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The scary skeleton

The scary skeleton
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A History of Halloween Costumes [Infographic] The traditional and cultural even that we know today as Halloween – super famous in countries like the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom – was actually born more than ten centuries ago, inspired by the celebrations and origins of ancient peoples like the Celts. Truth be told, the first official record of the word “Halloween”is very, very old. The term was born thanks to the contraction of the Scottish term “Allhallow –eve”, which means the eve of All Saints’ Day and was considered a holy night. However, there’s also a religious side to this explanation. Related Resources from B2C» Free Webcast: Digital Skills & Talent Gap Study Summary of Top Findings and How to Apply for 2015 Learning Programs Source

A to Z Book Directory - Storyline Online A to Z Book Directory The House That Jane Built Monster Colouring Pages We've got a huge collection of monster colouring pages at Activity Village - we think boys in particular will love them! By popular request, we now have no less than 30 different monster faces - one for everyone in the classroom! How about colouring in a selection of the pictures, cutting out and them laminating them to use a frieze around the bedroom or class? Print and colour this Frankenstein colouring page for younger kids - it's perfect for Halloween or any time a gruesome monster colouring is required! If you are ever lucky enough to visit Loch Ness, be sure to keep an eye out for Nessie, one of the world's favourite (and most elusive) monsters! Here is Monster colouring page 1 of a set of 30 adorable monster colouring pages to print for kids to enjoy. Monster colouring page 10 is a stick monster, with big eyes and sticking up hair! Monster colouring page 11 is one of my favourites of all 30 monster colouring pages. The monster in monster colouring page 13 has a long, curly nose!

Legends of America - Home Page Free Preschool Printables at Preschool Mom The printables on our website are offered freely for all visitors according to our terms of use. If you want easy print options including one click downloads and exclusive content, consider joining our Free Newsletter. Additionally, you can follow our blog for updates, and visit our e-Store for premium content. If you have a suggestion for a theme or printable resource, we are always creating resources so feel free to stop by our Facebook page and leave us a note. It’s Monstrous! 4 Themes & 20+ Activities Kids Will Love You Explored This Halloween | Sprout English “There is magic, but you have to be the magician. You have to make the magic happen.” ~ Sidney Sheldon, Are You Afraid of the Dark? Halloween is around the corner, so it’s a great time to engage kids with themes that explore the mysterious, dark, and terrifying. These are themes you probably haven’t broached yet. However, most of these themes offer a way to teach children English as well as science and math. The idea is to get students to experiment and explore. Do You Believe in Magic? Kids enjoy learning about witches and wizards, which is why Harry Potter is one of the most watched films. Magic potions – In pairs, students create magic potions to solve problems they face. Eeek! Monsters are fun for kids. Draw my monster – Students draw monsters, then are put in pairs. Zombies Older kids will enjoy exploring language by learning about zombies. Surviving a zombie apocalypse – Divide students in groups and tell them the world has been infested with zombies. Ghosts Where would I haunt?

Spooky Science Ideas By Deva Dalporto With all of its creepy, spooky elements, Halloween is a great time for some mad science! Here are four freakily fabulous science experiments that will chill and thrill your students: DIY Creepy Lava Lamp: Teach your students about polar molecules with this great, ghoulish activity. It’s easy and has a big “wow” factor. Black Dry Ice Bubbles: Halloween is a great time to bust out the dry ice and teach your students about the properties of carbon dioxide. Slime Time: Get your hands dirty and give your students a lesson in polymers with this icky, sticky experiment. Ghost Dance: Give your students a lesson in static electricity with this spooky ghost experiment.

Spellbook My love potion Here I stir my witches brew, to make someone fall in love with you. with a dash of pox, and a dead man's toe, grass from a yard where fungus grows. some oil of boil, a dead snake's tail add some powdered kisses, and this can not fail! a jack o' lantern's grin, some pre-boxed beauty, add a drop of wine, and this potion is your booty!! A transformation spell i want to fly! add one quart of blood, and six rabbit's feet, im really getting this, i can't be beat!! an eye from a newt, a finger from the dead, then turn three times, and pluck a hair from my head a big juicy tongue, an old garbage can, say: GOBBELDY GOOK AND OL FLIM-FLAM, and a nice old,rotten ham. now stir to a boil, mix it well, on my command, begin thy magic spell!!! Both by Danielle, aged 12 A warning to nasty children out there Change your ways or else beware. To your cauldron add some spice- Wicked children are made nice. A rotten apple and a goldfish bone To melt their thoughtless hearts of stone. By Phoenix

Borrowed Light Studios » Spectro Something paranormal has been sweeping the town of Weirdwood. You are the sole proprietor of Spectro Co., a ghost detective agency, and business has been picking up lately. Go on ghost clearing missions using your spectral rhythm trapper, handheld phantom meter, and advanced skills of perception. Make sure you’ve found the hidden totems to trap the ghosts in, or they may be chasing you out of a paycheck. The ghost detective business in Weirdwood is booming, but only the best ghost detectives will prosper. • Explore haunted houses and find hidden totems and exotic objects in VR • A combination of handcrafted and procedurally generated houses for endless discovery • Trap a variety of pesky ghosts using proprietary Spectro Co. devices • Avoid being caught by the ghosts. Spectro is currently in development for all of the major VR headsets with a focus on releasing on mobile first.

10+ Wicked Web 2.0 Activities for Halloween “Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.” ~Mason Cooley Teachers worldwide will introduce children to Halloween culture and traditions this year. Halloween is one of those holidays that children love to learn about even if it is not practiced in their countries because they get to dress up in costumes and eat candy. A Few Wicked Web 2.0 Activities Below is a list of websites and apps and ideas on how to integrate them with your students. The Skeleton DanceSkeleton Dance- Your students upload their photos and their friends photos to be included in this video staring them as dancing skeletons. Have students use their imagination and write a story stating how and where they took this video.Divide your students into pairs or small groups and have them write a dialogue about the events leading to this video. Halloween Jokes Jokes can be cultural, but they are a great way to study vocabulary and how words can mean something entirely different in various contexts.

18 Educational Apps for Halloween Part of the Cool Sites series Halloween is one of the most fun holidays. Kids love the spooky monsters, sounds, music, dances, treats, traditions, haunted houses, and costumes that surround the holiday. Apps ScrapPad Halloween- Kids create a scrapbook with various creatures, words, and their own images. Halloween Card Creator- Kids create e-cards with various choices in backgrounds, characters, and their own images and text. Halloween Origami- With this great app, kids learn to create various spooky creatures in origami. Halloween Counting & Words Games- Created for the iPad, this free app features 8 different learning games for kids to celebrate Halloween and learn math, spelling, and vocabulary. Carve A Pumpkin- With this great app from Parents magazine, kids create a jack-o-lantern that lights up after it is carved. Halloween ebook- Students read this story and it has a personal touch. WordSearch Halloween- This app provides several word searches. Mash-o-Ween- This app is for teens.