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Is Content Curation the New Community Builder?

Is Content Curation the New Community Builder?
Content curation has drawn my interest. I was at a tech conference last week and saw a couple of pretty cool applications for curating content. Setting a side the debate of right or wrong, these new content curation tools will make their mark. Content curation, which involves human filtering and organizing is much different than content aggregation. Content aggregation sites use algorithms to find and link to content. Content curation is the practice of human filtering and organizing what you find interesting and useful. Over a year ago Mashable reported Why Content Curation Is Here To Stay; The debate pits creators against curators, asking big questions about the rules and ethical questions around content aggregation. Media Curation is the emerging trend toward integrating and pondering media content using a mix of machine and human resources. Media Curation is a complex subject among media professionals, with notable professionals both for and against the practice.

Consuming News in the Age of Curation There is a lot of noise online at the moment and finding good content is tough. We all have about 3 or 4 sites where we stop to reade news and entertainment every day but increasingly our media consumption is coming to us via curated sources like our own personal networks. There has been a huge shift from the old model where “gatekeepers” dictated what content we consumed and how we accessed it a new model in which curation plays the primary roll. Caught in the cross hairs are the old media institutions, but as consumers we are winning because not only do we have access to larger amounts of content in real time but the smart people are curating it through a variety of sources to match their needs and they are doing so largely for free. So what role is curation playing and what are the implications for the media world at large? Tastemakers

On curation and vision - UtestMe (Starting from Carmen Nobel, HBS , via @johnsonwhitney ) “Business curation”… I like the idea. Content Strategy: The Appeal of Curating Online News When we last debated content v. context, the word curation came up. For some it was an inaccurate term, best reserved for art historians and museum directors than online web strategists. Yet, it’s not surprising that many content curators can be found among the news industry. Curating Online News Newspapers, in print and online, have supplemented their own content with repackaged content from around the Web.

Steve Rosenbaum: Fast Company Founder on future of Curation & Magazines From his chair as the Managing Editor of The Harvard Business Review, Alan Webber could see that there was something changing in the business world. Something big. And so Webber, a bit of an unconventional entrepreneur, and his partner at HBR set out to raise money to start a magazine about the emerging world of business. They struck out. As we know, new ideas don't often get easy acceptance. And after a slew of rejections, Webber and his partner Bill Taylor launched Fast Company in 1995 with funding from Mort Zuckerman... the rest is magazine history. Video Curation Is Growing Up, ShortForm Hits One Million Visitors With 35 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, the Google-owned video behemoth would be the second largest search engine were it standalone site. Web video has become a powerful medium. But, I think it’s also fair to say that this powerful medium is in serious need of curation. What if you’re just looking for a quick laugh, a short video, and don’t want to wade through billions of videos — what if you want to create your own, personally curated streaming video channel? Hmmm?

Distributing Value: Why Content Curation Is King When Microsoft’s Bill Gates wrote his essay containing the phrase “content is king,” a snowball of reality began rolling down this digital mountain we all reside upon. It is true, content of all kinds is still king, and will always be, but the ways in which audiences consume it, this is what communicators need to understand – this is the so called “leading edge” of digital speak. I know, volumes have been written about this subject, in case the reader is condescendingly chuckling. But, what about those reading this from “out there” who are not Brian Solis? Who are not social media mavens and life coaches with 20 billion twitter followers? Brands are Media Companies. Is Your Content Worth Tuning In? This is the line that sums it up nicely: Creating content for a brand feels a lot like you’re running a daily news program. Bang on. Content is responsive and reactionary. It’s created both carefully and on the fly, published then pushed out through channels, commented on, aggregated, added to, curated and consumed. Brand news coming to you live from the brand station you tune into.

Is Video Curation The Key to Building Visibility, Authority, And Value? What exactly is "curation" and how does it relate to web video marketing? To find out, I spoke to several curation experts. They explain why they consider it the best way to blend work relationships between machines and human beings to deliver rich and relevant video content to your audience; and why those who expect to be successful web marketers will also need to learn how to be successful video curators. What Is Video Curation? "Curation" is a word that's traditionally been reserved for the likes of a director of an art gallery or museum – basically, someone with the professional expertise and recognition to qualitatively select, organize, and look after the items in a collection or exhibition.

Why Content Curation Should Be at the Heart of Every Social Experience Vincent Teo | July 27, 2011 | 2 Comments | inShare0 Consider these two ways that content curation can facilitate brands to engage with consumers. Web 2.0 ushered in a new world of social media and web applications that facilitate participatory information sharing and collaboration. What followed was a myriad of web-based tools, applications, and platforms, most famously Facebook and Twitter, that allowed people to easily update, share, and access news and information in real time. The connections within our social graph allow both brands and consumers the opportunity to leverage on the relationships between individuals to offer a richer online experience.

Editor’s Picks: Content Curation Tools Content curation is the collection of content created by others, then filtered through one’s own point of refer­ence. The best curated content adds commentary that provides insight into the larger topic. Many tools exist to help you collect relevant content across a variety of online media, ranging from search engine results to up-to-the-minute social media shares. They vary from bare­bones to full of bells and whistles. Remember — if the tool doesn’t automatically cite sources, don’t forget to credit the original sources with proper citation.

Shaping the Future of Curation Session Title: The Future of Content CurationSpeakers: Steve Rosenbaum, Eric Hippeau, Francine Hardaway, Ed LambletDate: Thursday May 26Time: 11:30AMLocation: Jacob Javits Center 1A18 … by Francine Hardaway “Information overload” is an inherent part of the daily experience for most of us – especially online. The web has disintermediated the flow of information, making it easy for anyone to easily receive and share news, videos, comments, and other content. This means that most of us get more information than we actually need – or want. We no longer have to look for information – instead we have to sort through it.