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Comment vérifier les images des réseaux sociaux ?

Comment vérifier les images des réseaux sociaux ?

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Sorting the Real Sandy Photos From the Fakes - The Atlantic With Hurricane Sandy approaching the New York metro area, the nation's eyes are turning to its largest city. Photos of storms and flooding are popping up all over Twitter, and while many are real, some of them -- especially the really eye-popping ones -- are fake. This post, which will be updated over the next couple of days, is an effort to sort the real from the unreal. It's a photograph verification service, you might say, or a pictorial investigation bureau. If you see a picture that looks fishy, send it to me at alexis.madrigal[at]

New York plane crash: Twitter breaks the news, again Within minutes of US Airways flight 1549 ditching in New York's Hudson river, the blogosphere was buzzing with the news. Emails, Twitter messages, mobile phone photos and hazy videos about the crash flitted across cyberspace. Some reassured friends and loved ones that all was well; others simply documented the unfolding drama as all 155 passengers and crew made their way to safety using the jet's inflatable emergency chutes. Twitter, the increasingly popular microblogging service, was, as ever, leading the pack. Search Smarter: 30+ Google Search Tricks You Might Not Already Know Google seems to have the answers to everything. Want the weather forecast? Ask Google. Need directions to a restaurant? Search Google.

Famous Photoshopped Photos That Will Make You Question History When anyone is in a position of power, public perception becomes either your foundation, or a tidal wave that will swallow you and your legacy whole. Which means, of course, that PR becomes an incredibly important tool to have in your arsenal. This is why all public figures have countless advisors and managers whose only job is to look after the images of their superior. They do not only reflect the powerful’s persona to the masses, after all; they create it.

Is All the Truth We Need in the Data? by Jag Bhalla Is all the truth we need found in the numbers? Can the stats always chart a better course? Although it seems savvy to defer to “the data,” the devil is in the details. 1. “Eliminating all police bias,” calculates Sendhil Mullainathan (The New York Times) wouldn’t materially reduce police killings of African-Americans. As Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Seaboard extraordinary scenes of the devastation were broadcast around the world. At the same time, social media went into overdrive with Facebook and Twitter suddenly deluged with harrowing stories and images of what was happening in New York and beyond. Pictures showed Ground Zero being flooded by sea water, a fairground carousel – seemingly still with its lights on – bobbing in the middle of the rising waters, the Statue of Liberty being pummeled by a gigantic wave and even sharks circling in the floods waters of New Jersey.

Discover the 5176 content creators Discover the 5176 content creators OtherPhotography €359 collected per photo Beatiful Life 8 tippersTip ! Dan Russell's Home Page & Site Recent & Interesting Papers Tunkelang, D., Capra, R., Golovchinsky, G., Kules, B., Russell, D. M., Smith, C., White, R., HCIR 2011: the Fifth International Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval, SIGIR Forum 45(2) (2012) Russell, D. M. “Ubiquitous search for smart workspaces” Universal Access in the Information Society, vol 10 n. 4, p 11-20 (2011)

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