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How to: repair a shattered eyeshadow

How to: repair a shattered eyeshadow
How to repair your shattered eyeshadow. Today I’m going to share something with you, something precious and close to me. It will help you preserve your sanity and hard earned dollars. It might be a little bit of fun for your Monday too, but I don’t want to assume things on your behalf. Have you ever shattered a brand new eyeshadow? I’m here to help with a makeup tip from the pros. Are you here from StumbleUpon? fixed eyeshadow container So, a little while ago I discovered makeup tutorials on YouTube. Where I found this tip and trick how to repair shattered eye shadow I don’t even have time enough in the day to watch all the good stuff out there. Do you ever break your eyeshadow? I’m here to teach you how to repair it. Here’s what you need: shattered eyeshadowcoin {I used an American quarter}rubbing alcoholtissuebutter knifemedicine squirter{not pictured} plastic bag or plastic wrap eyeshadow with plastic lid Step 1: Get everything together Step 2: Tear it all down back to the basics Allison

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101 Conversation Starters People Love Below are 101 types of conversation starters to use on your first date, at a party, in business, with guys or girls, or on family and friends. The 101 great conversation openers are simple and effective. Do not be fooled. The most important point to remember when using any conversation starter is they aim to start the conversation. 25 Things Women Should Know How To Do I normally don't read mass emails but a good friend of mine sent this to me this morning and I couldn't resist reading the 25 Life Saving Tips Every Woman Should Know. I probably have mastered about 3 of these but now I have a good starting point of what I should learn. I'm not sure that you all will agree with these but I felt that as a member of Girls Guide To I should share this list with you. (And this ecard made me crack up too!) 1. Applying blush

older and wisor: 31 Ways To Wrap Your Crap You didn't ACTUALLY think that I'd try to cheat y'all out of a day, did you? When I said 31, I meant 31....even if that means that the last post is in November (already???). Today, it's a bunch of stuff that I couldn't fit into any other topic. Or stuff I found AFTER posting about that very idea, and I'm too stubborn (read: lazy) to go back and edit old posts. Just in case you found nothing in the last month that was inspiring - or if you're like me and can never have too many ideas - here are 50 more inspirations photos to get your motor running. And P.S : Thanks for stickin' with me.

10 Power Food Combos The Oscar winning visionary filmmaker opened up during a Reddit AMA on Saturday afternoon. James Cameron, the acclaimed filmmaker behind sci-fi classics like Terminator, Aliens, and Terminator 2, as well as the blockbuster behemoths Titanic and Avatar, participated in a surprisingly candid Reddit AMA on Saturday afternoon. The self-proclaimed “king of the world” was online promoting Years of Living Dangerously, a 9-part documentary series about the filmmaking styles of top directors, which will premiere on Sunday, April 13 on Showtime. And Redditors, as is their wont, didn’t let Cameron off easy, prodding him with questions ranging from how to find missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370—Cameron knows how, apparently!

She's Crafty: DIY Multi-Chain & Ribbon Necklace Due to the resounding success of her last She’s Crafty, my friend Pandora from Accessory Source is back with another lovely necklace DIY tutorial that would make a fantastic christmas present for a friend or relative! She says: When it comes to jewelry, I favor big and bold pieces. And while I tend to wear mostly gold, lately I’ve become obsessed with mixing metals like silver and gunmetal (and throwing in some bling for good measure!). 5 Websites to Check Before You Shop Online (PriceGrabber) Shopping online has its undisputable benefits: it can save you gas, time and money, not to mention you can do it in your pajamas. The problem is, with so many online retailers to choose from, the whole process can become overwhelming rather than a time-saver.

Water Marble Tutorial. Supplies: orange stick or... Water Marble Tutorial. Supplies: orange stick or toothpick, shot glass or cup (the smaller the circumference, the less polish you end up wasting), room temp. water, nail polish, tape (optional, but it helps with the clean up) I like to begin by prepping my nails with base coat and one coat of polish. Make Your Own Crackle Finish (for CHEAP!) Home » $1 and Free, cheap crafts, Decor, Headline, supplies 12 May 2010 96,713 views 12 Comments by heather Wow! I love it when people hack crafts and do specialized techniques with stuff you already have at home. Ann from Make The Best of Things has done just that with her amazing crackle paint technique tutorial.

Apple Pie Egg Rolls : : Miss in the Kitchen Apple Pie Egg Rolls I saw one of the Food Network stars making apple chimichangas and thought I had to have some for myself. I bought flour tortillas and apples, and then I used the flour tortillas for tacos.

DIY of the Month: Braided T-shirt Bracelet How To: Give your old t-shirts a second life. Sorry dust rag pile! photos: kirsten for we heart this I love using simple materials to make something fun and innovative. The supplies for this bracelet DIY are really basic, so there’s a REALLY good chance you own all of them already. I mean, who doesn’t have a stack of soft old T’s you can’t wear outside of the house, but love to much to toss in the rag pile? 50 Free And Useful Websites To Be Thankful For Do you ever wonder where we got our information before the Internet? Did we actually use calculators to convert a liter to a gallon or a dollar to a pound? If we wanted to view a map of Europe, did we really have to visit a library? If we wanted to know what time it was in Melbourne right now — did we have to call a relative in Australia to find out? I could go on and on — but the point is that today, the Internet is an amazing free resource for the information we seek.

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