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Extreme Mountain Camping

Extreme Mountain Camping
Normal camping is for pussies.

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Before I Die What matters most to you Interactive public art project that invites people to share their personal aspirations in public. After losing someone she loved and falling into depression, Chang created this experiment on an abandoned house in her neighborhood to create an anonymous place to help restore perspective and share intimately with her neighbors. The project gained global attention and thanks to passionate people around the world, over 1000 Before I Die walls have now been created in over 70 countries, including Kazakhstan, Iraq, Haiti, China, Ukraine, Portugal, Japan, Denmark, Argentina, and South Africa. The walls are an honest mess of the longing, pain, joy, insecurity, gratitude, fear, and wonder you find in every community, and they reimagine public spaces that nurture honesty, vulnerability, trust and understanding.

Demotivational posters Every man Every man, has been in this situation Leave it Don't say "God" while having sex with Atheists HUMANISTS IN LOVE--Deist On Top by Cartoonist Jeff Swenson This comic was inspired by a suggestion from Duncan Crary of the Institute of Humanist Studies. He will probably deny everything... The idea put forth is what do freethinkers yell out while having sex? Experience Human Flight Experience Human Flight from InfinityList on Vimeo. Sometimes you have to slow things down to comprehend how far humans can push themselves. Experience Human Flight is a collaboration between French jump champs the Soul Flyers and several top Australian skydivers put under their charge. At just under two minutes, this video lasts almost twice as long as a typical skydive freefall.

Family tree of the Greek gods Key: The essential Olympians' names are given in bold font. See also List of Greek mythological figures Mongrel Designs Webcomic: Webcomic 07: Fuck, I'm dead. Webcomic 07: Fuck, I'm dead. First Comic | Previous Comic | Next Comic | Newest Comic Take a virtual ride down a mountainside on the world's scariest 'rollercoaster' By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 09:51 GMT, 24 November 2011 For some people the mere thought of skiing down a mountain is off-putting enough. But this Austrian alpine-coaster offers what is perhaps the most frighteningly fast - and seemingly dangerous - downhill descent there is.

Beyond Defaults: Transhuman Intelligence Beyond Defaults: Transhuman Intelligence Michael Anissimov Singularity Institute April 2004"The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them." - Albert Einstein A personal catchphrase of mine is: "never expect the default to be optimal!" The default situation, whether in human affairs, technological systems, or natural patterns, is always the preexisting system, which often works "satisfactorily", but only because the system itself sets our standards!

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