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EARTHLINGS - Make the Connection.

EARTHLINGS - Make the Connection.
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Chinese National TV reporting impending UFO/ET disclosure by Obama government - Seattle exopolitics Chinese National Television Xinhua news is now reporting an impending extraterrestrial disclosure by the Obama administration. The unprecedented national China TV news bulletin that U.S. President Barack Obama may be preparing to disclose U.S. relations with specific extraterrestrial races was broadcast on the official channel Xinhua on January 4, 2011 on the eve of China President Hu Jintao's state visit to the United States. President Hu is presently visiting a Chinese language facility in Chicago, IL as of this writing on January 21, 2011. View China National TV reporting impending ET disclosure by Obama administration readers can view the China TV news broadcast above in this article on by clicking in the URL below: The original Xinhua news article and news broadcast can be accessed at this URL: ET Disclosure Race? An opposite view by a China ET observer Mr. Dr.

EVEN THE RAIN What 5 Things can You Do to Change the System? | The Overthinker A few weeks ago a reader on this blog asked me an interesting question that I have been mulling over for some while: can I list 5 things everyone needs to do to change the system? It’s a tall order, but I decided to give it a bash. I don’t plan to prescribe anything here, and no one should take my word for it as I’m no paragon of purism. But I have at least dabbled in all that I will suggest, and would like to invite dialogue around those suggestions, and others. One glaring problem stares me down: how can we change the system when we don’t have the power? I figured my response should not just be things everyone should do, but things everyone can do – at least to some extent – and can scale up. I don’t think in those mechanistic, reductionist terms whereby every problem can be pared down to its constituent parts, and each part can be tackled separately so that the whole picture, when you put it back together again, looks rosy. 1. This comes in a series of steps. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Barack Obama not disclosing extraterrestrial presence is top ET/UFO story of 2009 - Seattle exopolitics Barack Obama not disclosing an extraterrestrial presence during 2009 is the top extraterrestrial-related story of 2009. Obama ended 2009 with non-disclosure after numerous reports of ‘imminent disclosure’ of an extraterrestrial presence including prediction of a specific disclosure date, November 27, 2009. Independent sources have reportedly confirmed the U.S. military leaking its meetings in 2009 with Reptilian, Grey, and a silicon-based civilization named the “Conformers” in an effort to move Obama, the military’s commander-in-chief, to disclosure. Along with Barack Obama’s refusal to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial civilizations whose presence his military is publicly leaking, we ranked the top 10 extraterrestrial-related stories of 2009. The Top 10 ET/UFO stories of 2009 The top 10 ET/UFO-related stories of 2009 were chosen for a combination of their short-term public impact and long-term impact on relations between humanity and other intelligent civilizations. #5 – U.K.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (a.k.a. Chavez: Inside the Coup) is a 2002 documentary about the April 2002 Venezuelan coup attempt which briefly deposed Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. A television crew from Ireland's Radio Telifís Éireann happened to be recording a documentary about Chávez during the events of April 11, 2002. Shifting focus, they followed the events as they occurred. During their filming, the crew recorded images of the events that they say contradict explanations given by Chávez opposition, the private media, the US State Department, and then White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer. The documentary says that the coup was the result of a conspiracy between various old guard and anti-Chávez factions within Venezuela and the United States. Watch the full documentary now

Calculating the Hidden Cost of Industrial Farming It is nearly impossible to calculate the real costs and benefits—including the externalized or invisible costs—of any human activity: growing soybeans, making car tires, cooking dinner for your family. When growing soy, for example, it’s easy enough to calculate the total price paid for inputs like fertilizer or pesticides and the price received for the finished crop. But accounting for the total costs and benefits—things like environmental damage from fertilizer runoff, or the social benefits of putting land to productive use—isn’t something we tend to do as a culture. For example, the true costs of producing a Quarter Pounder with Cheese are borne not only by McDonald’s, but by all of us who have to deal with, among other things, environmental degradation caused by industrial farming and the bad public health outcomes of eating such meals. Measuring True Costs at Three Farms To measure the latter, Sandhu applied the market price of carbon (which is used in cap-and-trade programs).

PROJECT CAMELOT: AN INTERVIEW WITH CARMEN BOULTER I traveled with Dr. Carmen Boulter on her group tour of Egypt for the special meditation inside the Great Pyramid and at the foot of the Sphinx on 10-10-2010. This interview was done in view of the pyramids where at the end of the tour we had a chance to sit down and talk about Amarna, Nefertiti and Akhenaten and what really happened in those days. Detaching themselves from the intrigues and treachery of temple life, they moved to Amarna built temples and their palace and established a new religion which was focused on the one god. This was a time of peace and as depicted in the temple inscriptions and carvings of the period, a more natural mode of being. The reign of Akhenaten lasted for 17 years... and ended with the death of Akhenaten. Our conversation deals with Carmen's considerable past life recall from the period of Amarna, what really happened during the reign of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, the general state of Egyptology, and 2012. This was my third trip to Egypt.

The Corporation Film: Welcome fiveargumentsforvegetarianism Five Arguments for Vegetarianism[i] by Dr. William O. Stephens I. In this paper I will examine five different arguments for adopting a vegetarian diet. While the conclusions of these arguments may prescribe nonidentical and overlapping scopes of dietary restriction, these restrictions all include abstaining from intensively raised, grain-fed, factory-farmed sentient animals such as cattle, pigs, and poultry, and perhaps also lambs (sheep). The five arguments I will discuss are the Argument from Distributive Justice, the Argument from Environmental Harm, the Feminist Argument from Sexual Politics, the Argument from Moral Consideration for Animals, and the Prudential Argument from Health. II. A. This first argument was advanced as early as 1971 by Frances Moore Lappé,[v] and has been repeated by such philosophers as Peter Singer,[vi] James Rachels,[vii] Stephen R. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Basically, the idea here is that eating meat perpetuates a system which indirectly harms other human beings.