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One-Pallet Chair

One-Pallet Chair

Pallet Adirondack Chair Pallets come in many shapes and styles. They're made from lots of different types of wood. They are readily available for free. In fact, most companies pay people to take them away. But there's a catch: pallets aren't easy to take apart. If you're expecting perfection, than pallet lumber may not be right for you. If you're not interested in turning a pallet into something else or trucking around the nation looking for free stuff, substitute the pallet wood for some nice cedar or pressure treated wood.

Make a DIY Pallet Coffee Table | Pallet Furniture Plans This easy to make rustic indoor coffee table is made from pallet wood. The pallet was dismantled and the thicker rails were used as the frame but they were slightly twisted. To straighten it was soaked with water and weighed down on a flat surface to dry. The slats were screwed across the top of the frame then cut straight. Submitted by Michael Tapscott!

DIY: Pallet sofa Thank you so much for your input on my flea market find yesterday. I appreciate your thoughts, and I will absolutely think twice before I paint it. I´ll probably keep it as it is – at least for now *smile* Anyway I thought I would show you our “pallet sofa” on our balcony today. I have made one out of two pallets covered with pillows and throws.As a table I have used an old wooden crate, so I can decorate with flowers and candles, or simply to have a place to put my coffee. So if you have a small budget for your outside area this year, maybe you can make something similar to my pallet sofa? Do you have any other pallet ideas? (Images: Nina Holst)

Pallet Wood Bench and Gabion Table Green design gives us the opportunity to be extra creative. When materials or objects have served their original purpose, and are put in the category of "waste" (what an absurd concept anyway!), we give them new life by uncover their potential and beauty, and celebrate them in new ways. These benches and table are made from reclaimed pallet wood, a metal storage shelving unit that's no longer needed, and a material that's locally abundant - beach pebbles. They are a fun blend of rustic wood, fresh colors, simple clean lines, and a touch of industrial gabion. If you are wondering what's 'gabion', here's a good definition from wikipedia : "A gabion is a cage, cylinder, or box filled with rocks, concrete, or sometimes sand and soil for use in civil engineering, road building, and military applications."

Cœur de branches , Idée déco à fabriquer Fournitures Matériel Pince pour couper le fil métallique Consommables Branches souples Fil métallique Ruban pour décorer Comment faire ? Formons un bouquet de branches de même longueur. Le tuto original (en allemand) est disponible ici. DIY Outdoor Pallet Wood Sofa | Pallet Furniture Plans After sometime we become more expert about home furniture items with working with pallet wood. You can design you own DIY pallet wood sofa by keeping in mind of different chair structure and size of your mattress after getting some pallet wood to achieve your desired article pallet stool bench, pallet tool box and pallet planter box and many other items of home used furniture. Pallet wood can be attained in your garage and stocks of your home. Measurements of pallet wood sofa base, on which back and seat boards have to be placed. Arrangement of back and seat board for pallet sofa should be even and balanced for comfortable sitting. Image source

Tangeez - Tangible Lights by Emily Webster & Mustafa Bagdatli "Tangeez are wonderful building blocks of light. The magnetic click and the translucent colors are incredibly satisfying. They're continually offering new combinations, and they're impossible to put down. I want a whole wall of them." These “physical pixels” create a tactile, interactive and social experience that allows you to hold and control light. Tangeez combine red, green and blue light to create a spectrum of colors that change depending on how you stack them. The more you change and rearrange, the more colors you will see. "They've got the simple charm of a set of Dominoes and yet they're like an interactive set of Legos. -Donald Chestnut, Chief Experience Officer, SapientNitro From spaceships to skyscrapers, Christmas trees to robots, Tangeez can be combined and stacked infinitely to build glowing structures of any shape and size. Tangeez brighten up any space and are as portable and mobile as you are. "Who isn't fascinated with light? -Jim Campbell, Electronic Artist Emily Webster

Rustic Hammock-Style Wilderness Chair Build a hammock style wilderness camp chair fit for a Scoutmaster. Made from only Logs and Rope, this stout chair will beat any of those flimsy folding camp chairs when it comes to strength and comfort. So here you are in the middle of the woods far away from the comforts of home. When personal comfort is at risk... a whole new panicked sense of self-preservation arises - and the Wilderness Survival instincts kick-in. Remember, stay calm, don't panic, keep a level head and survey your surroundings. In the Bush, an ugly rustic log chair could just make all the difference for your survival.

BUY A HUGE FRESNEL LENS GREEN POWER SCIENCE DAN ROJAS DENISE ROJAS SOLAR STIRLING ENGINES FRESNEL LENS PARABOLIC MIRROR Goethe on the Psychology of Color and Emotion Color is an essential part of how we experience the world, both biologically and culturally. One of the earliest formal explorations of color theory came from an unlikely source — the German poet, artist, and politician Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who in 1810 published Theory of Colors (public library; public domain), his treatise on the nature, function, and psychology of colors. Though the work was dismissed by a large portion of the scientific community, it remained of intense interest to a cohort of prominent philosophers and physicists, including Arthur Schopenhauer, Kurt Gödel, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. One of Goethe’s most radical points was a refutation of Newton’s ideas about the color spectrum, suggesting instead that darkness is an active ingredient rather than the mere passive absence of light. YELLOWThis is the color nearest the light. It appears on the slightest mitigation of light, whether by semi-transparent mediums or faint reflection from white surfaces.

Wooden Airplane NOTE: I'm not giving any specific measurements, because everybody has his own taste in design, so everyone will probably make it a little bigger or smaller anyway... For my airplane I used the following materials: (ofcourse you can improvise according to what you have lying around) - 1 piece of wood for the body (can be 1 solid piece or built up with layers of MDF) - some smaller, thinner pieces of wood or MDF or triplex for the wings and tail - 2 ice cream sticks for the propellors - 1 round wooden stick for the nose - a small piece of iron wire or paperclip for the axle of the propellors And the tools I used to make it: - saw (either a machine or handsaw) - sanding paper (or machine if you have access to one) - drill (using a nail and pulling it out also works) - wire cutter - woodglue

How to Build a Treehouse: 30 Steps Steps Part 1 Preparing to Build Your Treehouse <img alt="Image titled Build a Treehouse Step 1" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn" onload="WH.performance.clearMarks('image1_rendered'); WH.performance.mark('image1_rendered');">1Choose the right tree. <img alt="Image titled Build a Treehouse Step 4" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn">4Talk to your insurance agent. Part 2 Making a Detailed Plan <img alt="Image titled Build a Treehouse Step 5" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn">1Choose your tree. Part 3 Building and Securing a Platform Part 4 Part 5 Finishing Up Tips

Understand color theory with these 7 facts - = Designer Blog Color is everywhere – in nature, in cities, in stores, online. We’re so used to it we often don’t notice it’s even there, until we suddenly come across a black and white movie on TV. Then we remember how good it is that we have such a colorful world. For that reason alone, if not for improving your design skill set, knowing how color works is a good thing to do. So let’s dive in! 1. Might sound strange but it’s true. Color is created only when our brain tries to make sense from light signals it receives from the outer world. Deprived of color, our world would probably look like a scene from Matrix. Without that, our world is a monochromatic place bathing in electromagnetic radiation of varied intensity and wavelengths. The key takeout? 2. If you ever thought RGB color model is a recent discovery from Silicon Valley, you’d be three centuries off target. We are able to see colors because of red, green and blue receptor cells in our retina. 3. 4. 5. The RGB model The HSB model (or HSL / HSV) 6. 7.