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100 Inspirational Digital Art Wallpapers - 3D, Anime, Concept art, Fantasy, Illustrations, Scenery/Landscapes, Sci-fi, Space, Videogames, wallpaper

20 Inspiring Examples Of Textured Websites As we can see, nowadays textures are very popular in web design, and the main purpose is to replace the sleek and glossy look of what we used to call “web 2.0″. In this article you will find 20 examples of website designs that make a good use of textures. Gift Rocket Blaz Robar Bianca Mangels Twelve Saturdays Kaishinlab Zavida Full Fat Designs Full Frontal 2011 Kite Xperience BokicaBo Vectorian Colby James West Syropia Carnivale du Vin 2011 Jordesign La Web Shop Havana Club Ten Numbers Stickybeak Island Photobooth Joshua Sortino More Hazards More Heroes Go live Head2Heart Campaign Experiência Lecom Showcase of Beautiful and Creative Branding Works A brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or company. It’s like the image of your company how we see it at first sight, that’s why a good visual identity is becoming very important. In this post I will show you some beautiful and creative brand works. Are you looking to contribute to our design community ? Suggest a link to a relevant article, or submit your own! You will help push the design community to much higher levels. FOX international channels Main stationery Designmonat Graz 2010 logos Innovatiecentrum Oost-Vlaanderen Rebranding of TV channel Avivo Corporate Identity Corporate & Brand Identity, König Architektur Deichmanske Library Gent BC Guts & Glory All Logos – Breno Bitencourt Related Posts Get your pass4sure 70-663 and 156-215.70 certifications within days using latest 000-979 and other resources of certifications?

55 Inspiring Quotations That Will Change The Way You Think Sometimes life gets tough and we need that little something to keep us going. That little something is inspirational quotations. We love to read and get inspired from them, but a few seconds later we throw them out of our head. The way we perceive life most of the time, is wrong. People who search for happiness think that money and fame will make their life perfect. Now while reading this you are probably thinking we sound like your mother. Today we have gathered some of the most inspirational quotes we could find.

Newsletter Design: 50+ Great Examples A good newsletter campaign can be a great way to inform your subscribers of all your company’s latest news, products and specials. In this post you will see some great examples of newsletter designs from various online companies. If you’re in need of some design inspiration, this post just might do the job. Want more articles on Email Newsletter Design ? Check out some of my previous posts: Email Newsletter Templates: 40 Hand Picked Premium Designs Email Newsletter: 7 Useful Tips For Creating Attractive And Effective Designs Email Newsletter: Collection Of Inspirational Designs Mailbakery Email Newsletter Coding Service envato EVE online Coach BioShock teamworX filemaker iconinc Heroes Over Europe California Walnuts Anno 1404 Apple Seedcorn Competition JUXT Interactive belladomicile lecool eroi Crate and Barrel Letone citrineny virtuosa tartgraf apple iphone thelomographer Sandals Vexio Fifty Coins Restaurant percept welove72 Apple College fontshop aston workshop Sephora Apple nano pink sherbet designs remixcreative virb

25 Beautiful Examples of Silhouette Photography Top Home » Inspiration • photography » 25 Beautiful Examples of Silhouette Photography Here is a huge collection of some amazing silhouette photos that will mesmerize your imagination. Silhouette photos are getting very popular and therefore are being used widely. Net Work Phuket Sunset Dance Cable Beach Sunset Silluette Take the plunge Butterfly Flight Hold me pls Morning Launch Textured sunset Elemental Onslaught Candid Silhouette William’s silhouette Boat Silhouette Silhouette Cat A little too early for you, kid In The Blue My Silhouette Blue on Black woman silhouette Silhouette of two Giraffes Twilight Blues Seagull Sunset Silhouette Silhouetted Least Tern set for diving at last light Sunset Contro Luce Tramonto silhouette Related Articles Comments Larry Nocella Found this page using StumbleUpon. Leave a Comment Your email address will not be published. Webdesign Core Copyright © 2014. Theme by MyThemeShop.

50 Great CSS Awarded Websites and Works Of Designers,Design Agencies and Studios | Design Inspiration-Resources for Design and Development One of the best CSS showcase site is The CSS Awards Site.The reason is that, they analyse the submitted CSS sites very detailed.They have really professional judges and all the CSS sites are selected daily under a strict system of valoration and every month they decide the ”Site Of The Month”.I was wondering their criterias while selecting and i learnt that the submitted CSS sites are judged for Web Design(50%), Creativity(25%), Content(15%) and Usability(10%).The awards were created to acknowledge the creativity, innovation and talent among the best designers, studios, and agencies of the world through their websites.Today i bring together the sites of month,the site of the day and some honored(judged but not selected as winner) sites.Hope you like the showcase and please tell me what you think. Hm-Andrei Pixelbaecker Convergese Andy Ward Pine Apple Thief Ignatynikulin Living Design Plastic Beach Watch Carl Rosekilly Bowtie Period Fresh not Canned They Make Apps The Peach Design Aussie BBQ Legends

25 Examples of Footers in Web Design As a user I really like to find a well designed footer in a website. I think it is nice to know that the designer was thinking about everything when putting the layout together, I feel happy to find a beautiful design “from header to footer.” And by that I don’t mean that the layout must be fancy, I just mean that is nice to find a nice image, illustration or simply well organized info and maybe some nice and elegant icons. So based in all that, today we decided to gather a list showing a few examples of footers in web design. And I have to say that this time around – we already showed footers here twice: nov/2010 and dec/2009 – it was harder to find interesting examples to show. me & oli La Bubbly Poogan’s Porch GiftRocket Linda Dong Insite Made by Vadim Eric Paul Snowden Studio Chirpy Head Lamp Creative upperdog Deda 1minus1 Nudge Soho Fixed Guy Gyngell/a> Corkcicle Pandr Bristol Archive Records yuru Brand New Conference Touchtech El Passion I am Tiago Source: About the Author Related Posts

33 Beautiful Uses of Icons in Web Design Besides textures and patterns, icons, are one of the most important small elements that can make big changes to the over-all look of any site. While they are really small, and are not always very noticeable they are really used a lot on any kind of website. In Navigation bars, in sidebars, in footers, near sliders and wherever possible. Any website has a use of at least 3 icons on page, and up to 20 on a full website. In the following round-up we have listed a selection of websites that have a really beautiful use of icons, on their pages. 33 Beautiful Uses of Icons in Web Design Movmt Rundotodo Trifermed CL Designz Deinternet Jongens Travelison Cappuccino Digital David Ecolla Typo Popote Robin Clediere Space Tofu Stylapps We Are Pandr InfluAds La Web Shop Duck App Deda Pixel 2 Html Symbolicons Agencia 110 World of eStore Light CMS Moso Resume Baking Webfoo London Manage WP Rate my Shizzle Clearair Challange Fluxion Messages for Japan Space o Technologies Bronco Caixa de Ideias Conclusion

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's personal stationery Ben Berry, the designer explained the thinking behind the design: "Mark gets a lot of mail thanking him from people with amazing personal stories made possible because of Facebook. We wanted to make something a little more personal and special for him to respond." Showcase Of Hand-Drawn Web Designs - Web Design Blog – Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now Most designers reveal their creativity on paper in the form of sketches. So why not in web design? allthingsoldtimey olympiafilmfestival blogbier mikimottes bootb project365 frankpr jessewillmon chirp.twitter stepanmares narenderrana natrashka mickevans candccoffee projectfedena denisechandler mascaradesign wingcheng greenolivz beavory sebastianmrazek roaaar schlafman robbinwaldemar legworkstudio li.pixelmind bearskinrug fatheads About Brant Wilson Brant Wilson is a staff writer for the DesignMag network.

35 Eye-Catching Portfolio Website Designs An online Portfolio Design is a reflection of their skills, past works, and technique what they own it. Showcasing your work needs to be a very simple, professional, and clean. If you are a designer these portfolio designs should inspire you to design or rework your portfolio layout. Here I showcased some of the best design portfolio sites on the web around the world. I hope you all enjoy these “35 Eye-Catching Portfolio Website Designs”. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS or Follow us on Twitter if you want to keep track of our next post. 01. 02. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35.

Minimalist Vs. Complex Websites We are still facing the stupid conception that the creation and publishing of websites is a job for smart kids. The first decade of this millennium brings an end to this idea and the web design industry is born. Nowadays, despite a huge number of online presences, specialized people, who barely know the laws of beautiful design, create most of them. Even if the Internet was born almost twenty years ago, it’s a common and vital entity for the entire society. The irreplaceable advantages of it make our modern society to look carefully at the new “discovery” and to invest money and resources to have an impressive website. The web design is evolving and experts create awesome pieces of work, offering a large variety of styles, some of these very complicated while others are quite simple. Another common type of layouts is the one of complex websites, heavily relied on a very complicated structure. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. Naked And Angry Natalia Devalle Makr Carry Goods Brandon Taelor Pixelbot TicToc

32 Beautiful Text Art Creations Text isn’t just limited to language, it can be also used to create unique, unusual pieces of art. This roundup features a selection of creative imagery composed entirely with text. All About hand Created in Illustrator, this demonstrates how text can be used to make the ordinary seem dynamic and unique. Mos Def Lyric Portrait A beautiful mix of style and various typefaces give this Lyrical portrait a multi-cultural vibe that really make it ‘pop’. Type Industry An exploration of the combination of type and engineering, with a lovely use of angles to anchor the image on the letter T. It’s Graphic Design It’s Graphic Design, not Art – so says this text art. Jimi In Type It’s not as detailed as other type portraits but it’s worth seeing just for the attention to the hair, it’s managed to capture some of the Jimi Hendrix style. Here’s Looking At You An illustration for Computer Arts Magazine #111, for an article about typography, with all of the elements hand placed in Illustrator. Type Art Portrait