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The 100 Rules for Being an Entrepreneur

The 100 Rules for Being an Entrepreneur
If you Google “entrepreneur” you get a lot of mindless cliches like “Think Big!” For me, being an “entrepreneur” doesn’t mean starting the next “Facebook”. Or even starting any business at all. It means finding the challenges you have in your life, and determining creative ways to overcome those challenges… I believe that creating multiple income streams is important for everyone. However, in this post I focus mostly on the issues that come up when you first start an actual company. These rules also apply if you are taking an entrepreneurial stance within a much larger company (which all employees should do). Just as good to be an “entreployee” as an “entrepreneur”. For me, I’ve started several businesses. Maybe 17 have failed out of 20. I’m invested in about 28 private companies. Along the way I’ve compiled a list of rules that have helped me deal with every aspect of being an entrepreneur in business and some in life. Here’s the real rules: A) It’s not fun. B) Try not to hire people. a.

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10 Habits To Be Happier and More Productive What a goddamn shitty title. That’s the sort of BS that is everywhere on the Internet these days. Like, someone gets on a pedestal and teaches people how to be happier and then that same person goes to a motel owned by killers and smoke crack with hookers. How Game of Thrones would look set in the 1990s So Mike Wrobel, a pretty kick-ass graphic designer from France, unleashed something awesome on the internet: Game of Thrones characters redesigned as 80s rockstars, 90s tomboys and high-school jocks. It's like watching an episode of Saved by the Bell, with the occasional dragon roaming past the lockers, skateboard clutching punks and chirpy cheerleaders. Plus the make-out scenes would probably be a little steamier... Scroll down to see your favourite characters in fashion's most colourful decades. Sign up for a month's free LOVEFiLM trial to watch all your favourite films and TV shows for free. Plus, you can get your hands on a free £20 voucher to spend at Topshop or Topman.

Wine Wine is a psychoactive drug, as are all alcoholic beverages,[2] commonly used for its intoxicating effects today and throughout history. The psychoactive effects of wine are evident at the normal serving size.[3][4] Wines made from produce besides grapes are usually named after the product from which they are produced (for example, rice wine, pomegranate wine, apple wine and elderberry wine) and are generically called fruit wine. The term "wine" can also refer to starch-fermented or fortified beverages having higher alcohol content, such as barley wine, huangjiu, or sake. From its earliest appearance in written records, wine has also played an important role in religion. 5 Key Talents of Successful Startup Founders Nick Hughes is the CEO and co-founder of Seconds, a mobile commerce platform that provides text messaging and mobile payments for local commerce. In his spare time, he inspires entrepreneurs to build meaningful and enduring companies through his writing. Follow him on Twitter @jnickhughes. Startup founders are fascinating creatures. They have to be multifaceted and dynamic, yet laser sharp and narrowly focused. During the early days, they must wear many hats and perform a variety of foreign duties, such as HR, PR, sales, marketing and product design.

Human factors and ergonomics Human factors and ergonomics (HF&E), also known as comfort design, functional design, and user-friendly systems,[1] is the practice of designing products, systems or processes to take proper account of the interaction between them and the people who use them. The field has seen contributions from numerous disciplines, such as psychology, engineering, biomechanics, industrial design, physiology and anthropometry. In essence, it is the study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body and its cognitive abilities. The two terms "human factors" and "ergonomics" are essentially synonymous.[2][3][4]

Exponential Wisdom – Insights from Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis on the Human-Technology Relationship In this episode, Peter and Dan discuss how you can live a longer, healthier life. Read on for highlights from this episode, and be sure to subscribe on iTunes so you never miss an episode. In This Episode: 13 Ways to be Happier Without realising it, many of our thought habits get in the way of our happiness and cause us to get stuck into negative patterns of thinking. Below we will look at 13 ways we can rewire our thoughts and minds into allowing ourselves to feel the happiness that we deserve, freeing us to live, love and be happy. We will look at how we can liberate ourselves from those thoughts and mental habits that hold us back and hold us down, we will look forward to a better, happier and more positive new us. Follow this advice and not only will you feel better but those around you will too, after all, only a lit candle can light other candles. 1. Let go of your complaining Throughout the day we could potentially find countless things to complain about, the weather, the traffic, the service we got at a restaurant but how does this constant whinging make things any better for us?

The Philosophy of Wine: a Case of Truth, Beauty and Intoxication Drinking good wine provides an occasion for pleasure, but it also provides an opportunity for thought. Taste invites reflection, as Voltaire says, and it is this tendency to think about what we drink that opens up common ground between philosophers and ordinary tasters. Liking a wine that others dislike makes us wonder whether they taste it the same way we do and they just don't like that taste, or whether it tastes different to them. Philosophers will push things further. 36 Awesome Social Media Blogs Everyone Should Read The great thing about the internet is that it is full of really smart people sharing great information, all for free. We appreciate that you have decided to read and subscribe to the HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog ! If you can find some extra time in your week to add more blogs to your reading list, we recommend you consider subscribing to some of these 36 blogs.

Lego Serious Play at a Job Interview Today, I want to share with you a fantastic experience helping a Human Resource department with job interviews. In my years of experience I participated in a few job interviews and always had the feeling that I am getting ‘prepared’ answers. With all the information we have in the internet, it is not very difficult to find the answers that any hiring manager is looking for. I don’t have a very traditional approach when I run interviews. With the time, I tried always to put the interviewee out of the comfort zone with some ‘crazy’ questions to get real answers.

Collaborating with a 4-year Old One day, while my daughter was happily distracted in her own marker drawings, I decided to risk pulling out a new sketchbook I had special ordered. It had dark paper, and was perfect for adding highlights to. I had only drawn a little in it, and was anxious to try it again, but knowing our daughter’s love of art supplies, it meant that if I wasn’t sly enough, I might have to share. (Note: I’m all about kid’s crafts, but when it comes to my own art projects, I don’t like to share.) Since she was engrossed in her own project, I thought I might be able to pull it off.

Ancient winemaking operation unearthed From bacchanalian rites to somber ceremonies and family dinners, wine has long been connected with human sociability. But just how long? One well-known biblical story says that after Noah's Ark came to rest on what is thought to be Mount Ararat, Noah planted a vineyard, harvested grapes, fermented them and got drunk. Pinterest Demographic Data: The Marketers Guide to People Who Pin Unless you’re living under a rock, or started boycotting the internet when SOPA was first introduced last year, you’ve heard Pinterest is growing. But just how much traffic is Pinterest getting these days? According to ComScore, Pinterest has over 4 million users and is rapidly growing.