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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

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Abstract Promo About this template A fully customizable video display This elegant and abstract piece is perfect for a TV Promotion, video intro, coming next, or anything you want. Drag and drop your logo and your video or picture, edit texts and colors, and voila ! This template contains two differents versions, so you have two projects : 1 Short version : 10 sec 1 Long version : 20 sec The 10 Best Skillshare Classes You Should Take This Year Learning anything is a battle against yourself. Exclusive MakeUseOf offer: take as many premium classes on Skillshare over 3 months for just $0.99! Get the deal now. As a self-learner, I am sure you will agree with what Skillshare student Matej Jan shared with the community. He is a computer scientist who likes to lose himself in art. But it isn’t his wow-worthy pencil sketches that drew me to his story.

Full Capacity - VideoHive One of the best templates available! Full Capacity is a high energy, intense and energetic animation that is perfect for extreme or professional sports shows, concert events, night clubs, and TV promos, commercials or opens that need to have incredible impact to captivate the audience and impress your clients. With multiple types of scenes and plenty of placeholders for your video, photos or graphics, this project is fully and easily customizable. Use the pre-built edit, or create your own using the scene compositions within the project. This is one of the most powerful and versatile After Effects templates you’ll find anywhere.

GreyScale Congratulations to Michael Rinnan for winning the Five Second Project for March. His entry had a great concept and was outfitted with excellent lighting, atmosphere, camera movements and sound design. We wanted to know a little bit more about Michael’s entry, so we asked him a few questions regarding his workflow and the process for creating his winning piece. Where do you work?

Learn After Effects CS5 & CS5.5 Share this Episode Autoplay End of Video Show End Screen Default Quality Blocks - Broadcast channel pack Hello folks! If you wanted a fresh look, clean and modern for your channel or tv show… this project is for you. Also you can give multiple uses for the 12 items contained on this pack. I hope you like and find it useful.

How to Build Responsive Websites Responsive design is a foundation of the modern web. This class is a beginners guide that explains what you need to know to make your site look great on all devices. Download the exercise files: Robert learned HTML/CSS back in 2008 when he decided to start a film review site, and he continued adding to his site file-by-file the old-fashioned way for a year. When he asked a web developer friend how to build a site that "automatically lists content on the homepage and stuff," he was pointed to Drupal. 14 Free Stock Footage and Green Screen Plate Resources I know it is hard to shoot your own green screen plates sometimes to practice on, or perhaps you don't have a good camera to mess around with for 3D tracking, or integrating CG with live action. Well I have found a bunch of different resources from around the interwebz to help you to get some footage on your screen, so let the experiments begin. Video Copilot's TutorialsSome tutorials online offer their material used within the tutorial for download, out of all those, Video Copilot stands above the rest in that respect. For almost all the tutorials on the website, you can download the source files to work along with Andrew, or just use it for your own projects.Visit Video Copilot's Tutorial SectionArtbeatsArtbeats is one of the leaders in royalty-free stock footage distribution, and kind of set the standard when it comes to the similar sites littered throughout the net (some seen below). If you enjoyed this post, please give it a vote on Digg or a stumble to say thanks!

Expressions - Geometry Circular Functions As we mentioned in the previous section, there's a close relationship between the trigonometric functions and circles—so close that some older textbooks call these functions 'circular functions'. One reason for this relationship is that the set of all right triangles with the same hypotenuse forms a circle, with the hypotenuse defining its radius.

#26 Creating Calligraphic Brushes > Tips for Drawing with Brushes in Illustrator CS2 Calligraphy is the art of drawing stylized type that looks like it was scribed with an ink pen or paintbrush. Calligraphic brush strokes can vary in size, angle, shape, and randomness (variety) in the brush stroke width. Stroke shape can range from almost round to very flat, or anything in between. They are not completely round because a completely round calligraphic brush would simply apply a wider band around a stroke; the "ovalness" of the brush is what gives it a calligraphic quality.

After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals I was playing around with Particular 2 and came up with this particle swirl using a couple of smoke images as particles. I love that Particular 2 reacts to the lighting as well as fake shading to make the particle seem more volumetric. Here is what I did, in Particular 2 custom particles are called Sprites, so once you select this as your particle type, the texture slot becomes available to use my smoke video that is included with the project download. I stretched the particle area and rotated the world transform to make it look like a twister.

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