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Portal Content - What is TV3D? The TV3D SDK is a complete 3D middleware solution for programmers looking to create anything from next generation games to complex simulations. By using our complete API and your favorite development language, you can write less code, and get more done in a shorter amount of time. The entire TV3D SDK has been built from the ground up to give the programmer total control over every aspect of their 3D world. Complete control is maintained through a very easy to learn system of objects, each with a very specific set of functions. Our multi-language technology is an industry first, giving you the ability to program using the language you are most comfortable with. Optimized rendering pipeline Managed per-pixel/vertex lighting system Managed shadowing engine Complex particle system with editor Internal shader effects with HLSL shader semantics Animation blending and morphing Configurable LOD (Level of Detail) Built-in complex landscape system Integrated simulation-level physics engine Delphi Java

Creating Believable 3D Environments | The Gnomon Workshop Cinematic Environment Modeling Supervisor, Blizzard Entertainment Seth Thompson has over fourteen years of professional experience in the video game industry as a cinematic artist and expertise in environment and set design, modeling, surfacing, lighting, and layout. Seth grew up practicing traditional art on a farm in Virginia with big dreams of one day working on video games at Blizzard Entertainment or Square-Enix. He has had the luck to see both of these dreams come true, working for over eleven years on the Cinematic Team at Blizzard Entertainment and for three years on Square-Enix’s Visual Works Team in Tokyo, Japan.

6.1.14 (Élias) released [Sympa mailing list server] Valve rend gratuit son SDK Source Valve rend gratuit son SDK Source Valve, qui a rendu gratuit Team Fortress 2, il y a peu de temps, a aussi rendu gratos le SDK du moteur SOURCE. Cela signifie que n'importe qui, peut maintenant développer de nouveaux jeux ou mods basés sur ce moteur. Pour obtenir ce SDK, vous devez quand même être client de Valve, donc acheter un jeu comme TF2 ou Half Life 2 sur Steam. Le SDK est ensuite téléchargeable directement via Steam. Plus d'infos sur le modding de jeux ici. [Source] Vous avez aimé cet article ? PlayMaker - Visual Scripting for Unity3D

UDK - Unreal Development Kit - Epic Games Introduction to Maya 2017 Tutorial > Pluralsight In this course, you'll get an in-depth look at how to work in the different areas of Maya using a project-based approach. This in-depth Maya tutorial is designed to help you get a solid understanding of the core features found in Maya, and help you to ease your transition into this very powerful program. During the course of these lessons, you'll have a chance to learn about different aspects of Maya from two experts. In the first portion of this tutorial, you'll get familiar with some of the vocabulary and foundational skills that you'll need in order to begin moving around and working in Maya. From there, you'll move into exploring some of the modeling features found in Maya and begin building the mining pod, which will be your central project for the remainder of this course. From there, you go through the entire process of adding textures and materials to the pod. | Une communauté d'académiques et d'industriels de la post-production réunis autour des problématiques de gestion de la couleur Interactive Fiction ClubFloyd was founded on September 2, 2007. The idea behind it is that each week a group of people meet online to cooperatively play a game of interactive fiction. Meetings occur on the ifMUD, and an account is required to participate, as Guest accounts cannot join channels, which are necessary for discussing the game during play. Once you're logged in at the appointed time, enter the command "TOYSHOP" to join us, and we'll help you out from there. Transcripts are kept for every session, though the site gets updated sporadically.Have (lots of) patience, grasshoppers! Also contained within the list below are a smattering of NightFloyd transcripts. I have never received a single note from an author asking me to pull a transcript. Here are the transcripts of our past game-play sessions (some are rather lengthy and may take time to load, depending on your Internet connection). You can also click (and/or consider bookmarking) this link to jump to the most recent transcript(s) in the list.

Learning Maya 2016: Where To Get Started Maya is a popular 3D animation tool, published by Autodesk. But it’s got a brutally steep learning curve, and can be intimidating for beginners. This week, a reader writes in to see if we could recommend some learning material. Ask The Experts contributor Bruce Epper has him covered. A Reader Asks: I really want to get into 3D animation with Maya, but I have no idea where to start. Bruce’s Reply: Whether you want to get into 3D art, modeling, and/or animation for your own amusement or as a step toward getting your dream job, you’re going to need to know how to use the tools of the trade. For those who are considering getting into CGI animation, there are less expensive tools such as the open source Blender which can be used to create awesome films, though the learning curve is not necessarily any smaller than with its commercial counterparts. Current and future game makers may also want to take a look at Unity3D. Maya’s Help Menu 1 Minute Startup Movies Maya Learning Channel CADLearning

Diaspora - Freeware Battlestar Galactica Game