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Conversocial Social Customer Service

Conversocial Social Customer Service

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Best Project Management Software in 2015 Project management software is designed to coordinate effort between members of a team and impose order on the projects they are juggling. Core features allow the organization and assignment of tasks as well as higher level visualizations of project timelines and processes. This keeps team members organized and on task while management can shuffle resources, plan workloads and budgets, monitor projects as they progress, and report on delivery success.

The Ultimate Twitter Marketing Tool 1. Create your Profile Link your Twitter account with us and we provide easy access to it through our website. After linking up, you are free to use any of the features that we offer. How to Create a Useful Twitter Retweet Bot Twitter can be used in various, almost countless ways. In this post I am sharing a tip on how to create a useful Twitter RT bot that can be used to collect various Tweets around a keyword or a hashtag and retweet them. And before you start throwing stones at me calling me a Twitter spammer, let me give just a few examples of how this bot can be used to create real value:

How to Customize your Facebook Fan Box With the addition of a facebook fan box to your website you’re not only benefiting your end users but also yourself. The fb fan box allows users to directly view how many friends you have on your facebook page and also allows them to become a fan with just one click. The only potential downsides to adding a fan box to your page is that it is not easy to customize or the original styling just doesn’t match up with the unique style of your site. Well not anymore, in this tutorial we are going to teach you how to customize your very own facebook fan box.

all things twittered Seesmic Desktop is (not surprisingly) a desktop Twitter client that allows users to manage multiple Twitter accounts in a single UI. Features: utilizes Adobe Air environment ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts ability to create groups and lists, and split feeds into columns TwitPic support and video capture via drag and drop search feature allows users to track any topic The Good: Seesmic Desktop is the latest offering from the gang that brought us twhirl. Perhaps it is “twhirl plus”.

Facebook Cheat Sheet: Sizes and Dimensions Updated: September 28, 2012 What is the size of the profile picture in Facebook? How wide is page of your brand? Here are all the numbers you need and you can even download a handy PDF Facebook cheat sheet. Facebook Timeline Cover: 40 (Really) Creative Examples Just if you didn’t know, Facebook Timeline is the latest feature that was introduced in the recent Facebook Conference, F8. It’s generally a complete overhaul of the profile page with the new ability to view your status updates in a list sorted by time, hence the name. With this new feature comes a new way of introducing yourself though graphic other than profile photo, and we call it Timeline Cover. And yes, what you can expect is thousands of facebookers try to be creative with their new timeline cover, spawning the hype all over the web.

7 Strategies to Make Facebook SEO Friendly Posted on 05'11 Dec Posted on December 5, 2011 along with 23 JUST™ Creative Comments This is a guest article contributed by Richard Larson. Facebook represents a fantastic marketing opportunity for any business via shares & referrals, however, just like WordPress and other platform based user sites, it’s critical to incorporate SEO strategies into your Facebook pages in order to get exposure out of them. Here are 7 Facebook SEO strategies to make sure your Face is getting the amount of Book it deserves!

Page Tab Tutorial - Desarrolladores de FAcebook When a user navigates to the Facebook Page, they will see your Page Tab added in the next available tab position. Broadly, a Page Tab is loaded in exactly the same way as a Canvas Page. When a user selects your Page Tab, you will receive the signed_request parameter with one additional parameter, page. This parameter contains a JSON object with an id (the page id of the current page), admin (if the user is a admin of the page), and liked (if the user has liked the page). As with a Canvas Page, you will not receive all the user information accessible to your app in the signed_request until the user authorizes your app. In addition, your app will also receive a string parameter called app_data as part of signed_request if an app_data parameter was set in the original query string in the URL your tab is loaded on.

Add Map To Facebook Page The FaceItPages “Map It” application is a great addition for local Business Facebook Pages and Real Estate Facebook Pages. It enables you to easily set up a customized map with up to 10 locations. Following is a short tutorial on how to add a map to your Facebook page. The web's most trusted social marketing platform Oracle Oracle Solutions Social Relationship Management Involver Involver is Now Part of Oracle Social Relationship Management The Most Precise Measurements Of Timeline Page Images - Waterfox Facebook application developer SkandNet released a list of guidelines for image sizes for the new timeline profiles for pages. When you upload a picture that doesn’t match the space allotted on timeline, the site may adjust the image to fit, which can affect your resolution. Pictures that are too small get stretched, while oversized ones get squished.

The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet - Waterfox Facebook's social network domination may frequently get challenged by emerging social media platforms like Google+, but the facts remain. With more than 845 million members in its user base , it's still the most popular social network around. And yes, businesses are beginning to understand its potential to help them achieve their marketing goals. In fact , 41% of B2B companies and 62% of B2C companies using Facebook have acquired a customer from it .

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