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36 Questions to Bring You Closer Together

Smoothie Recipes For Everything Who knew that the solution to most our problems could be solved with a smoothie?! Smoothie Recipes For Everything infographic from Super Skinny Me gives you the ingredients and visually represents the amount of each that should put in. Trying to lose weight? Want to de-stress? Or maybe just want a bedtime drink. This infographic has it all. Is there anything as versatile, adaptable and convenient as a smoothie? The major issue I have with this design is that the proportions visualized for each smoothie aren’t accurate to the recipe. Also, the actual amounts of each ingredient aren’t shown. Found on

5 Thought-Provoking Quotes to Ponder Before the Week Commences - David Domzalski. So, I’m reading John Maxwell’s The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth right now. I basically just started today with Chapter 1 and I wanted to share a few thoughts about it thus far. A few quotes Maxwell uses throughout this first chapter titled “The Law of Intentionality” really resonated with me. The first is from “The Boss” – Bruce Springsteen. “A time will come when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being the man you want to be.” The second quote Maxwell shares is called the Law of Diminishing Intent, which states: “The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.” Robert H. “What would you attempt to do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?” The fourth quote comes from author and professor Warren Bennis: “A mistake is simply another way of doing things.” Finally, the fifth quote I want to share with you comes from the legendary Jim Rohn: How do you feel after reading these quotes?

18 Useful Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier Did you know you can easily half an apple without a knife and without knowing any special Kung Fu tricks? Or that you can pit a cherry using a chopstick and a beer bottle? One of the great things about the internet is the way everyone can share their tricks and shortcuts that make life that little bit easier. Even those who consider themselves 'master chefs' are likely going to be surprised at the tips and tricks below. They're simply amazing! Cook bacon in a waffle maker. Ripen bananas quickly by popping them in the oven for 30 minutes at 300 degrees. Clean your microwave quickly & easily with this simple tip. DIYManiacs Use a melon baller to remove pumpkin seeds. Press a hole in your burger so it cooks evenly. Whip cream by shaking it in a jar. Grate butter to soften it. Use a rubber band to loosen a tight jar lid. Coat measuring cups with a spray of cooking oil to avoid a sticky mess. Put marshmallows on your cupcakes five minutes before they're cooked for a quick and easy icing solution.

101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home | Glamumous! I love to discover tips which make housework easier! From time-saving tricks to finding new and ingenious uses for old things, the Internet provides a wealth of information and advice. In this post I've collected 101 visual tips from all over the web to help you save time and money in every room of your home. About this post Most of these tips were found via Pinterest (which by the way is a great resource for discovering tips to help around the home!). Wherever possible, I've attributed the image and tip by means of links to the original site or web-page, but if you think I have made a mistake please let me know the original source and I will correct the link. What are your favourite household tips? Do you have any favourite tips from this list? You might also enjoy these posts...

www.fromquarkstoquasars These Gifs are astoundingly elegant. 10) Here’s how you convert Cartesian (rectangular) to Polar Coordinates 9) This is how Exterior Angles of Polygons work (they add up to 360 degrees) 8) This is a Hyperboloid made up of straight lines 7) This is also a Hyperboloid of straight lines 6) This is how White Blood Cells keep you safe (in the video, a white blood cell chases and engulfs this bacteria–watch until the end!) 5) This is Earth’s ice and vegetation cycle over a year 4) There is Flammable Matter in Smoke (it’s not just nothingness, obviously) 3) This is what it looks like when you set a Flammable Gas on fire in a glass jar 2) This is vortex pinning (A superconductor levitates over a magnetic track) 1) This is how Tension works in relation to falling objects (watch a slinky fall to the Earth; this is how slinkies always fall) Over the course of a single year, we compile thousands of articles, and generate dozens upon dozens of high-quality videos and infographics. Stop by and say hello.

www.instructables "How to Draw" is a collection of tutorials that will teach you everything from perspective basics to shading chrome. Never picked up a pencil before? Fear not! From simple line drawings to modern art and easy animations, we've got you covered. All projects come from and contain pictures for each step so you can start your masterpiece today! Instructables is the most popular project-sharing community on the Internet. www.stylemotivation These tutorials will show you how to make some cute stuff, which are so easy to make and look so sweet. These easy for making decorations are great idea if you want to make something new for your home without spending money. Neon cross pillow Source Upside Down Stool Wrapping Paper Station Source Flower Lights Source Opaque striped vases Source His + Her Sharpie Mug Source Glitter Disco Ball Source Glitter Keys Source Bookmark Source Source Ornament Source Confetti Vase Source Burlap Flowers Source Light Bulb Vase Source office desk stand Source Creative Idea Source Pistachio Shell Flower Brooch Source Plastic bottle planter Source Hemp pendant lamps Source Spoon mirror Source Storage box Source Source Source Posts from friends

Read your rising-sign horoscope instead. - Do you read your weekly or monthly horoscope? If you do, I want to explain why you should consider reading the forecast for your rising sign in addition to (or perhaps even in place of ?!) your sun sign. You don’t need to change the horoscope you read, say, Rob Brezny’s Free Will Astrology, Astro Barry, or Susan Miller’s monthly forecast. I know, I know! I will try to explain how sun-sign columns are written in as un-jargony terms as possible. The horoscope is broken down into four important pieces. 1) signs 2) planets 3) houses 4) planetary aspects the examples given below are crude examples to illustrate pieces of a horoscope and are not complete interpretations. SIGNS, like Aries, Taurus, Libra, etc. Signs describe a style. PLANETS, like the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter. Planets describe the parts of who we are: The Moon: our needs, Mars: how we act, Venus: what we enjoy, Saturn: what we fear. HOUSES, when you look at a horoscope, are the things that look like pieces of pizza.

Neptune in Third House by Aleister Crowley A great many of the remarks which were made about the first house are applicable to the third, but in a somewhat secondary sense. The tendencies which we have noted there are deep-seated and pertain rather to the ego itself than to any of its embellishments, but the third house dealing with the mentality must be considered as indicating the development of the mind through education and environment. This distinction is not so subtle as it seems. These qualities will naturally react, perhaps in a very marked manner on the social relations.

Earth Wrapped In 'Star Trek Force Field', Scientists Discover The Earth is encased in an invisible force field that scientists have compared with the "shields" featured in iconic TV show Star Trek. An American team discovered the barrier, some 7,200 miles above the Earth's surface, that blocks high energy electrons threatening astronauts and satellites. Scientists identified an "extremely sharp" boundary within the Van Allen radiation belts, two large doughnut-shaped rings held in place by the Earth's magnetic field that are filled with fast-moving particles (see graphic below). Lead researcher Professor Daniel Baker, from the University of Colorado at Boulder, said: "It's almost like these electrons are running into a glass wall in space. Artists impression of a doughnut-shaped brick wall to illustrate an invisible "shield" discovered US scientists that is 7,200 miles above the Earth in the Van Allen radiation belts, which blocks high energy electrons that threaten astronauts and satellites

www.dessertfortwo I haven’t talked much about living in St Louis, have I? After living in 3 different states in the last 3 years, we struggle to put roots down and get ‘too comfortable’ in any one place. As I write this, we never know where the future will take us. It’s not that we’re not happy in St Louis at all! There’s a huge food scene here, but to be honest, I cook at home. There are TWO food magazines in this city. I feel cheated that I didn’t grow up with this cake. These cookies are the softest, gooiest, chewiest cookies I’ve ever made. You gotta make these. I adapted the recipe from Lottie and Doof, but Lottie (or Doof) complains that the cookies are too fragile to be stored at room temperature. Go ahead, eat 12 bites in a row. Gooey Butter Cake Cookies : Serves: 1 dozen Ingredients Instructions In a medium bowl, add the cream cheese and butter.

planetofwomen Buns appear in many styles and sizes, but most are made with the exact same simple methods. A bun is ideal for making elegant, romantic look for both day and night. The bun is a traditional hairstyle that can be used in a number of ways. No matter if you’re getting ready for a sophisticated evening in town or want a hairstyle to enhance typical Friday, there’s always a variation of the bun that can improve any look. Learn how to make any look with our step-by-step tutorials. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.