces. (from the Projects2K website) In April of 2014 Daniel Fine approached me about working on a show that was going to be staged and performed in a granite quarry in Branford Connecticut. I’ve worked with Dan on several complex site specific shows, and working in an active quarry seemed like a logical next step. It wasn’t until we actually had a chance to visit the site that I began to truly understand what we were heading into.

UX: Psychology of great design – part 1 The World Wide Web turned 20 in April 2013. In its first 20 years the web matured from a largely static medium into the rich, collaborative and wonderfully interactive medium we know today. As such, the interactions and relationships between users and systems have become increasingly complex. Consequently, web designers need to understand the experience of the website or app they are making. Designers should consider who is using it, what they need to do and ultimately if the design makes their users’ experience easier or, ideally, more delightful. Essentially, this is what user experience (often abbreviated to UX) is focused upon: studying how a person reacts or feels when using a product or service and how this experience can be improved.

20 jQuery Plugins for Scrolling Effects When it comes to designing and developing a website, web developers can’t underestimate the importance of a website scrolling. Nowadays designers are taking it up as a challenge and making website scrolling visually effective and eye catching for the visitors. For helping developers there are myriad of jquery scroll plugins are available which helps them to create certain scrolling effects which engage users with background reveals, element animation, and many more eye catching effects based on page scroll position. In this article I have gathered 20 jQuery Plugins that would help you to create outstanding scrolling effects for your websites. Following jQuery Scroll plugins lets you scroll any element for your website in the manner which makes your website beautiful, attractive and eye catching. 1.

77 CSS Forms Free HTML and CSS forms: contact, credit card checkout, interactive, login/sign up, step by step and search. Demo and download code (*zip). Minimalistic Form Value proposition canvas template - Peter J Thomson A value proposition is where your company’s product offer intersects with your customer’s desires. It’s the magic fit between what you make and why people buy it. Your value proposition is the crunch point between business strategy and brand strategy.