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Tejiendo... dos agujas, crochet, telares, horquilla, etc.

Tejiendo... dos agujas, crochet, telares, horquilla, etc.

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Crafty Sheep » Blog Archive » Waldorf Doll Hair Tutorial A Waldorf Doll Hair Tutorial – Or: how to make Lina’s hair. What you need: - Yarn in the desired hair colour. This can be any yarn you like, from sock yarn to DK weight yarn to mohair. Knitting Information, Tips, and How-Tos ShareThis The Sock Knitter's Companion: Step-by-Step Help The day I completed my first sock was a day of liberation.

Virtual Fashion Technology The mission of TC2 is to elevate the level of technology, manufacturing systems, and business processes employed in the global soft goods industry through research and development, education, training, and outreach. [TC]2 is a provider of direct and indirect technology products and services to industry. Their Web site offers information on multiple types of body scanners for the global soft goods industry. 3D body scanning is just one research area of [TC]2. Some end uses for 3D body scanning are: • Health/medical and fitness management • Body shape analysis • Sizing surveys • 3D product development for fashionable and functional apparel • Made-to-measure clothing • Clothing size and style recommendation • Virtual Fashion An overview of some of the technologies used in the apparel industry are referenced in this article titled, “Sewn Product Technology.” by Kerry King Director of Product Development and Sustainability Initiatives at [TC]2 , Textile Clothing technology Corporation.

Braided Friendship Bracelets It will surprise no one that at summer camp my favorite activity was always and without fail arts and crafts! I wasn’t great at archery or rowing, but I could make a lanyard like nobody’s business. I loved that camp craft projects were simple and fun to make, with no fussy equipment required. My summer days were happily filled with the satisfaction of gods-eyes, reed baskets and of course, friendship bracelets! I’ve talked about my love for friendship bracelets here before, and we have created versions in cotton, wool, and even cashmere. .     Morehouse Farm Knitting Tips ..       Morehouse KnitTips Pattern abbreviations and what they mean If you have more questions, or need some assistance knitting with any of our patterns, see > Knitting Pattern Help

EL Wire EL Wire, also known as Electroluminescent wire, is a stiff wire core coated with phosphor and then covered with a protective PVC sheath. When an AC signal is applied to it, it glows an aqua (blue green) color. Sometimes its covered with a colored plastic shell to make it appear another color. It looks a little like thin neon. Very bendable, it keeps its shape and you can curl it around your finger. Its an easy way to add some glow to a project, not as bright as LEDs but uses a lot less power!

pinterest Log in Home Categories There’s more to see... Knitting Beyond the Hebrides - Lace Symposium Tips & Tricks Lifelines: I use dental floss and probably put in fewer than I should really use, but can't knit a lace shawl without using them. My tip is that when knitting a lace shawl that has an edging knitted on to live stitches, be sure to add a lifeline to the last row before starting the edging. The reason is that any dropped stitches in the edging itself could translate into ladders that go into the body of the shawl. I once had to work back about a foot of edging in order to tink several rows into the shawl itself and make repairs caused by a needle that slipped out. - Janet Place a stitch marker after every pattern repeat to keep track of where you are in your pattern.

Psychogeography in fashion Psychogeography in fashion At Tent London this year, The Design Museum presented a retrospective exhibition of Kingston University’s world renowned alumni alongside a selection of work from 150 current arts based MA graduates. The influence of psychogeography as a theme was evident in the work of many of the designers – especially in the area of fashion, as shown here: Laura Michaels used 3D scanning, parametric modelling and laser cutting to create her ‘Skin Graph’ dress. Her project, in collaboration with Karl Kjelstrup-Johnson, is an exploration of the bridge between fashion and architecture, though the body contouring involved in the exercise seems to owe more to geographical mapping techniques and the individuality of human topography. Laura explains that “Like skin the essence of time is recorded, a second skin is generated as a representation of oneself.

Maybelle Square Crochet Pattern Let me tell you the story about this Maybelle Square. A couple of months ago, or even longer, this idea of turning the Maybelle flower into a crochet square started to take form in my head. I had a few goes without luck. I am telling you, you do NOT want to see my terrible trials... I left the idea to sit for a while and one day one of my readers, a Dutch girl named Jane, sent me a picture of how she had turn the Maybelle flowers into squares in a blanket. I instantly contacted her to ask if she could give me some hints how she had made her squares. Big D-mn Pineapple (Stitches in Time) : Knitty Spring+Summer 2012 LEAVES With MC, CO 320 sts. If you are beading, place a bead on every CO st. Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist. Place marker to indicate start of round. K 1 rnd.

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