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6 areas of research that offer fascinating conclusions on sexuality

6 areas of research that offer fascinating conclusions on sexuality
The standard narrative of human sexual evolution says: men provide women with goods and services in exchange for women’s sexual fidelity. But is that really true or relevant today? Christopher Ryan, the co-author of Sex at Dawn with Cacilda Jethá, takes a deeper look and has quite a few bones to pick with this idea. Christopher Ryan: Are we designed to be sexual omnivores? Ryan explains that our sexual patterns are an outgrowth of agricultural models—which accounts for only about five percent of human history. For the other 95 percent, human sexuality was “a way of establishing and maintaining the complex flexible social systems, networks, that our ancestors were very good at.” Below, read up on some more lines of research that suggest out-of-the-box ideas about our sexuality. Question: Is bisexuality a sexual orientation, something that’s temporary or an outgrowth of the sexual fluidity we all exhibit?. Photo credit: iStock

This Is How You Love An Introvert Make eye contact as frequently as possible. You should learn to know each earthy rim of her irises better than your own, so that when she doesn’t talk, you can at least understand the language of her glare. Ask her questions. Let her play the Call, not just the Response. Touch her. Do not confuse her patience with tolerance. When you fight, do not expect her to crack. Do not start a Cold War; muteness has always been her defense. When she chooses to wear the red scarf instead of the seven other brown, black and grey ones hanging in the closet next to it, let her know how beautiful it is to see her in color. Do not, though, lose yourself for her. When you see her, smile.

101 Things You Have To Do Before Summer Is Over - Page 2 of 2 60. Create a scavenger hunt. 61. Decorate your neighborhood with sidewalk chalk. 62. 66. 70. 72. 84. Images courtesy of Hollywood, Kiwi Collection, Ask in Your Face, Her List of Nine, The Cottage Market, Nature Up North, Starry Skies, Spoilt Mushrooms, Dried Flowers Direct, Blue Velvet Vintage, Safe4Work, Alice Down The Hole The science of love: How "positivity resonance" shapes the way we connect by Maria Popova The neurobiology of how the warmest emotion blurs the boundaries by you and not-you. We kick-started the year with some of history’s most beautiful definitions of love. But timeless as their words might be, the poets and the philosophers have a way of escaping into the comfortable detachment of the abstract and the metaphysical, leaving open the question of what love really is on an unglamorously physical, bodily, neurobiological level — and how that might shape our experience of those lofty abstractions. That’s precisely what psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, who has been studying positive emotions for decades, explores in the unfortunately titled but otherwise excellent Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become (UK; public library). Using both data from her own lab and ample citations of other studies, Fredrickson dissects the mechanisms of love to reveal both its mythologies and its practical mechanics. Donating = Loving

10 Fabulous German Words With No English Equivalent - Page 2 of 2 7) Treppenwitz (n.): the things you should have said but only occur to you when it is too late Also known as, every comeback you’ve ever had that only came to you 20 minutes after the other person walked away. The Germans have a word for that, treppenwitz, and it perfectly describes my existence. 8) Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung (n.): the struggle to come to terms with the past Listen… you can’t take back that one time you sneezed all over your crush or got catfished by a 12-year-old boy on the Internet. 9) Handschuhschneeballwerfer (n.): a coward willing to criticize and abuse from a safe distance The literal translation of this word might provide some more perspective: a person who wears gloves to throw snowballs. 10) Allgemeinbildung (n.): everything that any adult capable of living independently can reasonably be expected to know There is technically a phrase for this in English, “common sense,” but allgemeinbildung turns it into one word and gives you another excuse to speak German.

What Happens While You Sleep and How It Affects Your Every Waking Moment by Maria Popova “We are living in an age when sleep is more comfortable than ever and yet more elusive.” The Ancient Greeks believed that one fell asleep when the brain filled with blood and awakened once it drained back out. Nineteenth-century philosophers contended that sleep happened when the brain was emptied of ambitions and stimulating thoughts. Most of us will spend a full third of our lives asleep, and yet we don’t have the faintest idea of what it does for our bodies and our brains. But before we get too anthropocentrically arrogant in our assumptions, it turns out the quantitative requirement of sleep isn’t correlated with how high up the evolutionary chain an organism is: Lions and gerbils sleep about thirteen hours a day. What, then, happens as we doze off, exactly? Despite taking up so much of life, sleep is one of the youngest fields of science. (Recall the role of REM sleep in regulating negative emotions.) Reflecting on his findings, Randall marvels: Donating = Loving

I Didn't Wash My Hair for 7 Days and This Is What Happened With just 24 hours in each day, who wants to waste an hour washing, drying, and styling their hair? Definitely not me. I'm a DJ and a photographer in New York City, which means I can have up to three jobs in a day, starting in the wee hours of the morning and ending in the wee hours of the morning. There are a select few who can lather, rinse, and be out the door in minutes looking red-carpet-ready, but sadly, I am not one of them. In fact, I'm pretty sure my unruly curly hair actually has a mind of its own. Luckily though, it's not as difficult as you'd think to train your hair to last days—and even weeks—without a wash. Perhaps due to the wavy and frizzy nature of my locks (combined with my inability to properly use products), I was never fond of how my mane looked on the day I washed it. For years now I've been shampooing, at most, once a week—I personally think my hair looks best around the fourth day.

The Pixel Density Race and its Technical Merits While this has always been an issue that’s been in the background since Android OEMs started releasing devices with display PPIs above the 300-400 “retina” range, recent events have sparked a broader discussion into the value of pursuing the PPI race that is happening between Android OEMs. Within this discussion, the key points of contention tend to center upon the various tradeoffs from increasing resolution, and whether an increase in pixels per inch (PPI) will actually have a perceivable increase. If there is any single number that people point to for resolution, it is the 1 arcminute value that Apple uses to indicate a “Retina Display”. While all of these resolution values are achievable by human vision, in practice, such values are highly unlikely. Thus, there are multiple sets of tradeoffs that come with increased resolution.

The Single Girl's Totally Doable Summer Bucket List #4 on my summer bucket list. When I read someone’s life bucket list, I get an impending sense of trepidation. Go zorbing. See the Northern Lights. Run a half marathon. So here’s the deal: I have this summer. a) I HATE to be alone b) I am a puppy. c) I live for goals, to-do lists, and adventure The myriad factors have nudged me to make the empowering decision to not waste away during these next three months. Purchase a cheap-as-hell ukulele and learn a little dittySee a movie by myself (The Fault in Our Stars, anyone?) DIY a bolo tie (let’s bring back the bolo tie!) These items may not be your cup of cappuccino, but maybe some of them will poke you into coming up with your own list of adventures for the summer. Cosette is an electric guitar-playing, red lipstick-rocking, slam poet bohemian whose spirit animal is coffee.

Why are we getting smarter? Further reading on the “Flynn effect” James Flynn points out a fascinating dynamic at TED2013, that we appear to be getting smarter. Photo: James Duncan Davidson In the 1980s, psychologist James Flynn discovered that, over the past century, our average IQ has increased dramatically. In today’s talk, Why our IQ levels are higher than our grandparents’, given at TED2013, Flynn explains that if you scored people a century ago against today’s norms, they’d have an IQ of 70, while if you score us against their norms, we’d have an average IQ of 130. James Flynn: Why our IQ levels are higher than our grandparents'Flynn argues that the effect comes down to three types of thinking we currently practice that we didn’t a century ago: “classification, using logic on abstractions, taking the hypothetical seriously,” as he puts it. Flynn delves into this dramatic change in his book, Are We Getting Smarter? In an interview last December with, Flynn presented some surprising nuggets he’d come across in his research.

The Bedside Dreams Diary | Pakistani Beauty Blog - Makeup Reviews, Swatches & Lifestyle: Diary of a Shopaholic - The Ultimate Guide for Shopping in Pakistan "You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that's what it's like when I see a store. Only it's better.. You see, a man will never love you or treat you as well as a store. If a man doesn't fit, you can't exchange him seven days later for a gorgeous cashmere sweater. And a store always smells good. Well excuse my unconditionally crazy love for Confession of Shopaholic and jump quickly to a long list of stores in Pakistan that are desperately awaiting you, to treat you like that princess you really are! To find out more about any mentioned store just click on its name and it will take you to its official Facebook Fan page, there you can find all relevant details. Lime Light Talk about fashion on a budget, this year over 50% of my summer wardrobe was from Lime Light. Generation Classic – a favourite since generations! Majority of my formals come from Zahra Ahmad. Khaadi Casual, chic and comforting!

The Science of Orgasms and Your Brain on Porn By Maria Popova We’ve already explored the origins of sex, the neurochemistry of heartbreak, and how drugs affect desire. But what, exactly, happens in the brain when the body belts out its ultimate anthem of sexual triumph? Count on creative duo Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, better known as AsapSCIENCE — who have previously explained how music enchants the brain and what science teaches us about curing hangovers — to break down the body’s response during orgasm: But what about sexual experiences that don’t involve direct contact with a partner? For more on this ceaselessly fascinating tangle of biology and behavior, see the recently released The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction by neuroscientist Larry Young and journalist Brian Alexander, who take us inside the living brain to explore how its neurotransmitters, hormones, and circuits shape the very behaviors we find ourselves most invested in.

10 of the Biggest Lies in History" Two decades before the Clinton scandal, another U.S. president was caught in a web of lies, and the controversy had devastating effects on the country as a whole. In the summer before President Richard Nixon's successful re-election to a second term, five men were caught breaking into the Democratic National Committee headquarters, housed in the Watergate Hotel. As details emerged over the next year, it became clear that officials close to Nixon gave the orders to the burglars, perhaps to plant wiretaps on the phones there. The question soon became about whether Nixon knew of, covered up or even ordered the break-in. In response to mounting suspicions, Nixon denied allegations that he knew anything. It was a lie that came back to haunt him. The tapes were exactly the smoking gun needed to implicate Nixon in the cover-up of the scandal.

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